Catherine Zeta-Jones & Carys Miss The Train To School

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her 7-year-old daughter Carys were spotted walking to school in New York City on Wednesday (December 8).

The pair had failed to catch the subway because Catherine didn’t have enough cash on her Metro card.

Things are looking up for the family. The actress plans to return to work in the new year filming alongside Antonio Banderas in a movie about Dali.

Her husband Michael Douglas is also going back to work after completing throat cancer treatment. His next film project will be to play Liberace.

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  1. How bizarre! Hard to believe she could not use the machines to load up her metrocard using her credit card? It was so cold in the city!! all to save a measly 5 bucks. Well.. suddenly I feel like a millionaire!

  2. Actually I’m sure she decided to walk her little girl to school rather than be stuck in a tiny subway car with a dirtbag photographer that would be harrassing them the entire time. What pigs! Can’t they leave her and her poor child alone? What is the purpose of this photo? Leave them alone and please celebrity baby scoop don’t publish these photos anymore, it only encourages these terrible people to get their pictures!

  3. She probably missed the train in the time it would have taken to refill the card (NYer here who has experienced this).

  4. This is why they lived in Bermuda…or wherever they were living. I think after Michael’s treatment they will move back for their own privacy. Carys looks just like her dad….too cute!

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