Lisa Ling Felt Like A “Failure” After Miscarriage

Former The View co-host Lisa Ling returned to the show as a guest this week and opened up about a miscarriage she suffered six months ago when she was nine weeks pregnant.

In an appearance that will air on Friday (December 10) Lisa says that when she was told the baby had no heartbeat, she “felt more like a failure than I’d felt in a very long time.”

Lisa, who is married to oncologist Paul Song, says she fears it might happen again, leaving her “devastated.”

After realizing that many women she knew had miscarriages but rarely talked about it, Lisa and a business partner started a website that encourages women to anonymously share their experiences.


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  1. I also suffered a miscarriage about 12 years ago. My doctor was shocked I was pregnant as we both knew what was going to happen. I was a very high risk to be pregnant. Even knowing it would happen did not make it any easier. I hope she will be able to become a Mum in the near future.

  2. it’s sad that she had to go through that but at least she’s able to be honest and open about it. she’ll be a mom someday

  3. You did nothing wrong. I happens often, which you know. A friend one time carried a baby full term, and it was a still birth. You are a beautiful lady doing beautiful things. Enjoy life. My mother lost her two first born, and was told by the doctor never to have anymore. I wouldn’t be here if she listened, and she had 4 more normal kids, well almost normal. You go girl. I am a guy, but had to write you. You are a smart lady, and I am a good fan.

  4. Sorry for her loss and hope she will gain enough courage to try again and not give up hope. What she is doing for others will surely encourage her to be strong and bring about a lot of good for her and her followers.

  5. I wish her the best and admire her honesty, yet I hope she doesn’t continue to blame herself for something that can happen to any woman. You can’t control everything in life, and you are not a “failure” for not being able to conceive a child.

  6. Lisa, THANK YOU for telling your story. So many women suffer loss, and almost always in isolation. And you mentioned a great point: now you’re scared about the next pregnancy. My story offers you and so many other women hope. I lost four babies, including twins at twenty weeks. I was devastated. Depressed. And then I got determined. Doctors were not taking me seriously, so I pushed until they did- and I was diagnosed with two common and treatable conditions. I’m now blessed with two healthy children, and my wounds are mostly healed. Learn more about overcoming the anguish and fear of loss and having that family you dream of at my website, And Bless You, Lisa, for helping so many women today!

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