Bridget Moynahan Covers Playground Magazine

Ditching her preferred playground wear – “a baseball hat and jeans,” she says – actress Bridget Moynahan is the picture of elegance on the cover of the new Playground magazine. In the issue, the single mom models some more holiday fashions and dishes on her favorite New York outings with her 3-year-old son Jack.

On raising Jack in NYC: “I love living in New York City and raising my son here because every day is a new adventure. From all the amazing parks, to the museums – even taking a subway ride is an adventure…. New York City is brilliant when it comes to activities for kids. There are a million parks to investigate. The Children’s Museum is fantastic. Natural History Museum is always a good go-to for kids.”

On whether she enjoys celebrity status at the playground: “Not at all! No one recognizes me on the playground. I am there as a mom in a baseball hat and jeans.”

On family meals: “I try to have dinner with Jack every night and yes, we eat the same foods. Who has the time to cook up different meals?”

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    • You must not be aware that Jack is a nickname (and has been for a very long time) for John. It’s not about shortening the name, it’s just more casual than John. Sort of like Jim as a nickname for James. Crazy D-lister mother indeed, how dare she use a nickname for her son.

    • I think John Edward Thomas is his full name, including his middle name which he has two and that is not uncommon. His Social Security card would probably be John Moynahan and his drivers licence will be John Moynahan and Jack has always been a nickname for John although now a days Jack is being used all on its own. I am guessing that Bridget wanted to give him the option of having a more sophisticated or more professional sounding name for later on in life.

  1. Based on the premise that anyone who bashes gisele is jealous of her, lunydoe, the brazilian, must be sooooo jealous of Jack’s mom.

  2. Bridget is absolutely gorgeous. Also seems like a very down-to-earth person. I wish her the best – she certainly deserves it. Love her new hit show. Watch it every Friday.

    • Apparently, her new show is exceeding CBS’s and Nielsen’s ratings expectations because they haven’t seen a new show do as well as Blue Bloods has in a Friday 10:00PM timeslot before. Even shows that have been around for a while that get moved to the Friday timeslot don’t do as well as Blue Bloods has and Nielsen says that if CBS put Blue Bloods on during the week, the numbers would be even higher. It has won its timeslot every week and has been a top 10 or 11 show all fall.

  3. She isn’t really wearing a sweetheart neckline or a v-neck dress that her cup size matters and what a superficial thing to criticize a woman for. Everyone goes after women who DO have breast implants in Hollywood yet you are going after woman who didn’t get breast implants and criticizing her for having normal size breasts.

  4. Oops it looks like Bridget has relocated to NYC for now. Sucks for Tom that he is building that house in LA although I am sure he will still use it. Nice weather, nice neighbors and I think he will have a big family with Gisele Bundchen so it is ideal for their family in the future.

  5. Very pretty lady. Love her new show, she is a really good actress. She sounds like she is such a great mom. Wish her and Jack the very best in everything they do and all the happiness they can stand. God bless them

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