Neil Patrick Harris Buys Breastmilk For Daughter Harper

New daddy Neil Patrick Harris – whose twins, Harper and Gideon, were born two months ago – paid a visit to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Friday night (December 10) to chat about the challenges of parenthood, and especially the difficulties in obtaining breastmilk for his daughter.

“We just switched Harper… Our daughter was really fussy, she was just always in a state of anguish, so we switched her formulas a few times,” he explained. “And now we’re having to have breastmilk brought in.”

After joking about he and his partner David Burtka wanting to provide the milk themselves – “I tried for like two months!” – the How I Met Your Mother star talked about the process of buying pumped milk.

You have to have breastmilk shipped in. If anyone is pumping, extra milk has to go to San Jose and then get pasteurized and then come back to you. I think it’s a racket!

“If someone’s in Santa Monica, down the street, and wants to provide milk it has to go on a plane to San Jose,” he explained, humorously expressing his frustration with the system.

Adding with a laugh, “And they charge a fortune, it costs more for breastmilk than sushi!”

Neil and David, who have been together since 2004, welcomed their twins via surrogate on October 12.

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  1. I think this is awesome! A lot of babies have trouble digesting formula. He obv has the means to pay for it, so why not? I do think that the screening and pasteurization process IS necessary. A lot of diseases can be spread through breast milk (ie. HIV)….

  2. Why is it a shame that their son doesn’t get BM. Formula fed babies are just as healthy as BM fed babies. Obviously their son is thriving on formula so leave it alone.

    • ‘Formula fed babies are just as healthy as BM fed babies.’

      Uh-huh, except when they’re not. Formula fed babies are at greater risk of childhood cancers, obesity, asthma, eczema, SIDs, ear infections, gastroenteritis… need I go on?

  3. They can get breastmilk for both babies by contacting Eats On Feets ~ So Cal on facebook. Or by sending an email to We will help them find a donor that is close. We are a free milk sharing network.

    • I’m so glad you put this on there…no reason for them to have to go to all that trouble when there are plenty of really healthy BF mamas out there willing to GIVE milk to them. I’m part of Eats on Feets WA State and think it’s amazing.

  4. People have been doing this for years. Although he might find it easier (and cheaper) to just hire a wetnurse. My grandson could not handle reg or expensive formula, by chance I tried a no name brand, it was the best thing. He stopped puking everything up and is now a healthy toddler.

  5. I think this is awesome. Having breastfed all 3 of my girls for their first 18 months and being a lactation counselor to many frustrated new mommies, I love it that these doting dads are picking this option for their baby.

    And I see, the eternal debate comes alive here in your comments section. Breast milk is best, but formula runs a close second. I always used to tell my new frustrated mommies, “Take the choice that works best for you.”

    Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone and no mother should be made to feel guilty for picking formula. And the same goes for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural gift. There’s nothing “weird” about it.

    When my mother was in the hospital after having me, back in the dark ages, she was asked to nurse a premature baby whose mother couldn’t. She said it was one of the most fulfilling moments of her life, to help sustain a new life. Salma Hayek did not hesitate to open up her blouse and nurse a sick child in Sierra Leone because his mother had stopped nursing him. The whole world gasped at her gesture. To me, I thought it was one of the most beautiful things one being could do for another.

  6. They could find a local donor on milkshare or eatsonfeets and just pay to have her breastmilk tested, then pay her less slightly $ than they have to pay the milk bank, and not worry about all the shipping.

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