Amy Adams: Baby Aviana Helped Her Prepare For Role As An Addict

Mothers, raise your hands if you can relate to this: Amy Adams says that having a newborn left her feeling exhausted and crazy. And in Amy’s case, she used it to prepare for her role as an addict in her new movie On The Road.

The actress began filming the drama with Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst just three months after giving birth to daughter Aviana in May, and says the all-night feeding sessions helped her get into character. “I couldn’t [do] method [acting] because I have a baby! When you have a baby and you haven’t slept…I was doing nights by myself so I kind of felt like a drug addict anyway,” Amy says.

“I was all strung out – I just went with it. I was exhausted and nursing. I was just a mess.”

Looks like whatever method Amy is using to prepare for her films is working – she’s currently getting raves for her role opposite Mark Wahlberg in their new film The Fighter.

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  1. give her a break that’s not uncommon after pregnancy because of the hormone changes. it wonderful that she decided to breastfeed most stars of her ilk nowadays don’t. but she always struck me as the type that would make that sacrifice for the health and happiness of her child if she ever had one

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