Tom Cruise Carries His Cutie

Top Gun star Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes were spotted in New York City on Friday (December 17) with their daughter Suri. Tom toted his 4-year-old tot, who was wrapped in a blanket wearing pink Uggs and a lavender silk dress, as the group returned home from a production of The Nutcracker.

The family-of-three have recently returned to the Big Apple just in time to celebrate Katie’s 32nd birthday today. Happy Birthday, Katie!

On Thursday night, Katie and Suri were spotted in Vancouver enjoying a Christmas train ride through scenic Stanley Park. The Homes-Cruises were in Canada as Tom worked on his latest big screen adventure, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

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  1. You all have it wrong. She’s not being carried like a baby. She’s being carried in that ridiculous face-out position because she is a showpiece for the paps in an desperate and futile attempt to prove the normalcy that is the Cruise family.

  2. Guess she forgot her coat in Vancouver.So how old is Katie now?52?She looks like she hasn’t showered in days,maybe that’s why Tom is making her walk 5 feet behind him!

  3. Has anyone considered that maybe, in some instances such as this, that they carry Suri due to the close proximity of the paparazzi? I know if I had a child, especially one still so young, I wouldn’t let them battle their own way through. It just seems like everyone who comments on this site is just looking for an excuse to criticize these celebrities, but perhaps don’t completely understand the situation they’re in when these pictures are taken. I bet she runs around like a normal child when she’s in safer surroundings.

    • I disagree. What would be so wrong with her walking and holding on to a parents hand? Even with all the media attention around them what is so unsafe about having her walk? Many celeb kids do it just fine and nothing happens to them.
      Seeing a almost 5 year old being carried like this is just so odd looking. Also, what is with that huge blanket? Is it a substitute for the proper clothing that she lacks???
      Very strange.
      BTW….Katie looks depressed and Tom looks miserable.

  4. I think that picking up your child when the paparazzi are following you is perfectly acceptable. Can you imagine having your child hounded by strangers? It is probably easier for all and safer to carry Suri. Lots of celebrities and normal people carry their kids.

  5. There are celebrity children around suri age who walks when paparazzi take their pictures i.e. Kingston Shiloh Valentina Eden and Savannah. And yet suri is always carried with that blanket wrap around her as if she’s a baby.

  6. Oh big shock being carried and NO coat and a dress with NO leggings in WINTER, freakin’ WINTER! You can’t see any paps in the photo’s so obviously none were that close, so there’s no reason to carry her a couple feet from a car into a building. She could just as easily walk.

    • Ava rides her scooter all through New York with Hugh and she is 5. And no body guards. Doesn’t Suri have her own body guards?

  7. Mariska Hargitay her husband and their son August saw the play ‘The Lion King’ the same night as Tom, Katie and Suri saw “The Nutcracker” and the two group of photos which and can be found at justjared are like night and day. Mariska and her family look relax happy August is walking, smiling at the cast that he got to meet and dress appropriately for the winter weather. While Tom and Katie look like they’re just posing for pictures, they look unhappy and over it and Suri look scared she looks uninterested in the cast of “The Nutcracker” and she being cared like a show piece facing the paparazzi that she aversely scared of, wearing no jacket in 20 degree weather and a too short dress.

  8. There are numerous photos of other celebrities and there kids been carried with the paps around, Violet, Seraphina ,Nahla included. I think that Suri parents are a little weird, she should be wearing warming clothes, just if someone was following my child i would prefer to hold them.

  9. so what if she’s being held?? she’s 4 years old, not 10. If he has strength to hold her why the hell not.. I don’t like him or his wife, but saying a 4 year old shouldn’t be carried is ridiculous.. it’s not like she never walks on her own.

    I do agree they should probably dress her in something warmer for an evening out in NYC at this time of the year.

  10. It’s absolutely insane that a father carrying his four year old daughter in a blanket is perceived as abuse when there are thousands of children being exploited, abused, and witnessing abuse in this country.

  11. He is wearing a jacket and a scarf (and pants). Suri is wearing a short sleeved SILK dress (no keeping her warm there) and no tights.

    UG! These 2 are the poster people of how to be a bad parent…

    AND poor Suri looks like she is trying to wrap her arms Tom so she can hide her face. Poor little thing.

  12. I think some people real problem with Suri being cared is the way Tom is holding her, Suri always looks scared of the paparazzi and Tom has her facing them and not away from them so she would feel safer. Look at parents like Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry who hold their kids facing them to give comfort when they’re kids feel threaten by pap’s not facing them. You would think if they’re not going to dress her appropriately for the winter weather they would at least have the blanket wrap around her whole body not just around her waist while her arms and legs are uncovered.

  13. In a lot of the photos I have seen of Suri she is always being carried around like she is 2. She can obviously walk, but I suspect has a tantrum and acts up every time she is asked to walk, hence they give in and carry her. Katie looks terrible, she used to look so attractive and pretty, now she looks washed up sadly

  14. have you ever thought she might have been tired after sitting in the theater for 2 1/2 hours watching a performance of the Nutcracker. I know when I used to go and see it with my elementry school class I’d be tired after it got out and sleep on the bus ride back to school. yeah I agree letting Suri wear the slik dress with out tights when it’s nearly winter was a stupid idea but Tom and Katie don’t know how to say no to their little princess.

    • that is just about the stupidest thing I’ve heard. TIRED from SITTING?! Please. You don’t get TIRED FROM SITTING!

  15. I find the way she’s dressed in winter incredibly inappropriate. At four years of age, her parents should be taking control and ensuring she’s dressed sensibly.

  16. I have no issues with her being carried. My issue is that it’s about 25 degrees at night on the east coast right now and she’s in a short sleeve dress and no pants and now jacket! Is she gonna be 9 still wrapped in a blanket?? Sorry but you don’t let a 4 yr old decide if it’s right to wear a jacket or not you tell them they have to bc it’s cold end of story. When do parents stop being parents?? It’s baffling!

  17. I have no issues with her being carried. My issue is that it’s about 25 degrees at night on the east coast right now and she’s in a short sleeve dress and no pants and now jacket! Is she gonna be 9 still wrapped in a blanket?? Sorry but you don’t let a 4 yr old decide if it’s right to wear a jacket or not you tell them they have to bc it’s cold end of story. When do parents stop being parents?? It’s baffling!

  18. The fact that she’s being carried is the LEAST! According to my relatives there, NYC is freezing! Where’s that nice coat she was wearing back in Canada? Unless that blanket comes with a heating pad, I doubt it’s enough to keep off the biting cold.

    Suri must have an impressive endothermic system in that little body of hers, that’s for sure. Even her parents need winter cover-ups.

  19. LOL. Every time this blog posts something on Suri Cruise, there are no less than 30 comments on it- most of which are negative, asinine tirades about how horrible this child and her family are. I usually don’t comment, but I have to ask- doesn’t it ever get old? Do they really have to make the exact same decisions you all do for you to finally shut up? Suri’s 4 now, and you hags have all been complaining about the SAME things since Suri could walk: “She dresses too prissy/her hair’s in her eyes/they carry her too much/She never smiles/they don’t dress her warmly enough.” Don’t you guys get bored of it? I mean, this family hasn’t changed their behavior one lick as a result of all your screaming, so why are you bothering? Suri looks healthy and happy to me- despite the so-called savage efforts of the parents to destroy her. So eat your heart out, folks…

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