Laila Ali Is Expecting A Girl!

Expectant mom Laila Ali was photographed returning a pair of boots at a baby store in Woodland Hills on Thursday (December 16).

While blogging for Us, Laila – who is expecting her second child with husband
Curtis Conway in early April 2011 – announced the gender and name of her baby-to-be:

I am so excited and pleased to announce that I am having a girl! Her name will be Sydney J. Conway.

Already mom to 2-year-old son Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr., Laila went on to talk about her pregnancy,

I’ve even started buying little outfits for her when I spy them in the sale section. However, exerting self-control at the sale rack is like trying to exert self-control around all of the cookies, cakes, gift baskets and sweets that seem to be everywhere right now! But I fight the urge as much as I can. To help maintain my self-control, I allow myself a “cheat day” on Saturdays when I can eat whatever I want. I’m not talking about a nibble of this or that, but literally whatever I want. I love Saturdays!”


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  1. Congrats to Laila I also love the name Sydney for a girl but I also like it for a boy but for a boy it’s usually spelled Sidney like the actor Sidney Poitier who also named the youngest of his six daughters Sydney in 1973

  2. Great news! I was expecting her to announce another boy, but I happy it’s a girl this time. I also love the name Sidney. And doesn’t she carry her pregnancies beautifuly? I wish all four of them the very best!

  3. She said she wanted a girl this time. Glad she got her wish. It’s so hard to not want to buy stuff once you know what your having esp. a girl!!

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