Kourtney Kardashian Is A Fan Of Co-Sleeping

Not everyone is a fan of co-sleeping, but Kourtney Kardashian thinks it’s the reason son Mason, 13-months, has such a sunny disposition.

“If I’ve had a long day, then I have that time at night, which is really important to me,” the Kourtney and Kim Take New York star tells Parenting magazine of sleeping with her son next to her. “He’s such a happy baby, and I really think sleeping together has something to do with that.”

Not that sharing a bed with her son hasn’t had its rough moments. “Mason did fall on the floor once by mistake,” she says. “It was the worst moment. I freaked out and looked online. He was fine but crying, so I e-mailed the doctor at four in the morning. He wrote me right back, yet I stayed up all night to watch him sleep to make sure he was okay.”

Kourtney says she’s ready for the next time it happens – she’s lowered her mattress to the floor and surrounded it by pillows.

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  1. I don’t watch her show, but I love the way this woman parents. She’s obviously a very loving and hands on working mom – why do people bash her for that. She isn’t saying everyone should parent the way she does, she’s just open about what she does. Power to her!

  2. yeah exactly more power to Ms Kardashian. when I was Mason’s age I always slept with my parents because I hated my crib and I turned out perfectly fine

  3. Guilty! My just turned 12 month old baby slept with me since she was born. It was easier on both of us. I feel so guilty that I might never want her to sleep in her own room 🙁 they’re so cuddly…..

  4. I agree with Kourtney, after a busy work day, sometimes the only time I get to spend with my son is cuddling in bed while he sleeps. My son is now 20 months old and he will sleep in his own bed when he’s ready.

  5. I do agree with co-sleeping, however care needs to be taken and advice followed…i know a friend who recently lost her son while co-sleeping, and after seeing the anguish and guilt it causes when it goes wrong, i beg people to do so carefully.

  6. Chloe your son is never going to be ready unless you make sleep in his own bed. My sister do the co-sleeping thing and her daughter was 3 and still did not want to sleep in her own room or bed it was hard for her to get her to sleep in her room she cried all night for about about 2 week because she was so used to sleeping with her parents. Every child is different but the older the child get the more difficult it get to break habits.

    • Amen. I wonder do parents realize what they’re doing, raising an annoyingly clingy child. That clingy behavior follows them into adulthood and their relationships. Parents may think it’s “cute and cuddly” but they need to teach their children it’s okay to be INDEPENDENT.

      • And do you have kids? You know this HOW?? Sorry, but I have 1st hand experience with this, and kids transition fine when ready. And my kids are by no means clingy or dependent. They are friendly, secure and incredibly independent. When you force a kid to sleep in a crib or room all alone, and it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be there or is scared, you’re going to deal with dependency issues. Now shut it.

        • My thoughts exactly!!! I worked during the day and went to college at night, so the only time I got to “spend” with my two sons (one year apart) was at night; the kids lovingly called it to this day a “mommy sandwich” (sleeping with one kid on each arm)!

      • what r u serious, do you know most parents dont get of from work sometimes tilll6 or 8 oclock. its normal to sleep with your children and it doesnt affect their independence.i think not having time to spend with your child does so i think anytime you have you should use it sand if that mean sharing a bed for quiet/sleeping or reading time then so be it

    • I co slept with all 5 of my kiddos. I have not had a problem with getting them into their own beds when they were old enough.

  7. Good for Kourtney!

    For the posters who say “they’ll never sleep in their own bed”- WRONG! I am currently co-sleeping with my 4th child. Yes, my first 3 all happily transferred to their own room and own bed when we were all ready (they were all three years old). And yes, they are all extremely independent and self-confident. Raising an independent child has nothing to do with co-sleeping or attachment parenting… but that certainly helps! 🙂

  8. Whatever! why do these magazines waste their time quoting this woman. Who cares, her actions stems from her guilt from being away from her kid all of the time. Trust me if she was home with him 24/7, she would gladly place him in his crib to get some space. Nothing wrong with having a child sleep with you sometimes, but all the time, that is not good. All you haters shout out!

    • “Goddess William”, I homeschool my children. I am with them 24/7, and I still choose to co-sleep. None of my 4 children have ever used a crib.

  9. Courtney, you got some dependency issue, got nothing to do with the kids. Kids don’t need to be babied constantly or be with their parents always. Does a mother bird allow her chicks to be around her constantly? No, she trains them and teaches them how to fend for themselves. It is us humans, especially in the west that do not give our children more credit that they deserve. Having your children by your side constantly does not make him/her a better adult, teaching them how to be independent and allowing them to learn what independence is through trust is what is going to help them to become functionable adults. So, if you want to have your children sleep with you, then that is your own co-dependency, got nothing to do with them. You should watch the movie Babies and see the difference between American and Japanese spoiled and pampered brats in comparison to those of Africa and Mongolia. The African and Mongolian baby were the happiest and most dependent of them all. I just sayin

    • As I mentioned above, my children are extremely independent. They are happy, self-assured individuals who are content to be with their family, their friends, and people of any age. My children easily carry on conversations with adults, and happily play with children younger than them. That’s impossible to say about most children who only know how to relate to peers their own age.

      I’ve watched the movie Babies and it made me sad how the Mongolian child, for example, was forced to be on his own so much of the time. Just because parents spend time with their children- so foreign in today’s culture- doesn’t make them spoiled or dependent. What actually makes them spoiled is parents who lavish them with STUFF instead of TIME.

      But I’m pretty sure we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

    • Are you listening to yourself? Basically you’re saying babies don’t need to be babied. Children, especially babies, have physical and emotional needs that they can not satisfy by themselves. This is about as reasonable as trying to teach a child to prepare its own breakfast by leaving him alone in the kitchen to starve until he figures out how to make toast.

  10. Yay, I plan to co sleep. In my 2nd trimester with first baby for my husband and I. I already feel like cosleeping is best for us.

  11. Whatever! People do their best with the resources they have around them. In most Americans case, that is too much and our children feel like they are entitled. The Mongolian mother did not have the luxury that you have to stay at home and home school your kids. I can bet any money that her children are more independent and functionable that all of your kids put together. Do they know how to fix a sandwich on their own, or go outside and fetch a bucket of water without you putting it on a trolley for them or assisting them in some form. Or can you have them keep an eye on the other without them doing something crazy to the other. Your sense of independence is base on western perception. I’m just saying

  12. American perception of a child being independent is being able to have a play date with Bobby Brat on their own. Going to the store and picking out their own toys on their own. Or, being able to tell Uncle Bob about your trip to the zoo and all the animals they saw on your own. What a joke!

  13. I like co-sleeping with my babies. Just seemed sensible not to have to get out of bed at night…that said mine always slept in their cot/hammock for their daysleep and had no real problems transitioning around 10 months to a cot at night. As for independence, I do see where you are coming from Goddess William, I notice that children from other cultures seem so much more capable of caring for younger siblings than “western” children of the same age. Not sure if sleeping arrangements are causative though…its pretty early on and independence can be encouraged in many ways.

  14. Co-sleep if you want, but I have a good friend (ex-boyfriend, actually) who is stuck with an eight-year-old and a five-year-old still in the “family” bed. The kids refuse to leave, and sneak their way back in when put into their own rooms. My daughter slept in her bassinet next to my bed, and then her crib in the same room until she was eighteen months, then moved into her own room when we bought a house with no problems at all. The thing I don’t understand is: how do you have a sex life? We’re lucky we have enough energy at the end of the day at all, what do you do when the kid is in your bed? Find another bed? I’m an adult, I’ve graduated from the sofa except on special occasions. We can’t during the day, we both work and are ridiculously busy on weekends.

  15. I don’t believe anyone wants to push their personal preferences on others when it comes to parenting. As we all know, all children are different, and all parents are different. I happen to co-sleep with my daughter because that’s the time we have to bond after the fact that I work all day, like most parents. You have to decide as a parent what works and what doesn’t work for your child. Everyone should respect that and make their own decisions.

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