Larry Birkhead Keeps Anna Nicole Smith’s Memory Alive For Dannielynn

Four-year-old Dannielynn Birkhead never got a chance to know mom Anna Nicole Smith, but dad Larry Birkhead says he works hard to keep Anna’s memory alive for his daughter.

“[Dannielynn] keeps me on my toes, because she’s very smart and she’s asked things already about her mom,” Larry told ET. “She can walk by her picture and she’ll give a kiss to her mom in a photo album, or at Christmas, we were sitting at home and ‘The Naked Gun’ came on with her mom in it, and I let her see an appropriate little clip of that, and she knew right away her mom was, you know, ‘There’s my mom. That’s Anna Nicole.'”

“My goal was always to keep [her late brother] Daniel and Anna in her mind and let her know who they were without overdoing it,” continues Larry. “You have a responsibility to keep Anna’s memory alive.”

Not surprisingly, the single dad gushes about his little girl. “Dannielynn is bright, she’s intelligent, she’s met and exceeded all of her developmental milestones by all accounts from her teachers and, you know, medical personnel,” says Larry. “Anybody that comes in contact with her talks about how bright and intelligent [she is] and how she leaves an impression.”

“It’s hard enough for me to keep up with her social calendar,” laughs Larry, who adds that he has a “non-existent romantic life.”

Regarding the ongoing court battle that will eventually decide if Dannielynn stands to inherit the fortune left by Anna Nicole’s late oil tycoon husband, J. Howard Marshall, Larry says money or not his little girl already has everything she needs.

“Some people say Dannielynn’s the four-hundred-and-something million-dollar baby…If Dannielynn’s entitled to something via her mother…then that’s fine,” Larry says. “If Dannielynn’s not entitled to it – I mean, Dannielynn has everything she needs now, because she has me, she has her family…she’s getting a great education, she’s starting out great.”

“I’m not entitled to any of it, it’s not my money,” he emphasizes. “I’ll still work as normal, and do everything that I can to provide, and if Dannielynn receives something she receives something.”

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  1. Aww…she’s precious! I think Larry is doing a great job with her. We don’t see her all that much in the paparazzi pictures, and he seems to be happy and content raising her that way. He seems genuine in his words when he talks about his little girl. I think it’s sweet that he’s telling her about her mom and about her brother.

  2. Larry never asked to be famous. Nor did he ask to be bashed on while he was raising his daughter? WTF is wrong with you people. If he wouldnt have stepped up and claimed his daughter you would think he’s scum. He’s doing a 100% great job with Dannielynn and you can tell by the smile on her face. Leave Larry alone and let him raise his child without all these negative hurtful comments. Walk a mile in his shoes. If your child was potentially going to inherit 400 million would you walk away and say…no thats okay? I didnt think so. Until you walk in this man’s shoes, keep the comments kind. All of you are so misinformed as to who Larry is what he is about. He is far from a gold digger or a mooch off his daughter. He is a loving father who deserves respect for fighting for his relationship with his daughter. NOT because of a potential inheritance that isnt even guaranteed.

  3. My goodness! She looks just like Anna!

    Don’t fret about romance, Larry. Your a very young man with a long future ahead of you. The right woman is going to come along one day, recognizing your beautiful heart and soul and knowing that all single parents are devoted to their kids ABOVE ALL.

    In the meantime, you’ve got one very pretty lady gazing at you with a lotta’ love in her heart. Congratulations, dad. You’re everything Anna ever wished for her beautiful baby!

  4. Love seeing Larry and Dannielyn together.Yes I agree 100% Dannielyn,sure looks like her mom.Wish Larry and Dannielyn the best ,she is a happy little girl,she is loved by every one ,any one can tell she is smart and cute,Best of luck to them both.

  5. it is awesome how much she looks like Anna Nicole Smith. She will always live in her and that is something no one will ever take away from her. god bless her. i cant wait or my daughter to get that big <33

  6. I Think Larry’s Devotion For His Daughter Is Outstanding. He Is Such A Good Father. I Was A Great Fan Of Anna And It Was A Sad Thing When She Passed Away. I Hope That In The Future Anna’s Daughter Can Recover Some Of The Money That Should Have Went To Her While She Was Alive.
    I Wish Larry And His Daughter Well As They Continue To Keep Anna’s Memory Alive.

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