Giuliana Rancic: “We Are Done With IVF For Now”

In going public with their fertility struggles, Bill and Giuliana Rancic have helped shine a spotlight on an issue that affects so many families.

The beautiful E! host took time out to talk to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her great new web site, FabFitFun, the next step in their journey to conceive, and why she feels she’s “never been happier.”

CBS: Tell us about your new site,

GR: “I was inspired to create because I have over 2,000,000 Twitter followers and I was always sharing beauty and fitness tips- there’s only so much you can do in 140 characters! I realized I needed a great website to really respond to what people were asking me. Every day I email my top picks out to my subscribers; today it was my favorite age defying moisturizers.”

CBS: What sets Fabfitfun apart from other fitness, fashion, beauty and style websites?

GR: “Well, we’re not trying to sell advertising; it really is just my picks and it’s real information! We’re trying to mold the blogs to fit all the requests from our followers. I’ve collected so many great tips from working in Hollywood, from doing research and of course, celebrity interviews.”

CBS: Although many people are reluctant to talk about it, 1 in 8 couples experience fertility issues. What made you want to come forward publicly with your struggles?

GR: “We did our reality show and the crew was there when it happened and we didn’t want to have to tell 20 people in the room to keep a secret! Bill and I are very honest people and we didn’t want to live a lie. Afterwards, we received so much amazing feedback that our privacy was a fine price to pay for literally the 1000’s and 1000’s of people we helped. We were just overwhelmed with the amount of emails, so we felt we did the right thing.”

CBS: We were so sorry to hear about your miscarriage- how are you feeling now? Are you planning to go ahead with another round of IVF Treatments?

GR: “Bill and I are taking time off from the process and we are done with IVF for now. We are enjoying a more relaxed time; not having to run home after an awards show and give myself a shot is a relief! Right now, we are trying naturally- no shots, no ovulation tests – nothing. We are taking in one day at a time. I’m really enjoying working out again too and I’ve never been happier; I love being fit. When you’re on IVF you have to take things very easy with working out and be careful etc, but right now, we’ll have to wait and see!”

CBS: Have you considered adoption? Or will you continue with IVF until you successfully welcome a biological child?

GR: “Bill’s sister adopted so it’s in our family. We are open to the idea, so we will have to wait and see. Right now we are so busy with work and planning trips- we’re ok where we are!”

CBS: You and Bill seem so happy together. What’s your secret to your successful marriage?

GR: “I think our secret is that we treat each other with respect. With our show, we wanted to show people a happy, cool marriage where people treat each other well. We have arguments of course, but we never cross the line. I don’t trash him to my girlfriends either- I think that is very important because once you start disrespecting him behind his back, it spills over into the house. We both grew up that way; we came from families where our parents showed each other respect and I think that’s key. We also don’t let our ruts go on to long. Every day is an opportunity to mix things up and change your perspective. And I’m not talking about an expensive cruise here- for example: jog a different route together. It breaks the monotony and changes your conversation.”

CBS: What can we expect to see on the next season of Giuliana & Bill?

GR: “Well, we just wrapped season three and we’re in the process right now of deciding if there will be a season four. If we do it, we will definitely want some time off! It’s been really nice not having the cameras around.”

CBS: Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to tell our readers about?

GR: “Currently, I’m in the middle of awards season and all the red carpet shows and I also have The Fashion Police with Joan Rivers that’s on Friday nights on E!- which is just a blast; my website (and right now, it’s off to a great start!) and traveling. This Thursday (January 20th) I will be in Miami supporting Dress for Success for Tropicana Trop50 with the “Girlfriends Giving Goodness” event. You can go to the Trop50 to nominate your best girlfriend for a $1000 award. The most fabulous stories will be considered and with every submission, Trop50 will donate $10 to Dress for Success.”


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  1. I love their show!!! Every time I hear her announce a pregnancy/baby on E! I always feel her struggle. I wonder how she does it sometimes? That would be a hard job for someone with fertility issues.

    • I have only briefly watched show…enogh said. I went through numerous failed artificial inseminations…1 round of invitro,,transferring 3 embryos…success..1 beautiful boy and one beautifl girl…..I am so blessed. Our journey was 7 years,,,all the best wishes…blessings only are waiting for you… more sad days.

    • She needs to gain a ton of weight if she wants to have a baby, she is far to thin, & I know her drs have told her to gain weight. Even Madonna had to gain weight to have a kid. She is emaciated,just ridiculously thin.

      • I totally agree with Anonymous that Giuliana is way too thin to promote getting pregnant…..and seriously? she wants to just relax and let it happen naturally, yet she’s jogging, travelling, working, going non-stop? Your body kind of listens to what you’re doing to it, and she doesn’t seem to be focusing on providing a calm, relaxed, not “rushing around” environment. Our lifestyles set the tone for what we want out of life. Everytime the show would display all those airplane shots crossing the entire country, like 4 imes a week for both Giuliana AND Bill, I would think, ” and they don’t realize why they can’t get an embryo to stay attached? Just something to think about, Plus, she worries about too many little things!! Just chill! Hire people to do stuff for you and trust God that everything will be okay!And SLOOWW down!

      • Ag crap man, I’m more or less her weight and had a healthy 3.88kg baby girl. I have a hectice lifestyle too……………spare me the weight crap. Dont talk about things you dont know! When and if you ever land in her shoes you will know!!! pass your judgement somewhere else!

  2. Why dont’ they have a surrogate like everyone else is. They can use her egg and his sperm so it would be there biological child. Why put yourself through so much trama when you can do what Nichole Kidman just did!

    • Who knows maybe because she wants to do it all. If I were her and I could concieve I just couldn’t carry I would get a surrogate, that’s a big step, but looking at alot of couples, it’s worth it.

    • Obviously you’ve never had fertility problems Miss Know It All. Perhaps her IVF isn’t working because her eggs are bad. Why do you assume she needs a surrogate? Maybe educate yourself before you tell someone to “just get a surrogate”. Thanks

  3. having to announce actual stars pregnancies/losses/births comes with the job she chose of being an entertainment journalist. maybe they feel like using a surrogate would be a failure and besides she’s too insecure to gain the weight she needs to possibly be able to carry a pregnancy anyway. if they want a child so bad why not adopt if they can’t do it naturally

  4. One miscarriage does not mean you have trouble carrying a child. They obviously have issues CONCEIVING more so than trouble carrying. If she was having trouble carrying, she would be having recurring miscarriages. But she is having trouble getting pregnant in the first place. Putting her egg and his sperm together in someone else will not increase the likelihood of a baby because that is not their medical issue.

    I was in the exact same situation and was told that I could possibly have “egg quality issues” and that the solution was donor eggs. When one uses donor eggs they can still carry the child themselves, no need for a surrogate.

    There is no “just” about adoption. It is a long, arduous, and very uncertain road that people choose to take. Birthmothers change their minds, people lose their babies, and so on. I get so annoyed with the “why don’t they just adopt” comments. Only people that have never experienced infertility would say something like that. Think before you speak.

    • I am inclined to think that when the masses say “why not adopt”, they might be referring to the thousands of children who are wards of the state who need good homes. Adopting from a pregnant, unreliable (sometimes) woman is NOT the only way to adopt.

      • Of course, that is not the only way to adopt. But all roads of adoption are difficult and very, very long. And no matter what, they, too, can always fall through. Not to mention that many people want to be blessed with an infant, whether biologically or through adoption. Can you really fault anyone for wanting that? For not wanting to miss out on any part of their child/children’s lives? I certainly can’t.

        Besides, I have never understood why people only makes these comments to people that are struggling to have biological children. Is it any more selfish for people using assisted reproductive technologies to have a biological child than anyone else? Would you go up to an obviously pregnant and say “Sheesh, why didn’t you just adopt?” Of course not!

        When are people going to realize that ADOPTION ISN’T FOR EVERYONE, and that doesn’t make those people mean, evil, or any less deserving of a family.

  5. I wish them the best. I think they’re one of the very few seemingly stable celebrity couples. I agree with the “just adopt” argument — such an inaccurate term.

  6. OK…I’ve been saying for years that I’m going to right a book on all the things NOT TO SAY to a couple experiencing infertility…Infertility Etiquette
    Recommendation #1 – Never say…Why don’t you just adopt?
    First of all…this is a very personal and private decision that a couple must come to terms with. Let the couple first grieve the fact that they may never see their own genetic connection before making this suggestion. It’s a mourning and grieving process and a great, great loss ( thinking about never having the chance to see the child you could have made together. I know…I’ve been through it)
    Secondly…never say…It’s meant to be…It’s Gods will…There must be something else in the cards for you. Good grief. For all of those nincompoops (spelling?) out there…just zip it.
    That’s a start
    The IF journey is a costly, overwhelming, exhausting, scary and sometimes very sad process. (when you are left with no baby in your arms in the end)
    After 6 IVFs, 8 IUIs, and years of trying naturally, we moved on to using Donor Eggs. $50,000 later, we have 3 beautiful children. We wanted to have the experience of pregnancy and controlling the prenatal process.
    We’re broke but we have the family we dreamed of for 7 years. I do continue to mourn the loss of my genetic connection. But, it will never take away from the love I have for these 3 beautiful miracle babies.
    Giliuna…I cant even watch your show anymore as it brings back all of those heart-wrenching, painful memories.
    I dont know what your doctors are saying and how old you are…but the chances with your own eggs drops significantly after age 42.
    Get your thyroid checked…have yourself tested for lymes…do accupuncture and then sit back and let the natural process take its course
    I have a gut feeling that you, my dear lady, will be successful and will be PG very soon.
    I am so sorry for your loss
    Will keep you in my prayers

  7. Everyone on this blog has some good points on this. As stated above it is a very personal and private decision. Also, unless a person actually experiences or goes through something like Gulliana has gone through they will have NO CLUE what she is feeling. I had a miscarriage in July and it was an no words can explain the heart wrenching feelings I went through and now dealing with trying to get pregnant again and the possiblity of not being able to get pregnant again or miscarrying again is extremely stressful. I can honestly say that I had no clue before my miscarriage what may other women went through until I actually experienced it first hand. I definitely don’t think it is anyones place to judge what Gulianna is going through, or the choices she makes. It obvious when reading all the remarks above that none of us like to judged either.

  8. Giuliana is fake and has obvious eating disorders. She looks haggard and grisly. Bill is in love with the camera and himself and he is a dork. Neither of them have any real talent, so why don’t they just go away? She seems ambivalent about even having a child. You know these two will just get a surrogate…then she can keep her skeletal figure.

    • You seem to know alot about two people you clearly dislike! I find it strange that you even on this site if you feel this way about them. You clearly are perfect and should probably just mind your own business.

  9. Oh..Boo hoo hoo. I’m sure she froze her old eggs so they should just get a surrogate like all of these other vapid, pretentious celebrities. So many women go through this, and they don’t just “give up” and go back to “working out”. Giuliana and Bill are posers. 15 minutes up already????? Please????

  10. I cannot stomach this woman anymore. She is beyond annoying. She tries to act and dress as if she’s in her twenties. She’s middleaged (old photo) and so are her eggs!!! Why is she in Seacrest’s pocket? We are tired of her bony, gristly persona. She is so affronted at the Haters (her HS word) who suggested she “eat something”…why bother? She’ll probably just throw it up. And Bill is just as irritating. Two douchebags. Give some new people a chance, E. Geez

  11. Giuliana Rancic, who I call Giuliana Rancid in the privacy of my home – Wow, a melon on a stick. PUT ON SOME WEIGHT. And the teeth – horse teeth! You can’t just keep adding lipstick to a pig and expect to get a beauty. I’m sorry, Giuliana, you’re just not beautiful and you don’t have a lovely body. Your body is very, very wide. And your head is big.

  12. There are some people – millions of people – who will just never be beautiful despite all the plastic surgery in the world. Joan Rivers. Kathy Griffin. Carrot Top. Cher was exquisitely beautiful until her disastrous surgery which left her looking like a monkey. I’m just annoyed with people trying to be beautiful when they are not.

  13. Giuliana and Bill RANCID really believe they matter. Get over yourselves…so rabid for attention. Ugh. She is so pathetic with her teenybopper outfits and “look at me, look at me” desperation. He was on celebrity apprentice, how many years ago?? THAT’S his claim to fame? Two idiots…and she is hideous looking..she looks like one of those walking stick insects, but she thinks she’s gorgeous!!! Yuck

  14. Clearly we have some fkwits posting their vulgar evil sh*t just because theyre unhappy in their own marriages.. or theyre just plain ugly and jealous. You dont know these people and neither do i, so u are in no place to judge. Seems to me the same person is probably writing the same text diarrhoea that i keep reading, in fake alia’s just to get more negative stuff on here. Give it up… Ur showing ur more petty and pathetic than what they leave behind in toilets..

  15. What do her looks have to do with her worth as a human? Should she not have a sense of self worth because you hags don’t think she’s pretty? Who cares what you think?! I’m sure she doesn’t! She was offered a reality show and she took it, like all of you wouldn’t? She works in Hollywood where women are expected to be stick figures! Would you all be saying the same hateful comments if she were overweight?! Overweight women have just as many fertility issues as underweight women. You people are obviously uneducated, ugly hicks!

  16. OFFERED a reality show???? Bill Rancid was desperate for a reality show. He never would have married the bug if she wasn’t some sort of “celebrity”. After I found out that Bill Rancid (yes, RANCID) tried out for The Bachelor, I about puked and am SO over both of them. Imagine a guy trying out for The Bachelor, creepy, pervy, and beyond desperate for any kind of infamy. OVER THEM

  17. I like Giuliana and Bill and find them to be entertaining, and fun to watch. I wish them well on their journey with starting a family.

  18. wow…. its amazing to see that some people have absolutely nothing to do in their life so they actually spend time thinking and hating others that they don’t even know! come on! writing horrible and mean stuff about other people speaks more about how pathetic your life is more than the people you keep trying to bring down…. if u can’t see things in a positive light, then there is something seriously wrong with you! I feel so sorry for you but seriously get a life! Bill and Giuliana are successful and happy and their fertility problems being public educates so many people of the reality of fertility problems. I’m sorry if u have an unhappy life, but stop judging others n face the truth of your own reality. Get over yourself!

  19. I love them entertaining always with a good sense of positive energy. I wish them success with starting a family in whatever manner and timeframe they choose. I love their laughter and the respect they give each other. There are so many really stupid shows on TV. This one at least has a positive message. As far as her weight and hair extensions. And………..and………who cares what she does with her appearance. She appears to be a very funny sweet person. I appreciate a show where their is respect. I applaud them for showing us the viewer the struggle of infertility. That is a emotional issue and them giving us that look into their lives was greatly appreciated. So many couples are going through this. She just gave many a look at what they are going through and believe it or not that is helpful. Another season, I enjoy this fun hearted show.

  20. I never respond to comments but I just felt I had to in this case.
    I really cannot believe how negative and cold some of these comments are!It makes me sad that there are people in this world that actually think and write such hurtful things about someone. It is everyone woman’s choice if she wants to adopt, use a surrogate, IVF etc. Cut this woman some slack!
    She is simply just sharing her hardships of trying to get pregnant.
    Good luck to you and Bill through the journey of starting a family!

  21. I have been watching the programme since I have been at home since my operation and Ienjoy every moment of the series. I admire your guts in talking about your baby problems with nuf respect. You are a couple that knows how to talk about situations when they come straight ahead of you. If you dont have that communication in your life it will not work me and my husband realise that and it works for us. Can’t wait for the next season.

  22. i loved watching they show i had acutally watched there show twice:) they both look great with eachother may prayers are with then and very soon they willl have baby gloom happiess and they will be sharing it with the world:)
    lots of love and prayers with both

  23. i hp giuliana and bill get 2 see ds. Am glad u v finally stopped all those medical procedures cos they turn out really depressin and make one feel like a lab rat eventually. My advice for u both is, calm down and get rid of d tension of fertility n all. Enjoy ur sex life and pray more. i neva thut i cld get pregnant either cos doctors kept tellin me i had polycystic ovaries wich cld make one infertile. i trusted God all d way and just enjoyed my sex life wit my husband until i found out i was pregnant. Thought sorrow may last for a night, Joy comes in d mornin. Rememba, delay is nt denial. Wish u a blissful and fruitful life ahead. Trust God all d way!!!

  24. Dear Giuliana Rancic .. I never met you in person but you look like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith exactly. Maybe you should stop that stupid show with Rivers and stop talking about how bad they look and laughing. I don’t even think plastic surgery will work. I thought italians were nice looking people. Gain some weight and have a baby . Have a great day.

  25. G and Bill are inspiring and motivating. There are very strong ‘life lessons’ that one can learn from the show. Like mutual respect, compromising, supporting each other and having fun with each other. I don’t understand how some ppl make such nasty comments about these two and claim to ‘hate’ them,cos they obviously watching the show!!! big ups to G and Bill and all the luck to u guys with the fam planning. Oh and my aunt only fell pregnant after 7 years of trying (naturally) so don’t lose hope, when it does happen (cos it will) u will b blessed with the most perfect nunu’s :))

  26. I am a big fan of the Guliana and Bill show. However if she doesnt just stop working so hard for a while, maybe not worry about what she looks like then maybe a baby will come. She expected it to just happen while she eats hardly anything and works out constantly. They dont exactly seemtight for money so stay home and if you really want a baby you will make the sacrifice.

  27. after reading all the comments, i came to a conclusion that my philosophy is so true, no matter what you do or say, when someone loves you or hates you, they do so and you cant change anything about it, its just the way they are. thus you dont have to go out of your way to please people, just do what is right in the eyes of God and remain in His will, what everyother person thinks is not really important. i pray that God will hear your cry and answer your prayers. i wish you a happy future.

  28. Its a high time that such issues as infertility and fertility issues are aired out and openly.Guilliana and Bill are giving hope to those who are in similar cuicumstances and in the third world country where most couple dont know that there is treatment for infertility. keep up with the good work and I pray God rewards you with so many children like we have here in Africa.

  29. Guiliana is entirely too thin. She needs to gain weight, lose the fake tan (she looks absolutely ghastly), dress her age (they should do a Fashion Police on all her mishaps) and lose the extensions and get a hair style that is more appropriate and find someone to bring her make up into this century. She seems to be a very shallow woman.

  30. g&b i love you guys,,if you need a surrogacy hala at me, i wont mind carrying your child for free,uve suffered enough,its not even acceptable anymore,

  31. I really like their show I have been struggling to have a baby as well after 3 ivf trials I am now pregnant so wish they don’t give up …

  32. Hi G&B I admire u guys, u’re one my role models. Really feel bad about what u’ve been going through. But trust me, d worst happens for d best 2 come. U’ll have DOUBLE for all ur troubles. Guiliana u rock, u’re a great fashionista. all d best.

  33. My pryrs are wit u maybe its one of ways make u realise dat God is stll in control I trust God u ll av ur own children soonest.may d gud lord grant u guys d strenght and courage u need for d journey cos u guys will carry ur own chidren at d end.Rest if u must but dnt u quit. From Nigeria

  34. Are u serious? Guiliana must have a paper bag over her head for Bill to have sex w/her. Maybe that’s part of the problem. What in the hell is wrong w/E!???? Does she have an uncle or somebody in a high position? I am sorry but no amount of spray tan, hair extensions, plastic surgery will help her. Please!!!! Let her fade into obscurity.

  35. She is one of the main reasons young girls and women have a complex with their bodies. She is obviously extremely thin to the bone literally, it’ s not normal. I feel sorry for her and the young girls that feel she has a normal body and idolize he for what the celebrity world sees as perfect.

  36. Hi G & B, i’m a big fan of you guys, you guys are in my prayers, I belive strongly you guys will get pregnant soon!!!!!

  37. I was thrilled that G & B went public with their IVF treatment. I have done IVF three times without success and wish all my friends would watch their show to gain a better understanding of what we actually go through. G is one tough women to go public with this, and she will be expected to talk about it all the time and it’s not easy being constantly reminded of what you don’t have or what could have been. So unless you have experienced IVF, micarriage or still born i don’t believe you have a right to judge her on anything. Keep smiling Guiliana you are a beautiful and wonderful inspiration to others, i have my fingers crossed for you and Bill when the time is right 😉

  38. i watched your show you should of opened restuarant where you wanted to you do everything he tells you to do it very sad.he has no respect for you at all it pretty sad.there are better men out there because i have a very good man who respects me.

  39. Hi, have watched the show and know what you are feeling. We had three pregnancy’s that failed, went through I.U.I. which did not work,tried different things like not eating certain foods. After the I.U.I we accepted that we would not have a family so went away on holiday with friends and did have a little to drink. When we came back from holiday I started to feel not right, it turned that I was pregnant. The only other thing that we did different was to eat a lot of zinc rich foods and take a zinc and vitamin C tablet a day,this helps with fertility. My son is now coming up eleven and we also have a daughter that is coming up 8, but who came along naturally. What I remember most is the stress and pain that it caused but just know that miracles can happen and try not to give up.

  40. Hi…Goog luck with trying to get pregnant !it will happend when you are good and ready!That is one area is best left alone from planing ..and when you least aspected the bambino will arrive…….xlove your show…..

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