Miranda Kerr: “I Intend To Breastfeed For As Long As I Can”

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom welcomed son Flynn on January 6 and in addition to being in awe of her “beautiful little soul” the new mom is cherishing the experience of breastfeeding her newborn son.

“I intend to breastfeed for as long as I can,” she said. “My breast milk will give our little Flynn the nutrition he needs for his continued healthy development and to all mums out there I am sure you will make the right choice for you and your baby.”

The Victoria’s Secret model posted a photo of herself on her website recently that showed her feeding Flynn. “The photo was one of the first photos Orlando took,” Miranda said. “We both loved it and we wanted to share it. The pleasant surprise was that it also had the added benefit of promoting breastfeeding which to me is the most natural thing in the world and I love it.”

And it sounds like Miranda and Orlando are overcome with emotion when it comes to their new son. “Our little man is now 17 days old and we are still pinching ourselves as to the reality of having had a baby and of having brought this beautiful little soul into the world and a beautiful little soul he is,” the proud mom wrote on her blog.


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  1. My goodness, I guess she is the spokesperson for Breast Feeding.

    I’m not a mom but I say if you can do it, awesome. If not, don’t sweat it. Your children will all turn out healthy and beautiful. 🙂

  2. She’s sounding like Gisele Bundchen. Does she mean she’ll breastfeed until the kid is 4 years old or something like that?

  3. So happy for them and that breastfeeding is working well. I am breastfeeding my son and it makes me so happy to see him growing so well.

  4. “I intend to breastfeed for as long as I can,” she said. “My breast milk will give our little Flynn the nutrition he needs for his continued healthy development and to all mums out there I am sure you will make the right choice for you and your baby.”

    ↑ Someone needs to do their homework ↑

    • Oh, Rebecca.

      Since you didn’t elaborate, I’m guessing that maybe you are misreading her sentence to say “My breast milk will provide our little Flynn WITH ALL the nutrition he needs…UNTIL HE WEANS”

      Which is not what she said. She’s just saying that breast milk is the best thing for baby development, which is true. I’m sure she’ll introduce him to solid foods within the first year, and breast milk will simply be a supplement (an extremely nutritious one, at that!) to complement his solid diet.

      …As I like to say, any woman who is foolish enough to pay for expensive, factory-processed, chemically synthesized formula is absolutely free to do so. I just hope you do your homework, first. (P.S. Women who are unable to breast feed are another story, however — I’m just referring to those to “don’t want to.”)

      • Oh OKAY….so mums who are “unable to” shouldn’t feel badly about feeding their babies what you call “expensive, factory-processed, chemically synthesized formula”.

        Comments like that make it even tougher for those moms who already feel badly because they are unable to breastfeed.

        • Mothers who are unable to shouldn’t feel guilty about feeding their child formula, no, but mothers who can but do not SHOULD feel guilty. That was the entire point of the comment the previous poster had made.
          And there are very few women who physically can not breastfeed, yet there are SO many women who choose formula. A lot of these mothers do not even attempt to breastfeed! Or they give up after a couple of tries.
          Breastfeeding takes a lot of work, but it is so worth it in the end!

          • If you are going to be infantile enough to pick on a post’ s grammatical structure, get it correct- poor is not the proper identifier of “feel badly”. Furthermore, I would assume that you must have a pretty monotonous day if you can spend the time and energy to pick apart a post for the mere purpose of provocation.

            Perhaps not enough conviction of your position?

      • Once again those of us who opted not to breastfeed are told we not care about their well being as much as those who did. Let me state I was physically able to but it just was not right for me. Odd though since my now 2 1/2 year old son is 41.5″ in length, 35 lbs and has never once had a cold. Even his pediatrician is amazed at his health. He also speaks in 3-4 word sentences and Is extremely active. I still pay for those expensive factory produced formulas and I will continue to do so as long as I damn well please. Get off your freaking high horse! I bet you care so much about your child he/she is in daycare too!

          • Don’t take my overwhelming confidence in my point as defensive, on the contrary dearie- I am 100% proud of my decisions. It seems it is those who attack other’s choices to formula feed are the ones who need a big cup of self esteem…

            Cannot wait to hear the plethora interest group funded scientific facts to come along next

          • Maybe you should cool off and then spend some quality time with your kids. Just a suggestion “dearie”. What a quaint expression — maybe you’re older than I thought initially.

          • I hope your 7 bedroom luxury penthouse in manhattan makes you feel better about yourself, especially after not providing your children with the best possible food available to them.

          • It’s really none of your business what she feeds her child. If she were coming into your home and force-feeding your child, I would understand, but she made it, she cooked it for nine months, she can feed it what she wants.

          • Okay, I was on board with you until this comment. What does that have to do with anything, and who tells people they have a 7 bedroom PH?

          • Okay, I was on board with you until this comment. What does that have to do with anything, and who tells people they have a 7 bedroom PH?

          • Probably because women like you have superiority complexes. All that truly matters is that the child is healthy. Who cares if he got that way through breast milk, formula, or chianti

          • “why so defensive”

            You are ignorant, and a coward to post anonymously, if you are so sure that breastfeeding is the ONLY way, print your name.
            The brave judgmental ones all seem to be anonymous- figures.

            Helene Mitchelson, Berwyn, PA

          • Sara, your comment made my day. Not only do I agree that as long as children are healthy and loved, it doesn’t matter how their mothers feed them, but the addition of chianti was priceless.

        • Really ? Well gee, car seats “just weren’t right for me” such a bother. So I just threw my baby in the back of my luxury suv. We have never had an accident and jr. is just fine and healthy as can be. It’s just a choice people -MY choice, because it is all about ME. And since my child turned out just fine, it obviously is just as valid and safe a choice as using a car seat with a newborn. He does cry annoyingly though, so I’m thinking I’ll just leave him home alone at 2 … probably there won’t be a fire and he’ll be just fine ..and MY life will be easier for ME. Cause that is what is all about .. oh and bragging about how rich I am.

      • Glad your child is fine. MOST formula fed babies will be fine. However you are knowingly and willingly making a CHOICE to put your baby at increased risk of a large number of health problems – up to and including SID’s.
        You probably bothered to use a car seat, and put your baby on their back to sleep … all safety measures that increase the chances of a healthy child. MOST babies will be fine if not in a car seat, MOST babies don’t die if they sleep on their stomach .. but you take some actions as a Parent to protect your child’s health. That is what being a parent is about. And yes, people are judgmental when a parent does somethng that know to be harmful to their chldren. It says so, right on your can of chemicals you feed your kid.

        • Not every woman who gives birth is physically able to breastfeed. I always think it is ridiculous for people to criticize formula users when there are people like me who didn’t have the choice. I would love to join in with the breastfeeding moms and act like it all went perfectly for me too but I ended up having to use formula. Everyone will have different opinions on parenting and we are the ones who take care of our own kids, not some other person who is sitting at their computer criticizing people they have never met.

  5. My son just self weaned and will be 4 years old in March. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a shame that celebrities and models are who the public turns to for advice on these things but since that is the sad state of things thank God we have intelligent, normal women like Gisele and Miranda around. We need to undo the twisted thinking we have here in the US that formula is just as good as breast milk and that ‘extended’ breastfeeding is somehow wrong or weird. People need to grow up and get educated. Like Miranda said, it is the most natural thing in the world and to nurse until your child is ready to stop is how it is designed. The immune system isn’t fully mature until age 5 or 6 and breast milk provides immune protection and supplements the diet during that time. Children who are allowed to choose when they stop do so between ages 2.5-7 so it’s perfectly designed when you think about it. Nursing fosters a secure bond and provides health benefits to the mother as well. Bravo Miranda for supporting breastfeeding.

    • This is beautifully stated! So many women think that nursing past 6 months to a year is ‘wrong’! But in fact, it is recommended that you nurse at least until the child is 2 years old!
      I hate all of the misconceptions that women in today’s society have about breastfeeding. My bestfriend recently had a baby and refused to breastfeed because she wanted her boyfriend to be able to feed her son, so they would have ‘bonding’ time too – but I HATE this excuse. There are other ways the father can bond with his child, and there is ALWAYS the option of pumping your breast milk if you are that worried.
      I’m so happy there are at least some celebrity women who promote breastfeeding still.

    • “Nursing fosters a secure bond”? Really. You know that from experience or are you just repeating the same old crap that BFers like to say. I know for a fact that that is not true. Everyone I know who was BF is not bonded to their mothers at all. My mother -in-law BF all 5 of her kids in the 50s and 60s for at least a year. NONE of them have ever been close to her. My grandma BF all 7 of her kids and only one, the one that is forced to take care of her, even want to be around her, not close to her at all. Not to mention the myriads of health problems most of them have including my own husband who suffers from depression, anxiety, premature hearing loss, always getting sick, constantly struggling with his weight. Meanwhile, I , formula fed, and my children, formula fed, never get sick and we are very healthy.

  6. What a good mommy! :o) Finally a celebrity who is selfless and bold.

    To the person who said “I guess she’s the spokesperson for breastfeeding” – All mothers who have successfully breastfed are spokespersons for breastfeeding. What other qualifications do you need??

    To the person who said “Does she mean she’ll breastfeed until the kid is 4 years old” – lol that’s like hearing someone say that they love grass and someone unintelligent replies that they should marry the grass if they love it so much… hahaha your comment took me back to 3rd grade. 😛

    And to the person who said “Someone needs to do their homework” – You haven’t heard yet?! Science is on our side… which makes sense since we aren’t extinct yet and we’ve been breastfeeding our babies up until the last century…

    And to the rest of you, :o)!

    • You do realize that the “science” that is on your side has been funded by laleche? These are the same people who also ascribed to the “vaccinations can lead to autism argument”. Do your research. (NE journal of Medicine , July 2009, 1.34e)

      • Interesting how none of these brave anonymous posters have yet to rebut your statement. I looked at my husbands copy of the journal last night. Your contention is correct, the majority of these pro bf findings are a result of special interest groups funded by laleche.

    • “we have been breastfeeding our babies up until the last century”

      Yes and the average life span in the 1800s was 45!

      • My favorite is still “BFing protects you from breast cancer. Women in developing nations do it an none of them have breast cancer.” Oh yes, we’re going to base our decisions on women who can’t afford health care and therefore wouldn’t know if they had breast cancer if they did and rarely live to see 60. That’s an encouraging role model.

    • Please state your scientific facts. Where the studies were conducted and what were the results of the placebo group.. Otherwise do not make blanket statements without actual substantive proof. It’s damaging and perhaps ego centric to be the voice of reason if one cannot back it up.
      Show us a study (NOT Produced by LALECHE) where it states categorically ” formula fed children are not as healthy, not as intelligent and not as
      Physically capable as those who have been breastfed”. Until then keep your generalizations as hypotheses which they currently are.


    • Heather, formula is now closer to breastmilk than ever. How do you think that was possible? Let me inform you……..SCIENCE. Because of science we are now able to have baby formula tha closely matches BM. So, my dear, science is on our side too. 🙂 That science has made it possible for millions of formula fed babies to thrive and grow up healthy, smart, successful, etc.

  7. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing, I don’t know why some american womens make such a problem about it, here in Latin America a lot of womens who can’t breastfeed cried because they feel guilty

    Breastfeed is the most special moment that a mom can share with a newborn

    • American women only make a problem out of it if we are told that not following the “popular opinion” is harmful to our offspring.

      It is still a democracy- lest we forget

      As long as your child is happy and healthy no one should make another woman feel less of a parent because they do not subscribe to your rule of thumb

  8. um she isn’t the only recent celebrity mom that breastfeeds her child Amy Adams does. some mothers that want to can’t for a multitude of reasons. and besides a model isn’t a celebrity other Iconic stars have nursed their children before the press would ever ask about it Vanessa & Lynn Redgrave both breast fed all three of their respective children though Vanessa almost had 4 and Lynn was fired for breast feeding in her dressing room of a british show after a cast mate snooped on her and tattled

    • Supermodels like Miranda ARE celebrities, as they are easily recognizable to a variety of people (especially if they have a famous husband).
      And I think it is a shame that more celebrity mothers do not open up about breastfeeding.

      • Why? What business is it of ours whether or not they breast feed. Not like breast feeding needs to support. I see women that choose formula treated like soulless beasts for no breast feeding far more often than I see breast feeding mothers treated poorly, unless they whip it out in a restaurant.

    • And you got this statistic where? I know it’s touted all the time, but have you ever noticed that there is no discernible source for it. There are plenty of reasons why breastfeeding may that work that are not accounted for in this “5%” statistic (which comes out of the ether, apparently). Low supply may only be 5% (although that’s still many, many women when you consider how many give birth in a given year), but then think about other factors, like psychological trauma from sexual abuse, or dangerous medications, or even painful nerve damage that makes breastfeeding very painful and dangerous. They may not be common issues, but they still effect plenty of women. I’d dare say, more than “5%”

  9. breastfeeding for 2 years is great, but did you know that we should be actually breastfeeding till babies are 4? All mammals breastfeed until babies are about age of 4.

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  11. CBS didn’t include this part of her blog:

    However, we all have a choice and having done my own research I decided that the best thing for Flynn was for me to breast feed him…. In saying that, everyone has a right to choose what they feel is best for their own baby and some people cannot breast-feed and/or do not want to and I totally respect that each person has that right to choose. My recommendation is to make an informed choice and choose to breast feed or not based on the research you do as to whether or not it is beneficial to your baby and to you. Don’t abandon breast feeding because of any “social” stigma (perceived or real) that might be attached to breast feeding in public.

    • Yeah, she made it really clear on her blog that she understands not all women can but that she did her research and since she’s physically able, she’s going to. That’s what happens when you don’t post the full statement – someone gets jumped on for things she didn’t even say.18

  12. My mom worked a full time job 4 weeks after she gave birth so she never attempted to breastfeed me at all, hence I was raised by my grandparents. I don’t have children but I assume it’s difficult to breastfeed if your away from your baby 11 hours a day. Not everyone has the luxury of being a stay at home mom..

    • Fortunately, now many companies support breastfeeding by providing rooms where you can pump and giving the mother’s time off for pumping. It’s still a challenge, but the rewards were more than worth it for me and many moms I know.

    • I complEtely resent when people say being a stay at home mom is a luxury, like i sit around all day eating Bon bons….yeah right! I am able to stay home because my husband and I worked our butts off! I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old,and am pregnant with #3. I work longer hours and harder now than any job I’ve ever had, except I don’t get paid. Trust me, making sacrifices, changing every single diaper, making every meal-EVERYTHING, is on me, not gramma or some daycare worker, or paid help. It’s wonderful to be home with my kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it’s not the “luxury” people seem to think it is…

      • Agree entirely,,, there was a great debate about this on lil sugar website called the great mommy debate. The author, not sure who she is, gave up her career in international fashion marketing to stay at home with her son. The comments back to her were extremely unfair.

      • Well as I said I don’t have children, never held a child before, nor am I around children. I realize raising kids is probably the most hardest job in the world, but what i meant by “luxury” was the fact that you get to be with your kids all day verses having to work and having your own children raised by someone else, an experience you can never gain back. So raising kids is a job.. yes.. but i still consider it a grateful luxury, many of you have worked hard to be able to stay at home, but my mother has no degree and skill… so she worked a full time job and a part time job at two different supermarkets at minimum wage. She regrets not seeing me grow up, so yes its a luxury in my eyes.

        I don’t understand why I would be on the attack…

    • “luxury of being a stay at home mom” you have got to be kidding me! It’s 4:15 in the afternoon, I have yet to take a shower, brush my teeth or even get a bite to eat. Working outside of the home is the luxury. Get your facts straight,

      • Oh and let me beat you to ” if you have not time why are you on this site?” my child finally fell asleep and my friend writes for this website so was asked to out my two cents in!

        Ok Jenny are you happy?

        • It absolutely is a luxury to be a stay at home mom, and the person who made that statement was so completely fair in how she said it – her own mother would have loved to have been able to make that happen in her life but it simply wasn’t feasible given the economic realities of her situation. Yes, one has to work super hard to get to stay home with her child and, yes, it is a ton of work caring full time for a child, but it is NOT something that is even a choice for many women – particularly single mothers and low income mothers. It’s actually disgraceful that you would chastise this woman for saying that it’s a luxury, given that she was so clear on explaining why.

          It’s clear that by “luxury”, she means gift – not everyone is so blessed as to be able to be at home with their adored children. If your heart breaks at the idea of being away from your child for the bulk of his waking hours (which mine would) then surely you can see why it would be an enviable position to someone who has no choice in the matter. How arrogant and callous to consider such a statement offensive. We should feel so fortunate as to have this option in our lives.

      • Well as I said I don’t have children, never held a child before, nor am I around children. I realize raising kids is probably the most hardest job in the world, but what i meant by “luxury” was the fact that you get to be with your kids all day verses having to work and having your own children raised by someone else, an experience you can never gain back. So raising kids is a job.. yes.. but i still consider it a grateful luxury, many of you have worked hard to be able to stay at home, but my mother has no degree and skill… so she worked a full time job and a part time job at two different supermarkets at minimum wage. She regrets not seeing me grow up, so yes its a luxury in my eyes.

        I don’t understand why I would be on the attack…

        • I respect your opinion, but believe me when the time comes and you are blessed to have a child, you will see the luxury is being able to be an everyday part of your offerings life. However for the majority of us, it’s a sacrifice- we put the welfare and proven theory, that a child thrives better with parental care, ahead of any material needs. As was the case with your mom, there are situations where one must work, but I think the defensive posture of some of the sahm stems from this perception that they do nothing but sit around all day. Perhaps when the time comes and you have to choose you may see where the various attitudes become sensitive. Good luck and do not take it personally. Believe me many of the poor women, like myself are running on 2-3 hours sleep. Alas the joys of motherhood;) Helene Mitchelson Berwyn, PA

  13. whatever. just whatever. at this point i don’t think i’d care if someone fed their baby salt & vinegar chips for the first 12 months provided they didn’t bore me with the details.

  14. sheesh, so sorry miranda… it seems the perfect mother positions have already been filled by nicole richie and giselle bundchen.

  15. What a bad write-up. It was nice to finally have a celeb mother go “I think breastfeeding is the best choice, but mothers should choose what they want because it’s their decision and I respect it” instead of the usual “well I breastfeed and because of it I am a better mother than you!” Except from this write-up you’d think that was what she actually said. Go read the full blog at the original source; this site is terrible with trying to get people all worked up over nothing.

    • Oh and I’d like to add that I agree with what she said about how women show tons of skin when they wear very skimpy bikinis on a beach and nobody cares but if a woman dares to show just a tiny bit of breast when she’s breastfeeding, even if it’s just the side, people freak out. That is messed up.

  16. I just find it funny that a first time mother is telling other parents what is best for their children. My kids were breast fed, but I don’t go around telling people that it’s best. It’s not like you can walk down the street and point people out who were/not brease fed as a child.

  17. “sheesh, so sorry miranda… it seems the perfect mother positions have already been filled by nicole richie and giselle bundchen.”
    LOL!!!! Loved your comment, Alice.
    My “problem” with new mothers like Gisele or Miranda is that they gave birth and five minutes later they want to educate the rest of the world with their sanctimonious lectures and comments as if we were all ignorant idiots.

  18. How many “idiots” run out and buy the latest fashion because Brad Pitt or a Kardashian was seen with it? That’s what these mom’s are doing, using their status to promote something they believe in, and I think they’re doing the right thing. Hopefully, more “idiots” will follow these moms into breastfeeding when they might otherwise have not even tried, and then become advocates for other moms they know. I don’t understand why you are ripping them apart, but yet you’re reading a blog designed for people interested in what celebrity moms are doing.

    • At least- unlike you- I give my name to what I have to say.
      Otherwise you are right. About 10 years ago I started yoga because Madonna recommended it. It was the only thing I ever did because of a celebrity (it was a great decision though!). However I’m sure you are right, many people conduct their lives based on what Miranda Kerr and Gisele have to say.
      Re: blogging on this website: that’s the point, isn’t it? Sharing opinions and experiences. I shared my “problem”. “Ripping them apart” was a slight exaggeration lovely “Anonymous”.

  19. It’s amazing how it seems that only American women take offense to this. Breastfeeding IS the most natural option and I don’t see how Miranda is trying to be sanctimonious or pushing her beliefs down everyone’s throats. She’s stating her opinion, saying what she believes is best for her son. She’s not trying to tell other people what to do. Yet these bitter women rail against her and her choices and complain that she’s treating them like ignorant idiots. Really?? What a twisted mentality. I don’t see anything to be up in arms about in this post. Just some of the posters’ negativity and mean-spiritedness.

    • Hi other “Anonymous”. Just for the record I’m not American and I DID breastfeed my baby. I have seen plenty of children however who were breastfeed until 2 and are SICK all the time. My son is 6 and very healthy, which is because he eats healthy food, exercises, spends lot of time in the fresh air and most importantly he is loved, safe and HAPPY.
      But YES, new young moms like Gisele and Miranda do start to annoy me with their sanctimonious comments even if they mean well. They have only started their journey of motherhood and their knowledge at the moment equals ZERO. I’m more than interested in opinions of intelligent, experienced mothers with grown-up children who have done it all therefore have the credentials.

    • What an opened minded response from an anonymous woman. At least Annika has the intelligence not to generalize. For the record, I am a proud American woman who did not breastfeed her children and they have continuously been in the top 90%ile for growth charts, 2 have never been sick in their respective 5,6 years and two are in accelerated programs at school. It seems to me that it is not American women who have the problem. I know from where I speak, I lived in Europe ( London and Paris) for 13 years. Let me tell you Many European women are the ones who are bitter and judgmental. Their obvious jealousy of the American freedoms and mentality lend themselves to proselytize against anyone who thinks contrary to them. Breastfeeding is only one option, it’s not the best for everyone. Helene Mitchelson. Berwyn, PA

  20. Why is breastfeeding always a hot topic for mothers that don’t breastfeed? Why don’t someone start a topic on formula feeding and how that’s working out for them instead of commenting on a thread of women that enjoys breastfeeding???

  21. Why is breastfeeding always a hot topic for mothers that don’t breastfeed? Why don’t someone start a topic on formula feeding and how that’s working out for them instead of commenting on a thread of women that enjoys breastfeeding???

    • I do both because I can’t physically give my baby enough BM to satisfy her. She i doing great and is gaining weight. Soon I will stop breastfeeding and go strictly to formula. I have had frind who choose not to breastfeed because they just did not want to and they have extremly healthy children.

    • Perhaps because unless your name is recognizable no one cares. Let’s be honest, if a celeb came out and said I do not breastfeed because it’s my right to choose to formula feed. They would be “ripped” apart. It’s not the politically correct thing to admit. When Amanda Peet came out railing against Jenny McCarthy and her anti vaccination crusade, people condemned her for picking on that “poor mother”. Yet now that the science has been discounted no one is calling her on the carpet for the damage she may have done to countless children with her scare tactics. Who knows one day science may say “oops we were wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with formula feeding your kids” let’s see what the breastfeeding masses do then

  22. If you’re still breastfeeding when your kid is FOUR years old, you have the issues, whether you want to admit it or not. If you want them to get the nutrients — then pump! You don’t need a child hanging off your boob. Who is THAT benefitting, huh?

  23. As a first time mother I am breastfeeding and giving formula. I think that what ever a mother chooses to do is her business and should not be judged. Shame on anyone for trying to make a women feel guilty for not breastfeeding exclusivley or at all. It is hard enough being a mother without people judging you for your decisions.

  24. Dear Lord, she’s promoting breastfeeding in the most nonjudgmental way possible (unlike Gisele) and so many people are still jumping down her throat. It’s obvious that many people here have some serious guilt about breastfeeding and take any pro-breastfeeding talk as a personal attack. Hey, I get annoyed with the lactivists as much as the next person, but her comments are pretty innocuous. I’m sorry if you feel guilty for not breastfeeding, and, no, it doesn’t make you a terrible parent. Please calm down and don’t take every breastfeeding related post and some call to defend yourself.

  25. To any Mom who formula feeds and feels discriminated against by breastfeeding Moms:

    Be told to feed your infant in a bathroom, and then you’ll know what discrimination is.
    Have photos of you feeding your baby deemed “sick,” “disturbing,” or “nasty,” then you’ll know what discrimination is.

    There are pushy Moms on both ends, but the simple fact of the matter is that breastfeeding Moms feel the burden of discrimination far more than do formula fed Moms in the US. The FDA, WHO, and UNICEF all use language–or are in the process of changing the language–explaining formula feeding as “risky” for infants and breastfeeding as “normal.” Most women can breastfeed, either exclusively or with the use of a pump. Working within this “industry” (for lack of a better way to put it), I can tell you right now that most of the Moms I know who don’t breastfeed don’t do it because they don’t want to–not because they can’t. I realize some Moms can’t, but it’s just not a common thing for all of the times I hear it said.

    • Oh come on Anonymous 4:44pm, you have no idea what you are talking about. Formula feeding moms get more discrimination than breastfeeders hands down. You as a BF get a lot fo encouragement and praise for what you feed your baby. We are treated like we are crap and they say we are poisoning our kids and so many horrible comments. You are fooling yourself to think you have it worst.

    • People don’t say you are damaging your child forever by breastfeeding, or that you are poisoning them by BF, or your child will always be in a disadvantage over BF child, or that you are a horrible mom, or that you won’t bond with your child, or the worst I’ve heard is this: your baby is better off dead than being feed that “poison”. And you wan’t to talk to me about discrimination, PLEASE. Formula feeding moms get more discrimination and hate than you could ever imagine.

  26. I’m glad she educated on what to do with my children now that she has a 17 day old baby. Thanks-I didn’t know what the right choice was for my 3 children healthy children that I raised, without breast milk, before she pointed it out.

  27. Wow. What a mess people have done here.
    It’s so cool to see women fighting because something so stupid. Miranda will feel great when she discover that a bunch of crazy hormonal women were fighting in the section of comments of a site.
    People, Miranda has the right to feed her child however she wants and has reasons for chosing the way she chose. Miranda is a famous woman who gived an interview and one of the questions was how she is feeding her newborn child, she answered breastfeeding is the best way for her. So what’s your problem?
    It’s your damn problem, you want her child for yourself for you to feed however you want. Stop being sick.
    And Miranda is not trying to dictate your life. You have deep issues in your brain if you let a celebrity to do it.

  28. Abnother thing. This site is the paradise for pedophiles and other crazy people. But I love it so much.

    Hey girl, how many of you are real mothers? Don’t you think that you should be taking care of your child instead of doing what you have being doing here? I’m not a mom, but I know how much busy the job can be, I can’t believe you have free time to waste doing domething so ridiculous.

      • Oh sweeities. Looks like you’ve found another love besides Miranda’s baby in your lives. I do really need a dictionary urgently while folks here must go to a Miranda’s fansite to become better mothers.

      • That’s funny! Those that preach should at least spell the words correctly:) but such is the state of our liberal educational system…

  29. Wow, I am so glad for celebrities to be coming out and saying these things.

    Please take your time to go on Wikipedia and look at Infant mortality rates. Countries with high exclusive breastfeeding rates: Iceland, Singapore, Japan etc… are in the top results. Whilst other developed countries that have low breastfeeding rates such as the US, UK etc… Are shockingly low down on the list. Despite excellent healthcare. The US puts more into healthcare per person than almost any other country on the planet! So if you can offer another explanation, please let me know?

    Powdered Formula milk is not a sterile product, batches can contain things like salmonella and Enterobacter sakazaki [about 12% of formulas], and on more rare occasions things that are even more dangerous. It has been known to kill babies. Fortunately correct formula preparation often kills these bacteria, but it could be so easily done for a caregiver to make it incorrectly.

    I am also trying to wonder why if a study is funded by the LaLeche it takes all credibility out of it – what do the LLL have to gain? And they have also blinded the WHO, Paediatric Societies etc… too, clearly you are the only one who can see the light? LLL is a charity, it offers FREE services and support to women breastfeeding. Not only that studies have strict protocol in to protect us the public.

    What Miranda is doing, may seem simply and small, but breastfeeding rates need to change in the many developed Countries.

    Anecdotal evidence is never helpful, especially when you say my breastfeeding friend on both accounts of health and bonding, you have to think about mixed feeding, when they introduced solids, allergies, health problems such as asthma, do they have old siblings, did they use strict methods like crying-it-out and impose strict routines… I could go on and on.

    I am not here to chastise people who formula feed, many many many children turn out just fine. Sometimes the choice to formula feed is the best one, just like having an elective c-section can be the best one, I’d rather a baby be fed than go dehydrated due to breastfeeding problems. But can you not stop to look at the evidence and statistics and think you yourself that your praise for formula-milk could do harm, and continue a fuel a society with such a high formula feeding rate? Thank-you Miranda for advertising breastfeeding, Thank-you for encouraging change….

  30. I apologise for my grammar and spelling, it’s almost midnight here in the UK, it is my birthday Today and it has been very busy and I am very tired. But, I have been up reading these replies – I just had to write something.

    It’s just I can’t stand-by and watch people give praise and advertisement to formula feeding companies. The way they march into Developing Countries and market formula, then watch as infant mortality rates soar and stand back as the millions role in. They have no morals.

    It isn’t because of the breastfeeding bigots why we fight Today, it is them, they have turned us Mothers against each other. The formula industry is worth billions and billions of pounds Today and have more ability than you realise, they have learnt to manipulate society.

  31. It’s always the debate- should I breastfed or am I evil if I don’t? I breastfed my son, and I have friends who have breastfed, some who are exclusively pumping, some who supplement, some who “gave” up on breastfeeding because their son/daughter was allergic to their milk, couldn’t produce enough, had to go back to work and didn’t have room to pump.

    Seriously, when a kid is entering middle school, do they care whether they were breast or bottle fed? Your kid will survive, do what is best for your lifestyle. Being a new mom is difficult enough without getting slack about how you feed your baby.

  32. WOW! Such hatred flying back and forth! I am compelled to say something: breastfeeding is the best nutrition for an infant, especially in the first six weeks. There are enormous benefits the entire first year, but those first six weeks are when the baby gets the most benefit. After a year, benefits are few for those infants living in a developed, sanitary country with access to appropriate healthcare.

    Breastfeeding is easy for many women, including me. But for others it is very difficult and the babies do poorly. THANK GOD nowadays we have formula and the babies do not have to starve.

    Let women makes their own choices. And be glad that we have access to safe formulas for those who cannot breast-feed, for whatever reason. It is THEIR choice — and it isn’t going to destroy their children to use formula.

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