Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Tote Their Twins


Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka were spotted discretely wearing their tiny twins, Harper Grace and Gideon Scott, on Sunday afternoon (January 30) as they enjoyed a walk around their new LA neighbourhood with their dogs and a few friends. This is the first time we’re seeing the family of four all together since the twins’ arrival – via surrogate – on October 12, 2010.

The 37-year-old How I Met Your Mother star took to Twitter Wednesday (January 26) to share news of his babies’ latest feat!

The tots both started laughing. On the same day. I’m now obsessed with getting them to do it. Babies laughing is like opium.

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  1. Very happy for them however as a nurse I am concerned that they have not been educated on the risks of suffocation as they try to shield them in wraps, coats, and blankets from the paps. There have been incedences of infants being wrapped in those swaddle blankets and because the way it positions their necks and not adaquate ventilation, the mother will go to pull her baby out of the sling only to find it not breathing.

    • my thoughts exactly! one has a zipped up jacket on, the other looks like the baby is falling out sideways, just so they can cover its head!

    • Of course they will cover their children JUST when they passed the photographers. They do not want their children to be photographed. – it is not stupid but smart.

      They are 2 hot daddys and I`m so happy for them.

      • Agreed. All they did it probably zip up the jacket and cover them LOOSELY with another piece of fabric for the short moment the paps showed up.

        And the position of the baby, who is supposedly “falling out” – it’s in a perfectly right and comfy position within the baby wrap.

        I’m pretty sure they know what they are doing. But I guess some commentors just *need* to find something negative with gay parents.

    • You are getting this confused with the position of “chin to chest” which is the dangerous position for a baby to be in, i.e. in the cheap bag slings that hold the baby in that position and far away from the parent’s face.

      Their babies are in an upright position which is correct and perfectly safe. As a nurse, sure, it is fine to be concerned, but if you do not babywear, there is a possibility that you may not know how all the various slings work.

      They are upright and within “kissing” distance of their dads. Perfectly safe! 🙂

    • Wow fear mongering! They are not swaddle blankets – they are slings. As a nurse you should really learn more babywearing – the babies are not suffocating.

  2. Annie345..

    Maybe you have a problem with gay parents since you brought up that they were gay. Wrapping can be very dangerous if you are not educated enough. That is what people were saying, nothing about them being gay.

    Everything is so PC today that it is actually comical.

    • No, I don’t, because I was raised by two women. I might be oversensitive regarding that matter. But to be fair, the comments I replied to were aiming at their sexuality, but they got deleted afterwards.

      But how can you judge the situation and their education in wrapping from pictures, which were taken within a few seconds? I’m just saying, don’t jump to conclusions so quickly.

      • Because that baby is not secure in the wrap that Burtka is wearing and numerous FDA articles are coming our regarding infant suffocation pertaining to wraps/ slings that are not properly worn right and that’s why people said something.

  3. They both just need to buy an Ergo and be done with it. The wraps they’re using suck. I love my Ergo for my baby. I love that they’re babywearing,but they really aren’t doing it properly.

  4. I’d just like to address the babywearing comments and concerns. As a Certified Babywearing Educator I’d love to work with any and all celebrities interested in wearing their little ones. Wearing your baby is a wonderful thing to do and a particularly great option for celebrity parents for various reasons including protecting them from unwanted attention and I applaud them for it BUT I’d love to see pictures of them (general “them”) wearing babies in good carriers, positioned in optimal positions for their development and safety.

    That being said, hopefully the over the head/face coverups were just short term in nature due to the unwanted attention. Being concerned about excessive layers, especially over/around a baby’s face is justified. There is a very recent case of a newborn’s death due (likely) to this issue (but not in a wrap) and lack of education on proper positioning and use of carriers.

    The little guy being worn by Mr. Burtka is not positioned properly in the Moby wrap and is at risk of popping out the side of the wrap as it’s not tied correctly (which again could be the result of a quick temporary attempt to shield the baby from pictures or improper wrapping). It is a potential fall hazard in any case. At 3 months old (now 4) they are also likely too heavy to even attempt to be supported well in a stretchy wrap which will lead to less than ideal positioning for their developing hips/spine and stress and pain on the daddies’ backs as they are forced to compensate for the sinking babies. Time to switch to nice woven wraps.

    As for the Ergo at 3 months old – I would not recommend it. It’s a good carrier but is most suitable for little ones once they are sitting on their own (6+mo) at which age the width of the seat and spread-squat position the Ergo creates will be more natural. I’m aware they sell infant inserts to market to younger babies, but adding anything to a carrier to “tweak” it simply creates additional areas for problems to occur (just like adding anything to a carseat compromises it’s safety and usually voids it’s warranty).

    For anyone interested in wearing their baby, educate yourselves on proper positioning, use and safety aspects of various carriers, find a certified babywearing educator who can help you and choose a carrier that is appropriate to your baby’s age and development and situation to start with rather than trying to modify less than ideal carriers.

    And, a final point of clarification: The FDA has nothing to do with product recalls or reports of injuries/deaths in carriers. That’s the CPSC. Wraps and properly worn slings have not had any recalls related to the recent news stories. Many of the deaths were due to a poor product (bag style “sling”/carrier – *some* of which were recalled) which forced positional asphyxia in a chin-to-chest position, some occured in carriers but had complicating medical factors, one (possibly) from improper use and/or lack of education. While the CPSC has issued some positioning warnings (which I do not believe go far enough in emphasizing a vertical position), they are (thankfully) continuing to educate themselves as well and will hopefully continue to support the need for good babywearing education for the public.

    Happy Babywearing Papas!

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