Adam Sandler & His Walk Of Fame Family

It was a family affair as Adam Sandler was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Tuesday (February 1). The Funny People star brought along wife Jackie and his adorable daughters Sadie, 4, and Sunny, 2, to the ceremony.

Sadie reportedly stole the show when she grabbed the mic and said, “I love my daddy.”

Which prompted Adam to quip, “Let’s hear it for my kids, who are now showing you that I cannot control them.”

He then got serious for a rare moment, saying how important his family was and how the best thing that ever happened to him was meeting wife Jackie.

“It was excellent that they were here,” Adam said. “It was the reason that it was extra special. If I was here without them, I would feel that I was just missing those guys. So it was a great day for me.”

And to further prove what a nice guy he is, Adam recognized a former high school classmate in the crowd, signed the old yearbook he was carrying and then invited him to hang out.

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  1. Sadie is definitely Daddys girl! Adam is giving her mad love and confidence and she is just a joy at this event! Sadie and Sunny photos with their Daddy makes my heart melt.

  2. Lots of people say nasty thing about how the girls look, but I honestly think they’re adorable when they bother to brush their hair and dress them a little nicer. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect them to dress them in designer clothes and parade them around like little dolls (not naming anyone!) but they usually look likes slobs tbh. Its not so hard to run a comb through their hair and put them in some half decent clothes.

  3. These girls are adorable and are enjoying a real childhood, time to worry about their looks or lack of them (according to some) when they grow up. They will be beauties inside and out; based on the love they get from their parents 🙂 So far so good Adam!

  4. these girls are beautiful and so full of joy!

    people that comment negatively on these angels are truely sad individuals. maybe they should think about the possible impact they may have on the future of these two well loved CHILDREN.

    Sunny and Sadie, you brighten my day! (and I love your cameo’s in your daddy’s films)

  5. I think his girls are absolutely gorgeous. I never think or call any child ugly. I do believe children go through “awkward” phases, Sadie does look so much like daddy.
    I also know that there are MANY little girls that scream like they are being killed when their hair is being brushed and could be the explanation for the sometimes disheveled (I am sure I spelled that wrong:) )look. Who cares!! I love that they dont put on a show in public!!
    Congrats Adam Sandler on both your Walk of Fame and your seemingly awesome fathering skills!

  6. Sadie is all Adam while Sunny looks just like her mama!! I think they’re cute. not the most gorgeous celeb babies but def. cute! And I just still picture Adam with boys so it’s still funny to see him with girls but he looks like he’s very comfortable having his little girls by his side.

  7. It’s not their looks that I really care to comment about, but they did come off a bit bratty and annoying when I saw the videos on TV.

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