Gabriel Aubry Responds To Halle Berry’s Custody Claims

Gabriel Aubry is fighting back against his ex Halle Berry‘s claim that their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Nahla may not be safe in his care.

One day after the Monster’s Ball star expressed her “serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father,” Gabriel issued a statement of his own through his rep:

“While Gabriel is disappointed in Halle’s decision to falsely malign him publicly and for her own purposes, he refuses to be pulled into her dispute over a canceled film production.

“Gabriel also refuses to air their issues in the press as he believes this may ultimately harm their daughter. The fact is that Gabriel is a caring father who shares custody of Nahla.”

The couple split last April after 4 years together.


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  1. What a sweet little daughter for two selfish parents to ruin. Nahla needs both of them and they need to respect each other for hersake!

    • The kid is sweet. We do not know what happens behind closed doors. I also have a mixed kid and got full custody of the her. My ex spends time with her and they have a really good relationship but at the end of the day she always comes back home to me. I also like Hallie never got married to my ex. Who knows their situation. Anyway at the end of the day they just have to resolve this. As for me I could never bear the thought of my kid not spending a night at home and my ex understood that. It can be hard for a mum to imagine spending a whole week without seeing their kid. The way Hallie is handling it is wrong but I can understand her.

  2. What did he do?? Try to get shared custody? She’s the one that issued a statement making him seem like a child abuser. What should a father do when he wants rights?? Do everything on her terms?

  3. I wish people who have children and then decide to breakup/divorce could grow up for their children’s sake. Its really sad that Nahla has to suffer because they have to fight and act immature. Grow up your child needs both of you!!

  4. Wait a second, I thought she said he was an amazing father just a few months ago? And if all the guy wants is shared custody, what’s wrong with that? Something seems off here. Halle’s making it sound like he’s a child abuser & I don’t blame him for being upset about that, especially since that’s not something to joke about.

    He IS Nahla’s father & should have the same rights as her mother, whether Halle likes it or not.

  5. THIS is how things should be handled. No badmouthing each other to the press, no leaking crap stories. They need to remember that Nahla is a child who will one day grow up and be exposed to this. People will probably ask her, “Why did you parents break up?” and they’ll ask her “How do you feel about what Halle said about your father?” It’s not fair to Nahla.

  6. something is wrong here… few months ago he was super father and now is dengerous?? what has happend?
    i like his statment… very respectful for his ex but in the same moment showing that he disaprove going on public.

  7. Just goes to tell you that beauty don’t mean SHYT… And neither does money. I love Halle Berry and I think she’s a good person and all but something HAS to be wrong this woman…

  8. Wow I know that we are not privy to the innerworkings of this relationship, but I’m starting to seriously have doubts about Halle’s cred here, and I was a fan. Now she’s got “unnamed sources” in her camp claiming that Gabriel called her the ‘N’ word repeatedly as well as other abusive language. Now even if this is true or not how can he defend himself? Next Halle will go on her friend Oprah’s show saying that he is a pedophile. As a black woman myself I hate it when the racial card is played, especially when there is a child involved. I’m starting to think she publically likes to make herself the victim in every relationship. Olivier Martinez should watch his back. Even if GA were all of these terrible things, shouldn’t Halle be looking to herself and asking why does she pick these men? I hate to say it but, I think this woman needs help and not a camp of unnamed sources to do her dirty work for her.

    • I agree with some point,s but Olivier himself is sketchy too. He cheated on Kylie while she had cancer, so I guess Halle and Olivier are meant for each other.

      Poor Nahla. I see no problem with Gabriel trying to get shared custody, it’s his right and I’ve heard tons of stories of Halle’s outrageous and nasty attitude. She’s definitely off and will do anything to get her way.

      • Oh yeah I know Olivier Martinez is scum, I have heard the stories.
        The sad thing is, I was only sort of joking about her going to her buddy Oprah’s show and claiming Gabriel is a pedophile, because as I type Halle’s “inside sources” have gone to the tabs to insinuate that Nahla is afraid of her father and Halle is oh so concerned that something is happening while in his care. So she’s not outright accusing him of being a pedophile but slyly planting the idea now. All I’ve got to say is WOW!! Way to stay classy Ms. Berry. How long before she actually sitting on Oprah?

  9. It is sad that the Gabriel did not have his last name on her birth certificate
    I thought that when she was born she had his last name.. So why does
    he have to prove that he is the father..When so many women do this ..
    And when was the last time that Nahla and Olivier had time together..On
    his motorcycle.. Really if he is an unfit father the children services would
    know that..And this is always done when the mother wants the child to herself..Gabriel’s life is private and away from the public but Halle is not..
    She is out there every day..It is sad that a father has no rights unless the
    mother wants child support.. That should go too.. we are no longer living
    in the fifties anymore

  10. Oh halle! Grow up already! U rnt 20 years old anymore and u have a child. That child has a father. Making him look bad only makes u look bad! U made the choice to have his baby!

  11. Not only is Halle one of the least deserving Academy Award winners she’s also a horrible mother airing her dirty business in public like that.

  12. Such ashame for Nahla bc if you have a good father in your life you deserve to see him and he deseves to see you. So many of us grow up without fathers bc they made choices to not care. Nobody should ever take a child away from any parent unless they have strong evidence to prove the parent is unfit. If Gabriel has done nothing to warrent having Nahla taken from him then Halle is just being a bitter little witch. If she wanted to have a baby and not have a baby daddy she should of went to a sperm bank and just done it all on her own. Nobody would of cared for crying out loud people do all kinds of things these days and someone in their 40’s having a child on their own is jaw dropping anymore!

  13. I guess she ignored the racial slurs when she had him in Africa taking care of Nahla while filming . I just saw a video of her on Acess Hollywood when she talked about only seeing Nahla 90 minutes a day while filming. I hope his lawyer uses that footage. He should be able to have custody while she is filming . She only works 5-6 months a year. She can have the baby when she is not filming

  14. Halle Berry has problems with all the men she is with- can’t you see she is a witch. I hope Gabriel gets full custody- serves her right for doing this to him. Halle is a weirdo!!!!!!!

  15. A pig? Really? What do you really know about what really went on behind closed doors in all of her relationships ? Gabriel is the new K-Fed. Good mothers never loses thier kids. Period.

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