Kate Hudson On Pregnancy #2: This One’s Really Different

It’s been seven years since Kate Hudson, who is expecting a child with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, gave birth to son Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson and she says this pregnancy feels decidedly different.

“It’s a really different pregnancy from the last one, which is funny to me,” the Bride Wars actress says. “And then now I realize, wow, it’s been seven years and I’ve totally forgot about what it’s like to be – you know, your body changing and moving – and it’s just, it couldn’t be a more opposite pregnancy.

But Kate says she’d rather not read into it. “So of course everybody says, ‘Well, then that means you’re having a girl’, but I don’t want to know,” she said.

Kate recently explained her decision to keep her pregnancy a secret, even from her friends. “I’m pregnant, and I’m really sick. But I couldn’t say that because you really want to keep it as quiet as you can for the first trimester,” she said. “My friends all thought I was depressed because I wouldn’t leave the house. But I didn’t want anyone to know for a long time. I was just hoping that all of a sudden, I could show up somewhere with a big belly.”

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  1. I love her, she’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to see her with an even bigger baby bump. I assume she will not go crazy with satisfying her pregnancy cravings like she did last time. I remember she gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant before.

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