Gavin Rossdale & His Sweet Tooth Tot

Gavin Rossdale and Zuma, 2, were seen enjoying frozen yogurt in West Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday (February 2).

Wearing plaid and sporting painted nails, the tot munched on his own cone.

Zuma always looks like he’s having fun! He was last spotted playing at Coldwater Canyon Park with his nanny.


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  1. Are you worried him having painted nails might make him gay? Uh no, that isn’t going to happen. He just loves Mommy and wants to have what she has on her nails.

  2. I have never seen a boy with painted nails and that is why I don’t think it was his decision! I am almost convinced his mom just did because SHE wanted it.

  3. Goodness, no. You’re funny Ariana! I’m not worry about him being gay but I am worried about the silliness of a boy having painted nail. My son loves his mommy and doesn’t have time for my nails.

  4. I agree with you Ariana !! Zuma will not become a gay !!
    He’s just a kid for the moment and he wants to be like his mommy and like his big brother , I thnik it’s so cute !!

    They are so beautiful children !!

  5. No one becomes gay because of painted nails – that´s ridiculous, but everytime I see pictures of these boys I always think that they are just an accessory to their mother…..

  6. I don’t think painting your nails makes you become gay but I do find it to be a bit odd. I would never paint my sons nails even if he asked me too unless it was clear nail polish. Just like I won’t let him walk around in dresses. It has nothing to do with one’s sexuality it’s just not something I prefer. However I will tell him once he’s old enough and can pay for his own clothes he is free to wear what he wants.

  7. I find it odd that a two year old would be adamant about painting his nails. I think this is more Gwen imposing her “edgy” looks on her sons to get publicity and sell her clothing line and create an image for herself and her children. It’s pretty tacky. Not to mention that a child that age sometimes might still suck on their fingers and ingest the paint.

  8. i think that this kiddo is the worst dressed child in the world- it is ridicolous, nothing matches- horrible..and the nails got to go. i have two-year old twin boys and you know what, they don’t want painted nails and really, what “mamma says goes” at this age- what’s next for him? a cell phone at age 2.5?

  9. awww! zuma is getting to look more and more like kingston as he gets older. though i dont think zuma could rock a mohawk as well.

  10. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD!I couldn’t get my 2 year old nephew to sit still long enough to paint his nails!

  11. I can’t fathom how these boys tolerate sitting still to get their nails painted. My 3 yr old girl lasts for about 3 nails then she’s over it! The accessorizing, hair-bleaching on Kingston, all of it, surprises me how time-consuming it must all be. How on earth does she get them to cooperate with her stylizing?

  12. I think Zuma ROCKS! He is totally the cutest! Wild, mismatched clothes, painted nails and all! Just the last word! And, this from a 67 year old ultra conservative Grandma of 4 who do not have painted nails…well, at least the three grandsons don’t but my Grandaughter has ALL her nails painted! Different colors with decals! 🙂

  13. I was young when my first nephew was born so I was kinda a cruel teen to him. When he came over with his nails painted of all colors PINK I flat out started making fun of him and calling him a more feminine version of his name. I think my nephews mother did it out of spite bc her and my brother well lets just say were not very nice to each other! Long story short he’s 9 years old now and is a total boys boy. The nail polish had no effect on him whatsoever but lets just say he doesn’t enjoy being reminded of his “past” lol.

  14. apparently they don’t mind if he turns out like good ol pappa Gavin with those little painted nails. remember his “gay days” with his boyfriend Marilyn? what? the Rossdales swing both ways babe!

  15. Cute kids, but the painted nails, dyed hair and freaky outfits are ridiculous in my humble opinion. Let them be normal kids, not Gwen’s cool “props”. I kind of feel sorry for her sons to be honest. Someday, they are going to look back at pictures and really question what the hell their parents were thinking!

  16. wow so many homophobic comments. my little brother would sit and watch my mom put on nail varnish & would as to have his done! he’s much older now and like JMO my brother is also a boy’s boy! i really don’t see anything wrong with how gwen & gavin’s boys are! they’re so cute! as long as they’re happy & healthy then thats the main thing.

  17. Young man who worked behind the donut counter this week had black painted nails and was wearing a shirt inside out. But just like this boy, he was clean, looked healthy and happy. So apparently Zuma isn’t going to be scarred from this. Oh yeah, I know the man who waited on me and he isn’t gay either.

  18. I think the comments accusing Gwen of treating her children as ”accessories” are really rude and close-minded,not to mention the furthest thing from the truth.Both Gwen and Gavin have said in interviews that taking the kids to the nail salon is just a fun thing to do-Gwen has said that she loves spending time with her children and that taking them there is just another way to do that,and that if her kids want to go with her,they can.They obviously do,so I don’t see what the big deal is.About their outfits,Gwen and Gavin have also said that the kids have strong opinions and that they let them choose what they want to wear.Both Kingston and Zuma are beautiful children,and by all accounts are happy and healthy,which is all that matters.

    • Ha! Are you her publicist? If so, she needs a new one. In any case, your comment is a crock of sh*t. A picture says a thousand words and it is clear from the pictures we see of this family time and time again that the children seem to be mere “props”. Take a look at some (most??) of the other celebs featured on this site and you will see what normal parenting looks like.

  19. I’d be more worried about the formaldyhyde seeping into his little body from that nail polish. Maybe Gwen is savy enough for it to be the less toxic kind.

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