Katie Holmes & The Girls: Coffee In Canada

Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes was spotted with her 4-year-old daughter Suri and 18-year-old stepdaughter Bella in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday (February 2).

The trio stopped by a local Starbucks before heading to Holt Renfrew for some shopping. Last month, Katie and Suri were photographed shopping at the same popular store while papa Tom Cruise worked on his latest flick, Mission Impossible IV.

Tom and ex-wife Nicole Kidman are parents to Isabella and her 16-year-old brother Connor. Recently, Nicole talked about living apart from her eldest kids.

They live with Tom, which was their choice. I’d love them to live with us, but what can you do?”

In an interview three years ago, Katie said Bella and Connor called her “Mom” after just two years in their lives. “His first two children are incredible, really smart and kind. They call me Mom.”


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    • Not everyone walks around with a stupid smile on their faces all the time. Why do people here never understand that some people, when they have no expression on their faces, tend to look sad or angry? It doesn’t mean they actually *are* sad or angry.

  1. To the anonymous idiot above me, get your obese stupid azz off the internet and why don’t you step outside your basement room in your mother’s house, and try and make some real friends… Friends that you’re not required to log onto anything for.
    Write your own dayum comments and stop replying to other people’s opinions…

    • Which comment got your panties in such a wad? You need anger management if an anonymous post on the internet has you so worked up.

    • Oh poor sad Janis, not smart enough to realize the embarrassing irony of criticizing someone else for the high crime of responding to another person’s comment by…responding to another person’s comment. Apparently Janis doesn’t understand the purpose of the “reply” button at the bottom of every comment.

      Anyway, Janis, maybe we’ll take you seriously when you learn to use proper spelling and grammer and lay off the gratuitous insults.

  2. I agree you don’t have to always be smiling esp. when photographers are in your face. But people should also stop name calling even on boards it’s immature.

    That being said I do question the relationship they have with their mother. It just seems off. And I can’t help but think as a mother I’d be hurt to hear my kids call their step-mother “mom” I mean I would be happy they have two mom’s in their lives who love them and care for them but I would feel slighted. JMO though.

  3. I’m sorry, but that little girl isn’t cute at all. Tom and Katie’s genes do not a cute baby make!! Katies pretty enough, but Tom leaves a lot to be disired. Now Nicole and Keith’s beautiful Sunday Rose – there’s a cutie pie!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what little Faith looks like as she grows.

    • You’re not sorry at all. If you were, you wouldn’t make such a cruel comment about a child. If you’re going to be an awful person, at least own it and don’t pretend to be a nice person.

  4. I certainly don’t walk around with a big ole grin on my face daily either.

    But in regards to Bella I do kind of wonder what she does. At 18 I wonder if she is in college or working or anything actually. Does anyone know? Please don’t anyone accuse me of being snarkey, I’m really curious what the young adult children of the rich and famous do.

  5. Bella looks lovely! Just because she isn’t smiling here doesn’t make her unhappy.
    No one here know’s what her relationship is with her mother, that’s personal and really no one’s business. If Bella is in school or not what’s the difference? What’s more important is that she is happy.

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