Rebecca Gayheart’s Beautiful Billie Beatrice

Little Billie Beatrice had a lunch date with her doting parents Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday (February 5).

Next month will be a milestone for Billie – this beautiful baby girl will be celebrating her first birthday.

Wonder when the proud parents will be expanding their brood? In an interview in November Eric said they were anxious to give Billie a sibling. “Well, we’re going to have another one hopefully,” the Grey’s Anatomy actor said. “We’re working on it.”


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  1. Doesn’t it remind you of Jen and Ben with Sera..Wow He really is a doting
    dad isn’t he..!!! Billie is so beautiful.. It is nice to see Rebecca Gayheart..
    Thank you

    • Uh, no. Jen and Ben are clean-living “A-listers”. These two….not by a long shot. If you are simply misinformed, get acquainted with Google.

  2. “A-listers” or not they still seem like wonderful parents to little Billie. Also she really is the sweetest looking little Girl!

  3. wow…. what a cutie, i love her little gray skinny jeans. i can’t believe how big she is already, time really flies i guess. i kind of remember the huge fall out of that whole tape and feeling like it was just yesterday. i think they announced that they were pregnant almost right after that. crazy how quickly time passes.

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