Brooke Burke On Her New Book, Prioritizing & Balance

Mom of four Brooke Burke is the co-host on TV’s popular series Dancing with the Stars, she’s the CEO of and she just penned her first book The Naked Mom. How does she do it all? “Quite honestly, I make it up as I go along,” Brooke confesses to Celebrity Baby Scoop.

The proud mom of Neriah, 10, Sierra, 8, Rain, 3, and Shaya, 2, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “insightful and inspirational” book, the importance of self care, and her commitment to one-on-one time with each of her four kids.

What inspired you to write your book The Naked Mom?

BB: “I had been in conversations for many years about writing a book on balance and I wanted to write an honest, insightful and inspirational book to really give woman an opportunity to think differently and not strive for perfection. I really believe in community healing and that’s why I blog, and why I’m so passionate about Modern Mom. I just wanted to share my experiences and things I’ve done right and things I’ve also been challenged with, in the hopes that other woman can relate and that it will be a funny, relatable and enjoyable read.”

CBS: Are you hard on yourself when you’re not able to manage it all? How can we let go of that expectation of ourselves?

BB: “Well the truth is, I don’t feel there’s ever enough time in the day to accomplish what I need to. I’m always trying to squeeze out a few more hours in every 24 hour period, but I think it’s about taking it day by day and doing the best that you can and having realistic expectations. Quite honestly, I make it up as I go along and what I don’t finish today, I pick up the pieces tomorrow. I’ve learned to not put that kind of pressure on myself and to just do the best I can. I think that’s what moms need to focus on.”

CBS: You have four kids- how do you make time for yourself? Why do you think so many women don’t make that a priority?

BB: “I think that’s because the first thing that goes when you become a mother is time for yourself. We are so used to being last on the totem pole. What I’ve done, for myself as a woman and my relationship is make myself a priority. I’m committed to taking care of myself as well as I take care of my children and I talk about that in the book. I totally believe in ‘me’ time; I think it’s great for stress, it keeps you sane. Health and fitness is a big part of my life and I love to work out. I carve out moments; I actually schedule ‘me’ time and time to do nothing, and I actually carve out time for my man because I think it’s so important.”

CBS: You look amazing! How do you work fitness into your busy schedule?

BB: “I schedule my work outs like I schedule my busy days; I make it a priority. I commit to it! I have to take care of myself; it makes me feel good about me- for a lot of reasons. Mostly, it helps with stress and gives you a sense of accomplishment, but I love to work out and that is usually my hour for me and me alone – no music, lots of great hikes and I do pilates plus; which I love. I just make it a priority like everything else in my life.”

CBS: Do you have frazzled mom moments? Can you share one?

BB: “I have lots of frazzled mom moments! I like to call it ‘baby brain.’ I’m famous for getting really busy, taking valuable things and hiding them around the house. I hide them in such a good place; I can never remember where they are! But, everybody in my house knows that I do that, so I never panic when I’ve lost something – I know it will eventually surface. But yes, I have a crazy, hectic life and memory seems to be the biggest challenge for me.”

CBS: Are you able to work in one-on-one time with each of your kids and what are some of your favorite activities?

BB: “Great question! My kids all totally, 100%, need one-on-one time and they all request it, they all crave it and they all really, really need it. Easier said than done, I try to carve out time with my son when all of his sisters are in school. I try to do something special with Rain, like little manicures and we’ll go to the playground alone or just sit outside on a blanket and just talk.

My big girls have different schedules so I’m able to carve out that time. I just wrote a post on Modern Mom last week about sneaking away one Saturday with me and my eight year old and going to the beach. Even though her brothers and sisters were upset about it, I had to explain to them the importance of alone time. When my children express that, I really listen and I really try to give it to them. But, it’s not that easy; sometimes it’s a special dinner once a week and we rotate. It’s very, very, important for all of my children to feel special and not have to, every moment, share mommy with eight other people!”

CBS: What do you and partner David Charvez do to keep the romance alive?

BB: “Honestly, we are still in love and we are still incredibly attracted to each other and we love our family so much, but we also value time alone and romance. We’re not willing to give up that sexy relationship we had in the beginning just because we’re raising four children together. We make date nights; we don’t always keep them because we’re exhausted, but, sometimes we’ll have a romantic dinner when the kids are sleeping, sometimes we’ll have a nice, intimate lunch when the kids are at school.

We’ve just started to take quick little vacations alone. We never did that when the kids were younger because (he can blame it on me!), I didn’t want to leave the children. We just make ourselves a priority and we keep our romance alive by communication and creating a sexy environment by setting boundaries in our home. There are places and spaces that are just for us and I talk about that in the ‘mood’ chapter. I think it’s super important and you don’t have to lose your sense of self and your sense of romance when you have a family.”

CBS: Are you working on any upcoming projects that you’d like to share?

BB: “Well, I’m going to take a big, huge deep breath after this book tour. I’m actually just amazed it’s finished and there were moments that I didn’t think I could do it. It definitely was the most therapeutic, but challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life. Dancing with the Stars starts in March and I’ve got some fun advertising campaigns happening.

But, I’m there at Modern Mom every free moment I have; I’m very passionate about the site. I love working on the editorial content. I’m still blogging; I think there is so much to share woman to woman. That’s why I’m so committed to that site, but I’m taking it day by day. I never know what’s coming up next. It’s all about family and after that, it’s about work and somehow, one way or another, I manage to squeeze in some time for myself I the process.”


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    • If it ain’t broken why fix it. If they are happy being engaged, why get married and quite possibly ruin things. Marriage is highly over rated.

  1. Being hateful and acting jealous really makes everyone who made a snide comment sound like a child…just sayin…
    Sorry for the moms out there that either lost the bod after baby or never had one…Don’t be a hater….get off the computer and step on a treadmill…
    I looked great due to hard work before baby…and look great after baby because of HARD WORK…I hate hear whiny ass baby mommas crying the blues or putting down Woman that still look amazing after childbirth….Grow up, get up, and shut up….

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