Julianne Moore Got Married For Her Kids

If it hadn’t been for their two children, Julianne Moore and hubby Bart Freundlich might never have tied the knot.

“The only reason I got married in 2003 was for my children,” explains the 50-year-old actress to the UK’s Guardian newspaper. “I had a therapist who said marriage is really a container for family, and that made sense to me.”

The couple, who are parents to Caleb, 13, and Liv, 8, had been in a relationship since 1996 – after Julianne’s nine year marriage to John Gould Rubin ended in 1995 – before deciding to walk down the aisle on August 23, 2003.

Today, the prolific Children of Men actress has made her family the number one priority in her life.

I want to be with my husband and kids as much as I can. Some celebrities take their children everywhere with them – despite having to pull them away from school and friends. Because of my own childhood experiences, I try to work in New York or during the summer, when my family can come with me.

Growing up with a military judge for a father, Julianne and her siblings moved constantly: “I attended nine schools. It’s not something I’d recommend but it made me who I am. You get very close to your family,” she explains. “It gave me adaptability, a sense of universality.”

“I saw the world at a very young age,” she adds.

Julianne left her family in Germany to attend a college in the United States, and is now beginning to dread the day when her own children will be making similar journeys: “It’s going to be a very big deal for me. I know all these teenagers – my friends’ kids – and I am always saying: ‘Let me give you a piece of advice. Make sure you can drive home or take the train home, because if you have to fly, it’s too far!’”

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  1. I totally disagree with that therapist she’s talking about. I seriously doubt children care one way or the other about their parents being married. They just know they are loved and they have both parents with them. A piece of paper doesn’t make it less easy to walk out on a relationship. Marriages break up all the time and so do relationships. There are no guarantees.

    I have nothing to say about when she chooses to work. That is an individual choice. I will say that her “career” is less substantial than the careers of other actresses. Perhaps that’s okay with her. To each her own.

    • Her career is probably less “subsantial” because she actually chooses to be a mother first, which isn’t typical. Good for her.

      And I disagree about marriage just being a “piece of paper.” It obviously means more to millions and millions of people seeing that most people choose to get married and want that commitment. It actually IS much easier to walk without that legality, too. What her therapist said makes perfect sense to me. Also, if it was just a “piece of paper,” I doubt there would be such an effort by the gay community and supporters to make gay marriage legal.

      Of course there are no guarantees. There ARE formal commitments you can make, however, that prove a person’s dedication.

      • As I said, to each her own. Fifty percent of the marriages in the U.S. end in divorce and it’s probably more like 80% in showbusiness. So, a piece of paper means zero to a lot of people. However, if you choose to think otherwise, that’s just fine with me. I have no dog in this fight. I could care less about what Ms. Moore and her therapist think.

        • No honey 50% of marriages breaking up in America just shows that peoples values, morals, and priorities are in the wrong place. It always seems to me nowadays that so many marriages breakup because people no longer have it in them to put another person before themselves, compromise, and know that things aren’t always going to be easy.

    • I completely agree with her and her therapist. Kids need the stability of knowing their parents cared enough about them and each other to make it legal.

  2. Great decision Julianne. Putting your children first, although it should have happened 13 years prior. But at least your realized what’s best for your kids.

    It’s a fact, children from married couples, stay in school, go on to college, are less likely to do drugs, be promiscuous and be more financially responsible. Not all marriages can make it work, but to at least start out showing your children you are committed is the wisest choice.

    Ms Lewis- her career is just fine.

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