Padma Lakshmi: Babywearing Krishna In NYC

Padma Lakshmi and her daughter Krishna were spotted with a male friend in New York City on Monday (February 7).

They went to have lunch at Kalustyans, a specialty food store that carries Indian spices and groceries.

The Top Chef host and Krishna’s father, Adam Dell, are currently in a custody fight. Dell wants more time to spend with his daughter.

The out-of-court agreement he has with Padma is in effect until February 20, when Krishna turns one.

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  1. This girl is a spitting image of her father, she looks unbelievably much like Adam. But you can see little Padma in her too 🙂

    • How do you know she clearly did anything? So, Padma went through the trouble of finding a donor egg, but didn’t bother to look for an anonymous sperm donor who wouldn’t sue her for custody b/c……

      • Choosing an anonymous sperm donor wouldn’t bring in the big $$$$$! Have any of you gals read the many other (mostly Euro) publications about Padma and the 2 men she’d been having unprotected sex with?! Both are wealthy, I very wealthy (also the 1 she claims as her soul mate). According to those publications, she was trying to get pregnant by the richest man possible. What kind of woman would allow the paternity of her beautiful and extremely cherished daughter to be in doubt.

  2. She struggled with endometriosis and infertility, the baby looks nothing like her the baby would have some dark prominent features, which she doesn’t at all. It doesn’t take rocket science to know this, just because she gave birth to her doesn’t make the baby her bio daughter. She didn’t choose a anonymous donor since she figured she didn’t have to. Adam Dell was suppose to financially set her and daughter up and be uninvolved so she figured….

    • light skin and eyes aren’t brought down to us from on high by unicorns, they’re called recessive genes sherlock. read a book.

    • Just because she has lighter colouring and hair, doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way. And of course her colouring and hair could grow even lighter. Who knows what will/can happen when a child is multi-racial. Ever notice that black people come in several shades of black (rare), brown, tan, and beige? That’s due to racial mixing! Ever notice that some (supposed fully) white people have coarse/kinky hair, often that is due to racial mixing as well.

  3. You people are so ignorant….You act as if a baby has to look like both parents, and like they don’t change over time….it really it boggles my mind “Well she doesn’t have any dark features like her mom, so it must not be her baby”…stop making stupid comments, understand that not all middle eastern people are dark and that she may very well have lighter family members and learn about genetics….geisha!
    …….Krishna is beautiful and yes she looks so much like her dad.

    • I am Italian with dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin. My husband is Persian with dark eyes and dark hair. Our son is 2 yrs old, blue eyes, translucent skin and curly reddish brown hair.

      Genetics are crazy things. My dads dad had blue eyes and light hair.

      My husband and many people question if the child is truly ours;)

    • I am Italian with dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin. My husband is Persian with dark eyes and dark hair. Our son is 2 yrs old, blue eyes, translucent skin and curly reddish brown hair.

      Genetics are crazy things. My dads dad had blue eyes and light hair.

      My husband and many people question if the child is truly ours;)

      • Our situation is a mirror image of yours. Except my husband is also Italian. But our boy is the poster child for the need of 1000 SPF!

  4. If she WAS going to use an egg donor, wouldn’t she at least pick a donor who resembled her so that people wouldn’t think what many of you are thinking? It doesn’t make sense that she would use a white egg donor when she’s not white. I just think the kid resembles her dad. While it’s more common for children to take after their darker parent, I know plenty of very light children who have one dark parent. Genetics are cool that way.

    • You sound EXTREMELY ignorant. Maybe she could care less what other people think. Why does she have to HAVE an egg donor that’s not white?

  5. She does look a lot like her dad but she also has the same delicate features of her mom and the same nose. They are both beautiful.
    I can’t stand it when people talk about other people and actually have no clue of what they are talking about.

  6. The father is a redhead and those are known to have dominant genes and clearly that little girl looks exactly like her dad but look closely there is a little bit of her mom too but the coloring is too much like her dad’s to be able to see the rest, this is the human’s limitations, only sees what is obvious like color. Besides the kid will probably get darker as she ages, it happens a lot with mixed raced kids.

  7. LADIES!

    • I completely agree. I said the exact same thing in another article and there was so much venom, saying they have a right to post their opinions. It’s really rather sad. Furthermore all we are doing is reinforcing the stereotype of the catty, competitive woman.

      I doubt if we went on a man’s athletic site would we be hearing, that tiger is a …., that michael vick is…

      Come on be a bit more positive.

  8. People should be more angry that she is using that type of baby carrrier;which causes hip problems; than what color the baby is.

  9. As pretty as Padma is, I’d think she choose to have her baby by a sexy man at least. Poor baby, she looks just like that hideous man. I don’t think Adam Dell is handsome at all he’s butt ugly…yuk!

  10. She’s raising the baby right? So regardless of whether or not the baby is biologically hers (which um hello, some people are so dumb. That is HER baby) it doesn’t matter.
    My child looks absolutely nothing like her father except that she has his blue eyes. She looks like a mirror image of me, that doesn’t mean I jumped on top of myself and got pregnant, its genetics.

  11. I am just curious about these allegations that Padma used a donaor egg and of course used donor sperm thanks to Adam Dell ???? Not being crude but when did she mix them together ? Padma is the mother and Dell is the father.The baby is cute and looks like her father.Padma is a dark Indian from the south but is also caucasian hence the baby.Nigel Barbers mother is Sri Lankan so how “dark” does he look ? Mezghan Hussainy is Afghan and look how white she is.Google up Rohit Bal,Preety Zinta,Rohail Hyatt,Raj Kapoor…..all of 100% Indian origin and of blue eyes and light hair.Caucasians are not the preserve of Americans only.

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