Katherine Heigl’s Traveling Tot

Actress Katherine Heigl had her 2-year-old daughter Naleigh in tow today as she left her New York City hotel and headed to JFK airport (February 12). Love the little boots!

The very adorable toddler didn’t seem too happy when they first arrived to catch their flight, but mom soon managed to stop the tears.

Earlier this week we spotted the former Grey’s Anatomy star and her family out doing a bit of shopping in Soho.


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        • Those hats were made for children years before they became popular for adults. It’s a brilliant way to keep little ears warm, because I know I ALWAYS got earache from the cold when I was little, even if nothing else was cold.

          Regardless of any outfit, Naleigh is deliciously adorable!

    • I don’t think the outfit is cute at all. The hat looks too big, the boots look ridiculous. It looks like they skinned a rabbit to put it on those ugly boots. U-g-l-y.

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