Elton John: Fatherhood Is “A Breeze”

New dad Elton John seems to be having no troubles transitioning to parenthood. In an interview with Parade, the Levon singer says of life with 1-month-old Zachary, “It’s been a breeze. It’s delightful, enchanting.”

Rumor has it that Elton and his partner David Furnish have already picked out the perfect school for their tot: St George’s School in Windsor, Berkshire, which is famous for its choir.

“It was no surprise when Sir Elton said his first choice of school for Zachary was the royal choir school here,” says a source. “It has an incredible music department and staff. All the children play an instrument from the age of about seven – and the piano is the favourite. Pupils all learn to sing and become part of the choir, and the best join the 24-boy choristers who sing for the queen in St George’s Chapel.”

A St George’s education comes with quite a price tag: Tuition is reportedly £ 18,000 per year!

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  1. What happens when his son wants to be in football rather than choir? Fatherhood may be easy now, but just wait till the kid can form his own opinions. Its a bit of a shame to be pre-constructing his life based on your own talents.

  2. of course it’s a breeze. elton john is a gazillionaire. he and his partner don’t have to do any hands-on parenting unless they’re in the mood to do so. please.

  3. Last week I saw on TV that both Elton and David attended some award function together; no, one of them did not stay at home to watch the baby. It was more important to be seen together in public. Can anyone tell me who was watching the baby? Was it a Nanny or a even Manny? And if of the former gender, what does that tell me about the needs for nurture and care of a child?

    • You are actually criticizing this couple because they both dared to attend an event together? Do you think that “normal” people don’t leave their children with babysitters while they go out?

      You, sir/madam, are a fool.

      • What rock are hiding under And? Give us all a break please. A person does not need to meet or spend any time with a couple who make no secret of their wealth. Parenthood is obviously a breeze for these two men, neither of whom are recovering from a pregnancy or labour, who are not breastfeeding around the clock and who if they choose to, can have as little or much involvement in the childs upbringing as they wish. This is fact and requires no personal time spent for added confirmation.

  4. Even if the boy wants to play football, it wouldn’t hurt him to learn a musical instrument. I’m sure the school has a sports program as well. I haven’t heard of a school yet that didn’t. So what the kid has a nanny or a babysitter if the parents want to go out for an evening!! Some people’s comments sound incredibly jealous and mean-spirited…..relax – the kid will do just fine.

  5. Parenthood is not a breeze for anyone. He will find out. Money is not always able to solve human issues and problems that come up in life. Talk when you have put in 20 years John,
    ” avery said:
    I think fatherhood is easy now because Zachary is only one month old”
    totally agree with this poster, easy to talk now.

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