Nicole Kidman: “I Felt So Much Love For Our Surrogate”

In an interview set to air tomorrow night, Nicole Kidman talks to Australia’s 60 Minutes about witnessing the birth of her new daughter Faith Margaret, an experience she calls “deeply emotional, moving.”

“Having given birth and then being there to see my child born in that way, I felt so much love for our surrogate, gestational carrier,” says Nicole, who is married to singer Keith Urban.

The Rabbit Hole actress also explains why she uses the term “gestational carrier” as opposed to “surrogate” – something she was criticized for in the days following the announcement of baby Faith’s birth.

“We were trying to be accurate,” she shares. “The term ‘gestational carrier’ is used if it’s your biological child and if it isn’t, then you use ‘surrogate.’ I mean, who knows what it is. But she’s the most wonderful woman to do this for us.”

Opening up about her “roller-coaster ride with fertility,” Nicole reveals, “Anyone that’s been in the place of wanting a child knows the disappointment, the pain and the loss you go through. Struggling with fertility is such a big thing and it’s not something that I would run away from talking about.”

In a particularly emotional moment in the interview, the Oscar-winner expresses her gratitude that after such a long journey her daughter is finally here. “We were in a place of desperately wanting another child and I couldn’t get pregnant,” she says tearfully. “I get emotional just talking about it, because I’m so grateful.”

Nicole and Keith are also parents to 2-year-old daughter Sunday Rose, and she has kids Isabella, 18, and Connor, 15, from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise.


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  1. Kieth and Nicole deserve this blessing, they both are beautiful people, inside and out, not to mention they are the best at what they do career wise. May God bless and keep your family in his hands. Amen.

  2. She can’t get pregnant, but her sister Antonia is so damn fertile. Why didn’t she just ask her? And anyone who thinks Nicole carried Sunday needs a wake up call.

    • Why would she fake one pregnancy but not the other? If her pregnancy with Sunday was a hoax, it was obviously so successful that there’s no reason she wouldn’t repeat it with Faith.

    • Kind of funny point, but I saw her and her sister in the grocery store around november or december and Antonia was visibly pregnant.

      And saying she faked a pregnancy is ridiculous.

      I think they are some of the sweetest parents around. I see them out a lot and they just stare at Sunday with obvious love and adoration.

    • She didn’t ask her sister because her sister was pregnant with her own child. Antonia had a child of her own in early December.

  3. “And anyone who thinks Nicole carried Sunday needs a wake up call.” Um, what do you even mean? That she faked her pregnancy? Yeah right.

  4. What always surprised me about her pregnancy with Sunday was for somebody who had a hard time getting pregnant or carrying a child, she certainly wasn’t acting like somebody who had a difficult time. She announced the pregnancy less than 8 weeks into it. She was possessed with going to the gym on an almost daily basis. She was playing tennis, running, taking spin classes. She was photographed coming out of the gym two days before having Sunday, even though she told Oprah she stopped going 3 weeks prior. Caught in a lie there. I’m not saying she should have sat home & eaton Bon Bons but her activities just didn’t jive with her “issues”. I do think though that she was induced to deliver early with Sunday. She told a Nashville radio guy that her due date was 7/20. She delivered on 7/7 and was back in Australia doing reshoots for “Australia” on 8/7. Hugh Jackman had said in June that they would be going back to do the reshoots. Then she went to London & started working on “Nine”. The custume designer for “Australia” said they didn’t even have to alter her wardrobe. I think that was why she was obsessed with going to the gym. She had to keep her weight down. I just have a hard time trusting everything she says. I think she stretches the truth to make herself look better. She’s alreay back to work in San Francisco working on a new movie. She’s going back to Broadway after that. She signed on to these projects knowing full well that Faith was on her way. I think she wants kids, but I don’t think she’s willing to put her career on hold to have them. I wonder what’s going to happen when Sunday starts school. She’s already been taken out of her preschool.

    • She did not announce her pregnancy 8 weeks in. She announced it in early January and her baby was born in early July – that’s three months in.

      And it’s perfectlly healthy to work out while pregnant. Getting pregnant and having a difficult pregnancy are not the same thing.

      And you need to check your facts, because working out while pregnant does not increase a person’s odds of having complications (unless they started a workout routine durring pregnancy and were unfit prior to that) so I have no idea why you’re implying that working out was somehow putting her pregnancy in danger.

    • You need to find a different hobby, obsessing over the Urbans and their family is pretty pathetic. This couple is happy, in love, and have a sweet life in Nashville. They have lots of friends in the Country circle, and mingle with them constantly, if anyting was out of the ordinary in her pregnancy with Sunday someone would have spilled the beans. I have heard of lots of couple who struggle to get pregnant, succeed with one, and then have trouble getting pregnat again, esp. with Nicole’s age & history. I think they wanted another child so they gap wouldn’t be so far in between, Good for them however they had little Faith, they are Happy, and in the end, Their family circle is what COUNTS!!!!

  5. Anonymous 09:40 am you do know their such a thing as a Tudor right and how do you know that Faith and Sunday are not on the set with her?

    • I agree. So what if she is working hard? Lots of mothers just as famous and far less famous work like crazy up until their due date and return to work very quickly. Everyone is different and it does not mean she faked a pregnancy. That is so dumb. We should all applaud her for being so honest about her difficulties for all the women who have difficulties getting pregnant. It is good to have a public face of private struggles. It reminds women they aren’t in it alone when they don’t feel comfortable enough telling their friends and families.

      So love to the Urban Kidman family. They have found love a second time around after each went through difficult times. That is a fair tale. Let them have it!

    • Oh for god’s sake. A Tudor is an English monarch from the the Tudor dynasty. Pretty sure they don’t have those on movie sets unless they’re making a movie about, say, Henry VIII. A private teacher is a *tutor*.

  6. Anonymous, why are you so obsessed with Nicole?? You sound like you must follow her around constantly! If you are going by photographs of Nicole leaving the gym and things. The dates posted with the photos shown are not always accurate. To fake a pregnancy and go through all that, then use a surrogate….what you are proclaiming just doesn’t seem logical. Why would this even bother you? You seem to have a personal vindetta against Nicole. She’s only a human and is not perfect like the rest of us. Just because she is rich and famous doesn’t mean she doesn’t have heartache and troubles. I’m happy for her. She and Keith seem like very kind and genuine people. She has a family and how she got that family is really none of our business. Don’t judge someone by what you read and see occasional photos of. I know lots and lots of mothers who have many children and work. Some of these Mothers do not even have a husband that is always willing to help either. Those are the children I feel for.

  7. Having trouble getting pregnant doesn’t mean one has trouble staying pregnant. I feel that she carried Sunday. No reason not to believe it, especially since the admit to the surrogate.

  8. A friend was on a plane with her and helped her get her luggage down from the locker. She said Nicole was clearly and undisputably pregnant with Sunday Rose.

  9. Very happy about her new addition to the family. God bless them as they raise her and her sister. Off topic.. I’m not happy about what she did to her lips. She’s pretty enough without all that stuff.

  10. yes, and then she handed her a big fat check and took the baby way that this woman carried in her body for 9 months like she delivered a ham. how much you want to bet that she’ll never see that woman again? gestational carrier my arse. renting somebody’s body is unethical. it’s illegal in Australia. but I guess the rich and famous australians can bend the rules a little, for the right price. disgusting.

    • Geez, why are you taking it so personal. The woman knew what she was doing, she works for the clinic that does this for lots of couple. Don’t single out and hate the Kidmans because they wanted a child, and for the record it’s their BABY!!!! Some people need to worry about their own lives & not stress over people they don’t even know for Christ’s Sake!!!

  11. After all the miscarriages, I doubt she used her eggs in either pregnancy. She is in her 40s and I think she used a surrogate both times. If she couldn’t have a baby earlier, and ended up adopting, how is she suddenly able to have bio children now? She used an egg donor and probably faked the first pregnancy.

    • Wow, are you a Private Investigator? where you there? Do you have Proof? I doubt it, get another hobby, you’re really dillusional!!!! Maybe it’s time for your medication! Goodnight poor soul!!

  12. Leave her the hell alone. She’s a lovely person, wouldn’t hurt a fly and she clearly loves her children and her work…who doesn’t want it all?!

  13. I just found this site, great to know that someone thinks as I do…. The woman is a sham.. married for money 1st time, abandoned her adoptive children, for the sake of a singing cowboy, sorry, drunken singing cowboy. Worshipped by the Australian media, the very sound of her name makes me cringe… She couldn`t lie straight in bed !!!!!!!!

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