Celine Dion Is “Absolutely” Ready To Go Back To Work

Celine Dion has her hands full with 4-month-old twin boys, Nelson and Eddy. But she’s also got something else on her plate – the superstar is set to start a new three-year engagement at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in less than a month.

So is the new mom ready for her return to the stage? “Yes, absolutely. Yes, we thought of putting the show together months and months ago,” Celine told Access Hollywood.

Celine, who is also mom to son Rene-Charles, 10, has a backstage nursery ready and is set to take the babies to work with her. “I can either go to them or they can come to me — it’s going to be practical, it’s going to be easy since I’m still breastfeeding the babies, so it’s every three hours – for both,” she explained.

“And then it’s an hour and 40 minutes [of] the show. Then I have time to shower and get loose and relax and breastfeed the babies again and then have a bite and go to bed myself,” she laughed.

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  1. Fool. Is this why she went through IVF for the past 6 or 9 years , so she can work at Colosseum ( or whatever the spelling is ) so she can leave them at 4,5months. Great job Celine, no wonder you did not “naturally” fall pregnant.

    • She didn’t spend 6-9 years going through IVF, she spent a year on it. And she’s not leaving them, she’s taking them with her so she can work for 1 hour and 40 minutes, five days a month. But I guess according to your warped “logic” people who struggle to have children aren’t allowed to take an hour or two away from their children a few days a month. I’ll alert all my friends who have struggled with fertility that they are now obligated to chain themselves to their children 24/7 or else they don’t deserve to have those children.

      • @ GRACE

        A rep for Celine Dion confirmed that she is pregnant with twins!
        Celine, 42, underwent her sixth in-vitro fertilization attempt, staying in New York City for a month and also undergoing acupuncture treatments — “and it worked!” the rep shared.
        Celine and manager husband Rene Angelil, 68, “are both extremely excited. But really, since this was the sixth time, they just want a healthy pregnancy,” the rep added.
        Celine is 14 weeks along, and will find out the gender of their babies next month. The babies are due in November. The babies will join big brother Rene-Charles, 9. Rene-Charles was also conceived by in vitro after six years of trying. Last year, Celine revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she had suffered a miscarriage after another IVF attempt. “We’re living the reality of the majority of couples who face these procreation techniques,” her husband told a French-Canadian newspaper in November.
        Celine had just recently spoke to Us Weekly, before learning of her pregnancy. “We are doing IVF and hoping for the best, ” Celine shared. “My greatest joy would be to announce I’m pregnant!”
        And even though she is only 14 weeks along, she feels like she has been pregnant for much longer.
        “I feel like I’ve been pregnant more than a year,” Celine shared with French paper Le Journal de Montreal.
        “I never gave up,” Celine said. “But I can tell you that it was physically and mentally exhausting.”

        Her husband added, “these treatments were truly hard on my wife’s body. It wasn’t simple at all.”

        just google it theres articles about it all over the place.

        She is 42 not 22 where she needs to live her youth and get out there and have fun and experience life, for she has been there done that. I dont mean she should be with them 24/7 but to wanting to start work ASAP (4months is ASAP) she does not deserve them OK!!!

        • They did not do IVF for 6-9 years. They tried to concieve for sixe year with Rene-Charles, but that did not involve IVF the whole time. They tried IVF one time before getting pregnant with him. When it came to the twins, they tried IVF six times, but that was over a period of a year. So you have your facts wrong.

          And you are implying that she should be with them 24/7 if you’re saying that she can’t go to work for 1 hour and 40 minutes to work. She’s doing 70 shows a year, which works out to about 5 or 6 shows a month. So that means she’s going to be away from them (and the article clearly states they will be backstage that whole time) for no more than ten hours a MONTH.

          So you actually think that a person who struggles with infertility doesn’t deserve to have their children if they want to spent only ten hours a month away from those children. That’s so narrow-minded it’s actually startling. What a sad, frustrated person you must be.

  2. @Evilkanivil

    Celine had already planned to go back to Vegas way before she even got pregnant with her twins. Her March 2011 start date was set. She spent a good year from Feb/Mar 2009 to Feb 2010 trying for her 2nd child, yet she figured to “go back to work” if that 2nd child never does come.

    Funny enough, once she announced her new Las Vegas show on the Oprah Show in Feb 2010…she decides to still try again and low & behold – the IVF worked! And it just so happens that she will be starting Vegas when the twins are 4 months. Celine is not the one to disappoint her fans either and will honor her commitment by not delaying her Vegas start date just to wait for the twins to be older.

    Celine is also a very wonderful mom, so she definitely deserves these 2 little blessings in her life! I wish her only the best and great success for the next 3 years. I will definitely be there to see her

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