Joelle Carter: “Motherhood Is Wonderful & Challenging All In One”

The critically acclaimed FX drama Justified has many strong women in the cast, and one of our favorites is Joelle Carter as Ava Crowder. The 38-year-old new mom opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her 7-month-old daughter Luna Rose, the joys of new motherhood and her “saucy” role on Justified.

CBS: How old is Luna Rose now? What kind of a baby is she? Are you getting any sleep?

JC: “Luna Rose is 7 months old, and is a very happy baby. She loves to eat her new solid foods and one of her favorite past times is playing with our pets. We have a Golden Retriever and a cat. Luna gets so excited every time she sees them and loves their fur. Charlie, our Golden, returns her affection by bathing Luna’s face with doggie kisses. Luna has been known to catch our cat’s tail and often tries to put it in her mouth along with everything else.

We were lucky that Luna was such a good sleeper in the beginning. She is teething now so her sleep routine has been a little off. We get some sleep but she wakes up earlier and more often with painful gums.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

JC: “Motherhood is wonderful and challenging all in one. I feel privileged to have the responsibility of helping this lovely little girl grow and learn about life. Seeing the world through Luna’s eyes is refreshing. Everything is interesting and new. It helps me slow down a little and take the world in a bit. I think the biggest difference is finding that valuable ‘self time.’ My husband and I are good at tag teaming so that we both get to have a little time to workout and sleep more and simply get things done.”

CBS: How do you balance your busy Hollywood career and motherhood?

JC: “My husband helps with the balancing act [laughs] he helps a lot. We are learning to be much more organized. It really is the only way to do it all.”

CBS: What are some mom or baby products you can’t live without?

JC: “I love the Aveeno products. The lotions and shampoos are wonderful. Little Luna has dry skin and we use the Aveeno for eczema to help with that. Plus, I found out I like to use it myself. I also received a sleep sack from a friend which we really couldn’t live without, especially now since Luna is rolling all over the crib.”

CBS: Tell us about your involvement in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the letsCONQUER movement. Has your family been touched by cancer?

JC: “I’ve had family members touched by cancer. My Grandmother, my husband’s Aunt and also my father had skin cancer. Mostly, I wanted to get involved with an organization that benefited children. I participated in a St. Baldrick’s Foundation head-­‐shaving event last summer in Hollywood and was hooked. At the event, I saw a brave 9-­year-­old boy who was there to raise money for his friend. He was so strong and daring as he stood in front of a crowd of people and told them all why he was there and then had his head
shaved… all to help promote awareness for children’s cancer research.”

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation then asked me to participate in their letsCONQUER campaign and I was more than thrilled! I also hosted the largest head-­‐shaving event called the St. Baldrick’s 46 Mommas Brave a Shave. And let me tell you, it was life changing!

The event was held this past September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Forty six Mommas is a group of 46 women from all over the country and all walks of life who have all been touched by childhood cancer. The women came to Los Angeles to stand up to childhood cancer by shaving their heads bald in solidarity with the children they love, and for all children who often loose their hair during treatment.

I was amazed by their strength and honored by the determination these mothers have to get the word out, that they are not going to be victims of this disease. They are fighting back by bringing awareness to the world anyway they can for their children. Cancer remains the number 1 disease killer of children in this country. Every 3 1/2 minutes a child is diagnosed, and 1 in 5 of them will die within 5 years. I hope they call me again, because I will be there to help any way I can.”

CBS: You play Ava Crowder in the highly-‐rated FX drama Justified. Tell us what it’s like to work on that show. Does baby Luna come to work with you?

JC: “Being on Justified and playing Ava Crowder is a gift. I love being in her unpredictable skin – she is complex, sensitive and saucy. The casting by Cami Patton is brilliant and the entire cast is a true blessing. We have such fun characters on the show to play with and you never know what’s going to happen thanks to our talented writing staff. It’s a lot of

Luna has been to set a few times, and I must say she is always a hit. I often shoot in locations that are not baby friendly so I choose not to take her. I am lucky that my part of the show gets shot in a day or two of the whole shooting week, so I’m able to spend a lot of time with my Luna.”


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  1. “opened up” to Celebrity Babyscoop??? Are you kidding me? I’m quite certain she welcomed the opportunity to promote herself and get free publicity. If she were someone like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman (insert other A–lister name here), this would be a more appropriate sentence.

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