Kendra Wilkinson Says Hank, Jr. Will Also Be ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Kendra Wilkinson is getting ready to hit the dance floor as part of the new cast of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and she’s bringing her 1-year-old son, Hank, Jr., with her! Unfortunately, that wasn’t exactly her plan when she decided to do the show.

“Our babysitter just totally quit on us yesterday because she took a full-time job somewhere else, and all of a sudden our schedule just went crazy,” Wilkinson told People after the DWTS cast reveal on Monday (February 28).

“We’re like, ‘What do we do? We don’t have a babysitter or a nanny!’ So he’s like, ‘You know what? You’re looking at it!'” she added.

So expect to see lots of Hank, Jr. when Dancing With The Stars premieres. We’re sure that adorable little face will help get Kendra at least a few extra votes!

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  1. Why so negative? He’s adorable, can’t wait to see them both on the show! Along with Hines Ward. Go Steelers!

  2. She must have a babysitter or a nanny because while she practicing and performing who is going to be watching her son.

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