The Guncles Finalize Simone’s Adoption

Scout Masterson and Bill Horn – a.k.a. ‘The Guncles’ – appear on the hit reality TV show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood alongside their BFF Tori Spelling. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star and hubby Dean McDermott were on hand as the happy couple officially became parents to their 8-month-old daughter Simone Lynn in Los Angeles last month. But the couple admits, the ceremony was just a formality. “The moment she was born, we both knew that she was our daughter,” they tell Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Fans of Home Sweet Hollywood watched the loving couple on their journey toward Simone. “We started with researching around different adoption organizations,” says the couple. “We wanted to adopt, we didn’t want to do a surrogate situation.” In fact, adoption was their first choice. “It was really important to us to adopt because there are so many situations and babies that need adoptive parents so for us it really felt like the right decision,” the couple says.

The Guncles say they’ve extended an “open invitation” to their daughter’s birth mother.

It’s an open adoption and we’re still in contact with Simone’s birth mom,” they tell us. “It’s a really special and wonderful relationship that we have with her. We exchange photos and talk on the phone occasionally. There’s an open invitation for her to come and visit.”

Did the same sex couple experience any discrimination along the way?

“We looked into international adoptions but found out there are only two countries in the entire world that will let gay couples adopt,” says the couple, adding that one of the countries is in South America and the other is India.

The expenses, “red tape” and travel of an international adoption didn’t seem right for the couple. “We ultimately chose an independent adoption center,” they tell us. “A large group of their clients are same sex couples and single parents.”

And did they have any boundaries of their own during the 2-year process? “We kept our profile completely open meaning any race, a boy or girl, any State,” says the new parents. Even though it was a lengthy process, they have no regrets. “We still feel like we were very fortunate,” they say.

How has parenthood been treating the couple? “We definitely lucked out – it’s been so incredible,” they gushed, adding that it was the perfect connection. “For whatever reason, she looks like us and she looks like Stella [Tori and Dean’s daughter]. Their baby pictures are almost identical!”

With a friendship that goes back 10 years with Tori, it seemed only natural to name her and Dean as Simone’s godparents.

They’re our family,” says the couple. “We’re both from the East Coast, so while we’re here they are our family. There’s no one else in this world that we could turn to.” Admitting that Tori and Dean are “Aunt and Uncle,” the couple says the Spelling-McDermott household is Simone’s second home. “If something were to happen to us, we would definitely want Simone in their home.” They’re so close, they even have fun in the sun together. “We also go on family vacations together so the kids really get to spend a lot of time together.”

Do they have regular playdates with Tori and Dean’s adorable kids, 3-year-old son Liam and 2-year-old daughter Stella?

“We live just a few miles apart,” they tell us. “We see them at least once or twice a week for playdates and to get together.” The Guncles say there is already a bond between the three of them. “The kids just adore Simone – they call her Simona.” In fact, ‘Simona’ is definitely the favorite. “If we’re pulling up to their house or if they’re coming here, Liam and Stella say ‘Hi’ – but it’s a brush-off ‘Hi’ and they say, ‘Where’s Simona?’ ” the couple jokes.

Every bit the proud new parents, the couple were sure to gush about their sweet girl.

Now that she’s getting older, her personality is coming out and she really just laughs and giggles at everything they do,” they tell us. “She’s a big waver,” they add. “She’s really into playing with the xylophone and she loves when we read her stories.” According to her proud daddies, she’s definitely on the move. “She’s not crawling fully yet, she’s scooting. I call her GI Jane because she’ll turn around and will be half-way across the house. She’s really gotten quick. And she loves her jolly jumper! We like it too because it wears her out,” the couple adds with a laugh.

Parenthood really suits the happy couple. Could there be a sibling on the way for Simone?

“It’s on the table,” they tell us. “It’s exhausting right now, but it’s something that we’ve talked about. We’re both only children – as a child it was great in some ways, but as an adult it stinks,” they say, and add, “We see how Liam and Stella play together. There’s something very sweet and nice about that. Liam and Stella are so close right now that they’re sharing a bedroom. It’s so adorable – they’re each others’ best friends. There’s something very touching about that.”

We love seeing the Guncles on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood! Are there any concerns with including baby Simone in the show?

“Their show is such a positive show that doesn’t exploit anyone. The show is about our families which she’s part of. We’re very comfortable with that,” they say. “The fans followed us through our adoption journey, so she’s the baby that was born on the show,” they say, and add, “We look forward to her being a part of it.”

The new season of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood will hit the small screen early this summer.


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  1. Congratz to them. What a beautiful kid.
    On another note, Tori looks very changed. Pregnant? Whats with those tighs, and the face is quite swallow?

  2. Isla Fisher and her husband Sacha Baron Cohen have been very secretive about their new baby, who was born this past summer. They wouldn’t reveal the sex or the name and we had to wait for the first photos to emerge before we even knew they had another little girl! And now we just found out her name — Elula!

  3. I’m so happy for them! From watching the show I know how much they had wanted this, and I know they’re gonna make amazing dad’s to that little girl. She’s sucha a cutie, and I love the name Simone! Go Guncles!!!

  4. I do not think Tori is pregnant. She was drinking at the Oscar Parties. I think it is just a bad picture of her.

    • I thought it looked like she’d been crying happy tears for her friends. It also looks like she’s gotten back to her healthy weight, which is good…

  5. okay that little girl looks like Stella’s twin!

    And yes Tori is filling out…..maybe preggo or she finally ate a cheeseburger!! 🙂

  6. I thought the same thing JMO… looks like Stella’s twin.. she fits perfectly into the family! I wonder if Patsy took care of her, too 🙂 I love the reality show and hope the best for everyone!

  7. Yeay! I am so glad their adoption finalized….my husband and I are in limbo with our son waiting for the judge’s decision and it is a l-o-n-g and very tedious wait. I couldn’t be happier for them! That will be one very loved little girl!! Congrats to the new family!

  8. A child needs 2 loving parents and it shouldn’t matter their gender! You have single fathers, single mothers who raise children without the other parent! Who cares if it’s two guys or two girls raising babies all that matters is a child has a loving home with 2 people who love them!

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