Kimora Lee Simmons: “I Would Like Another Boy”

Kimora Lee Simmons seems to have it all! The 35-year-old model and entrepreneur has a hunky new husband, actor Djimon Hounsou, and three gorgeous kids: daughters Ming, 11, and Aoki, 8 1/2, and 1 1/2-year-old son Kenzo. Not to mention her fashion empire! She recently stepped away from Baby Phat and is now launching her own labels (KLS and Kouture by Kimora), as well as a perfume and skincare line. And of course the fourth season of her reality TV show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane currently airs on Sunday nights on The Style Network.

The gorgeous mom-of-three opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how she juggles her career and motherhood, her girls who also have a passion for fashion and her hopes to have an “even busier” household in the future.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Dress for Success.

KLS: “We’ve worked together in different ways over the years, but this was an actual event that we did recently. It was going to be 100 makeovers for 100 women, but it actually ended up being more like 200 women. It’s all about helping women find their way and reintroducing them into the workplace. It’s something that is close to my heart. I understand the movement because I’m a working woman and a mom. Recently I left Baby Phat and went in another direction to focus on my other businesses in beauty and fashion. So, like most of these other women, there’s career changes and decisions to be made. I feel like it’s an organization that caters to helping other women who want to make these decisions successfully.

CBS: It’s more than just a new outfit!

KLS: “Oh yes! It’s a seminar, and makeup, and self esteem, and tips, and talking, and sharing and how to do your hair. It’s about a bigger goal. There were so many different stories. I feel very inspired by them and have enjoyed communicating with these groups of women. It became something that closely resembled my life in terms of my goals and the work that I want to do. So it revolves around the world of fashion, but in a more evolved way. My new motto is: ‘It’s all about evolution’.”

CBS: Tell us about the fourth season of Life in the Fab Lane.

KLS: “The show is a lot of fun and has really crazy moments. It’s a lot about my fashion life and my company that I started over 10 years ago. It’s about re-focusing myself with KLS enterprises. So it’s about launching my skin care and Dress for Success. It’s about the hectic, fast-paced life in fashion.

You also get to see the kids. Hopefully I’ve opened up enough so people can get the inside-peek at how it’s done – kind of a behind-the-scenes look at how it’s done. It’s about the kids, they’re growing up and they want to work on a line themselves. It’s all about changes and life.”

CBS: You’re not worried about the reality TV curse of families breaking apart and divorce?

KLS: “Well no, I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve already been divorced anyway! My show is a little bit different because the cameras are not all welcomed into my house. You get a little bit of that, but only when it suits the moment. But the primary focus of my show is my life as a business woman in the fashion industry. So hopefully it’s a little different and I really think it’s speaking to a higher note and it’s hopefully inspirational. It’s something the entire family can watch. I think it’s a great message and hopefully it will not be exposed to any curse.”

CBS: How are your kids doing? Your girls are into the fashion industry?

KLS: “They’re in it already – they’ve been on the runway since they were little. They’ve worked alongside me in developing a capsule collection for kids. Now they want to do a little more of that especially since we’ve stepped away from our former company. My kids are the face of the brand. People have seen my kids in ads, on TV and on the runway for years.”

CBS: What do the girls do when they’re just chillin’ out at home?

KLS: “Fashion! They have sewing machines and dress forms and fabric. Now they’re cutting and sewing and learning how to make patterns. They’re very much fashion-minded, creative kids. They’re straight-A students and they love to read, but they’re definitely fashion girls!

Ming is a little more spunky and edgy and cool. Aoki is a little more feminine and frilly.”

CBS: How’s Kenzo? What is he into?

KLS: “He’s 21 months and he’s speaking. More and more everyday his words are forming into sentences and ideas. He’s very independent and rambunctious. Our house is very busy!”

CBS: And we hear you want it to be even busier in the future?

KLS: “Yes, not right now, but hopefully one day we will be even busier! I would welcome that. I would like another boy because then it would be two-and-two. But I have one of each so I would be happy with whatever I get or don’t get.”

CBS: You and your ex-husband Russell Simmons seem to co-parent so well together. What are your best tips for co-parenting with an ex?

KLS: “I think you should always try to keep it to the higher note, which means look to the positive common ground. Think of the children first – the children should be a priority, not an afterthought. It’s important to have commitment to your kids and have some discretion in your life when you’re dating. You have to be really careful with your kids and make sure they always feel safe and protected and not in any way shuffled about.”

CBS: How do you manage motherhood and your career?

KLS: “It’s just about doing the best I can at any given time. I’m a great multi-tasker so I can focus on a lot of things at once. I try to prioritize and I put my family first. I also have a great team and a very supportive husband.

And I really love doing what I do! It’s important for me to speak out on my life because I feel we’re in the majority. I feel like women are running it. I feel that I represent that for women, especially young people with kids. I think it’s important to show that you can be a business woman and be a mother. I think it’s cool and it’s sexy and something that everyone can do. I don’t know if everyone else feels that way, but I think we’re starting to feel that way now. It hasn’t always been that way. I think it should be applauded and I do my best to show all different kinds of women everywhere that, yes, they can do it too. We’re seeing this as a movement of women culturally. You can see the movement and the evolution. We’re seeing so many women juggle it all and manage their families. Look at the rates of families having children. Look at the fact that breadwinners are often times the woman. I just think it’s important to be recognized for that.”

Check out Kimora’s official website and follow her on Twitter.


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    • Oh shutup!!! Kimora shouldn’t have talked about that publicly, but she’s not a pedophile, so pack up your sarcasm and mean spiritness and go elsewhere!

      • Carrie, the poster above you said nothing about Kimora being a pedophile. Kimora said herself that she loves “little boy parts” so it’s only natural for people to think that could be a reason why she wants another boy. It’s weird… but Kimora said it herself!

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  2. thank you! I love when people put words in your mouth!

    I don’t think she’s a pedophile but I have never found someone who was fascinated by their sons private parts! ….yes it’s odd!

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