JoAnna Garcia Swisher Wants To Have Babies ASAP!

Covering the April issue of Latina magazine, Cuban American actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher opens up about her recent marriage to New York Yankee Nick Swisher and their plans for the immediate future.

“We would like to start trying [to have a baby] as soon as we can,” says the 31-year-old star of ABC’s Better with You.

She also chatted about her vision when it comes to marriage: “I have a very realistic image of what marriage should be,” she explains. “It takes effort but it shouldn’t be the hardest thing that you do.”

They key to our relationship is just an extreme amount of respect for each other.

When asked about her favourite wedding moment, she responded: “The minute I saw Nick at the end of the aisle, as I was walking towards him with my father on my arm – I’ll never forget it.”

And as for their honeymoon phase?

“We’re doing it all the time!” confesses JoAnna. “I mean, c’mon, he married a girl in her 30s!”


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  1. I’ve loved JoAnna since Reba! I really hope Better With You is renewed for a second season. And expecting a pregnancy announcement within the next year or so now!

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  3. Ugh, I wish she hadn’t made that remark about women in their thirties. I’m two years younger than her, now turned 30, and her exact look-alike, it is so uncanny, almost same build with more muscle and same height. Same coloring as she had on Privileged.
    Aaand I’m born-asexual, and even became more a with age, contrary to dire predictions by friends so yeah that is simply a myth.
    And I never wanted marriage or kids so there’s no bio-urge to ‘do it’ all the time. yuck. gross.

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