Boris Becker’s Curly-Haired Cutie

So sweet! Tennis champ Boris Becker and wife Lilly Kerssenberg were seen spending time with their 1-year-old son Amadeus and Boris’ son Elias, 11, in Miami Beach, Florida on Monday (March 7).

Later in the week, Boris and his ex-wife Barbara Feltus were spotted playing with Amadeus on the beach.

Barbara is mom to Elias and Boris’ eldest son Noah, 17. Boris is also dad to a 10-year-old girl named Anna with Angela Ermakova.


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  1. Amadeus is very cute and Elias is so handsome! But wow his wife has really gone above and beyond with the tan. Eek.

  2. Of course lil’ Amadeus is adorable, and future heart-breaker Elias (just like his older brother Noah), is gorgeous, and though I haven’t seen a recent photo of Boris’ daughter Anna, I’m sure that she’s still lovely (and looks the most like Boris). And my goodness does Barbara Quinze look fantastic…. or what?! I sure hope that her dvd’s “Mein Pilates” can help me to get anywhere near as toned as she is. Also Lily is as beautiful as ever.

  3. this is not Barbara and not Lilly. This is a new nanny.
    And she looks like a younger Barbara Becker. Who would hire such a nanny???

  4. The woman on the sixth picture is Barbara Quinze and the woman on the fourth picture is Lilly. You can see her “Amadeus” tattoo on her wrist.

  5. The woman in the last picture is the new nanny! It’s all over the television. Why would they hire such a good looking nanny?

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