Kelly Osbourne: “I’d Love A Baby With My Gay Best Friend”

Is this Material Girl ready to be a Material Mum?! It appears so! In an interview with Popeater, Kelly Osbourne, 26, says that while she’s had a rough time in the love department, she’d be thrilled to have a baby now – and her mother, Sharon Osbourne, would approve!

“I’m fed up with straight men – I’d love a baby with my gay best friend Nate,” says Kelly. “We’d be the perfect parents and my mum would love it.”

After her stunning transformation, which she attributes to her stint on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, Osbourne has her sights set on motherhood, and she’s not about to let a few bad relationships stand in her way!

Kelly recently suffered a traumatic split with ex, Luke Worrall, whom she says she planned on marrying. Since then, she’s moved on to musician Rob Damiani, and the two seem to be getting very cozy, but Osbourne insists that she wants to take things slow this time around, and keep her relationship as private as possible.

What do you think… Should Kelly Osbourne be considering motherhood now?


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  1. She’s still young and has plenty of time I don’t think she should just rush into it just yet however it’s her life and she deserves to be happy. Sharon has made it no secret she’d love to be a grandmom even said one time she hoped one of her kids got knocked up!

  2. I like Kelly a lot more than I used to. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and acknowledges her troubles in the past. But I think this sounds unrealistically selfish and she is not thinking what is in the best interest for the child. Motherhood is tough enough if you opt to go down the “traditional” path. I can’t imagine what it would be like if she followed her whims.

    • I don’t think it would be hard for Kelly at all, she certainly would never have to worry about money, and if she wanted to she could afford to hire help to make sure she always got enough sleep, etc. I’m not saying she’d never have stress, but there are many things she’d never have to worry about.

      Personally if I were wealthy I’d have a child by myself instead of waiting forever to see if the right person came along (who might never come), only to possibly find out one day that I waited too long and could no longer have a child.

      • Money does not buy common sense. And its not about “waiting for the right person”. I have a good amount of savings, so I may not need to work again for quite a long time.

        Why have a kid if you are going to ” hire help” to raise the child?
        Added to the fact that I am ten years older than Kelly and have experienced much more than she has. Just because she is the child of a celeb does not guarantee that she has lived enough. She will grow up resenting that child unless she is 100% sure that this is what she wants.

        She needs to be more realistic.

        • To you, maybe. Some people only want to have kids with someone they love, others could have them by themselves without any issue.

          And on the hired help issue, really? I have to say most people “hire help” (nannies, babysitters, daycare, etc) when they have kids, rich or not. Plus, who is to say whether Kelly has thought it through or not? Who are you to say she has not thought it through just because of her age? 26 is old enough to have experienced plenty.

          Maybe she is serious, or maybe it was just glib answers in an interview. She’s the only one who knows for sure.

  3. Actually, before people started “coming out”, it was quite common to marry and have a family with your best friend, since it was looked at as wrong to admit being attracted to the same sex…so they would end up living a double life. I think it would be cool if she and her friend decided to be parents together. There is no such animal as a traditional way of doing things, that was only ever an illusion anyway. The dynamics of families have always changed as society changed.

  4. Anyone who thinks that it’s ok, to say, ” maybe I will just have a baby with my gay best friend” is not thinking this through. I am sure she was joking, but your post are not looking at the point here. The comment by Tara is right, motherhood is tough enough, why start out PURPOSELY with a challenge? And anyone who says it’s her choice, that may be, but what about her baby ?

    In this day and age 26 is young to have a child. I am 33, I have travelled all over the world, worked in Asia and Africa. Graduated law school and got married. Yet I feel not ready. To use the rational that she can hire nannies is not addressing the crux of the argument here. Her flippant response only reinforces her emotional immaturity. Plus if anyone has ever heard her speak on the television she comes off as not the most articulate nor mature person. The other day she kept referring to her ” mummy and daddy” what 26 year old woman does that?

    • really? I know many grown women who still refer to their fathers as “daddy”. It doesn’t mean your immature it’s just what you’ve always been used to calling him. And girls tend to do it to their fathers longer then boys do with their mothers. I see nothing wrong with it and by doing it doesn’t make her immature. I watched her all last week on The Talk filling in for her mom and she didn’t come off as immature or non-intelligent to me.

  5. I’m in my late 20’s and haven’t found the man of my dreams and I’m ready to be a mom. Nobody should have a baby without thinking it through but is anyone ever truly “ready” to dive into parenthood?? Even if your “ready” there are bumps you will experience that maybe you didn’t prepare for. Kelly has a lot of family support, finances, and she can easily do it more so then some of us. I financially can do it myself right now but I’m still holding out hope that I don’t have to. But I’ve considered that withing 3-5 years if I feel the itch to be a mom why do I have to feel like I can’t live my dream of being one? We don’t always get the fairy tale we’d like. Ideally it’s much easier to raise a child with someone (gay/straight) then it is alone so Kelly already has the upper hand!

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