James Van Der Beek Carries His Cutie

What a cutie! Dawson’s Creek alum James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly took their 5-month-old daughter Olivia to the John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit in West Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday (March 13).

James recently opened up about Olivia’s birth. “It’s not easy to watch the person you love go through that. At one point in the middle, I had to excuse myself and secretly take 20 seconds in the bathroom to break down, wipe my eyes, beat my chest and man up for her.” He added, “There’s a reason they don’t let men give birth.”

The couple wed on August 1, 2010, in a small Jewish ceremony at the Kabbalah Center near Dizengoff Plaza in Tel Aviv, Israel. Olivia was born a few weeks later on September 25.


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  1. Aww!! He seems so sweet! It’s so nice and kind when men realize how painful child birth is and yes there is a reason men don’t have to face horrible pain like that! I wish the family best of luck!

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