Sandra & Louis Bullock Head Out

Sandra Bullock and her sweet son Louis, 1, were spotted leaving their New York apartment today (March 12). The pair headed to the city’s trendy Soho district, where they met up with a friend for lunch.

The Oscar-winning mom recently bonded with another very adorable tot: Jennifer Hudson‘s son David!

Jennifer told E! that the two became fast friends during rehearsals for last month’s Academy Awards: “[Sandra] and my son became the biggest buddies, so they hung out the entire time. When I came back into the room, Sandra’s like, ‘Oh my god, he kissed me. And he was kissing my hand!’”

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  1. I wish Sandra all the luck with her little boy,He looks so cute,Any one can see she is a good mother and I love her movies,Hang in there Sandra you will meet someone who will love you for who you are.You are Beautiful person.

  2. Please leave Ms. Bullock and little Louis alone. True New Yorkers don’t act like they’ve never seen a famous person before–at most when we pass a star on the street, we nod. We don’t invade their privacy. She and her son have the right to live a normal life, without having photographers waiting outside their home, capturing their every move. Paparazzi’s are not welcome here.

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