Danielle Lloyd Expecting Baby No. 2!

UK model Danielle Lloyd will soon have her hands full! The 27-year-old, who already has 9-month-old son Archie with her footballer fiance Jamie O’Hara, has announced that she is four months along with baby #2!

Telling OK! magazine how she found out about the pregnancy, Danielle says, “I thought I’d eaten something dodgy as I’d only had a few drinks the night before. OK!I even did a Spanish pregnancy test which told me I wasn’t pregnant…. When I got home I did another test with Jamie, that one was positive!”

Danielle admits she wasn’t planning on having a second child for several more years – and in fact she expected it might be difficult for her to conceive again. Having been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, she reveals that she had a cyst removed just last year.

“I was pregnant within a month (of having my coil removed due to the cyst). I was shocked. If you have a cyst it’s very hard to conceive. I must be the most fertile person in the country.”

As for Jamie, 24, he says he hopes to have a big family, joking, ‘I was like, “Let’s get them all out.” I want four or five – but that would mean swapping the car for a bus.”

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  1. good luck to Danielle & Jamie. but she needs to realize it’s not that hard to conceive again right after you’ve had a child

    • Although inexcusable for her behaviour in BB, I think she was young and naive and was just happy to go along with the bullies to stay with the ‘in’ crowd.

      She shouldn’t be so surprised that she fell pregnant again so soon after the first. My sister fell pregnant within 6 weeks of having her 1st baby!

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