Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt & Kids: Shopping In New Orleans

For Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their six kids, grocery shopping is a family affair! Angie and Brad brought along all six of their kids – Maddox, 9, Zahara, 6, Pax, 7, Shiloh, 4, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 2 – for a walk down to the Verti Marte deli in New Orleans on Sunday (March 20).

This family not only shops together – they cook together, too. In an interview last year Angie talked about how the kids like to pitch in at mealtime. “I’m not the best cook. Pax is a better cook than me,” she said. “Pax likes to cook. But I try to when I can. Any house that we’re in, we all chip in. But the kids are very sweet…so enthusiastic anytime I cook.”

Brad has been in New Orleans for the past two weeks finishing work on his latest film, Cogan’s Trade. Angie arrived yesterday with the kids and says she will remain there until Brad completes filming.


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  1. Beautiful, gorgeous, mess of a family, LOL! Everybody is getting so big! Look at Zahara, she’s grown so much, her face is really starting to mature.

  2. GORGEOUS family!

    FOUR year old Shiloh is basically as tall as 6 year old Zahara and barely shorter than her 7 year old brother. She’s also only a head shorter than Maddox. She’s gonna be a tall kid! 😉

    • She may be tall but I tend to think its more Zee, Pax and Madd aren’t. Not all Asians are smaller in stature anymore than all Ethiopians, but I think it’s also not unusual to find many with diminutive bone structures and shorter heights.

      • Strangely enough, I didn’t think of that. I thought Pax might’ve been a little short for his age but that makes sense.

    • She most likely will be, it’s not like Brad and Angelina are really short. As for Zahara, I’ve not seen pics of her birthmother, but someone else posted online (different website) that they’d seen some and her mother was not that tall. As for Maddox and Pax, yes there are tall asians, and I’m not trying to be stereotypical, but when you look at height charts, yes the average Asian male is short.

      • However, you shouldn’t remember that nutrition makes a huge difference. The reason why we “Westerners” have grown so tall over the last 100 years is that the quantity and quality of food has improved so greatly in our part of the world. Young Chinese, for instance, are much taller than their parents or grandparents, so even though Zahara’s mother might have been not so tall, it is possible that she grows tall. After all, it is in puberty that people grow or not. Some grow a lot, others (like me 🙂 ) who has always been tall, not so much in comparison.

        • Westerners have also become taller due to growth hormones they ingest from eating animals and animal products. Western girls also are getting their cycles earlier and earlier because of these hormones.

  3. First up, Brad’s even fine with that “urban Alfalfa” doo. Second up, Angelina’s looking gorgeous with those curves. Lastly, JP crew is adorable. Love Knox in his big boy suit. Love Maddox in his man-tee and Zee in her stripe, ponytail and sneakers. Pax and Shiloh are cute as buttons and Lil Miss Viv is a doll baby in her frills and golden Mary Janes. I just love seeing them proving all those skeptics wrong who swore it wouldn’t last 6months let alone almost 7yrs.

    • Curves on Angelina, are you kidding me? She looks emaciated and in need of some good southern cooking! (The only thing curvy are the artificial breasts which look ridiculously large and completely out of proportion to the rest of her).

    • This seems to be common knowledge, but the tell- tale sign was that despite her obvious weight loss (esp.from her Lara Croft days) her breasts got bigger.

      • Actually the “common knowledge” was that Angelina wore a padded push up bra for the Lara Croft movies, the director even talked about how they digitally altered her chest size in the promotional posters and in some of the scenes in the film.

        Besides the fact that women’s bodies change after they have children… There really is no evidence or as you said “common knowledge” that Angelina ever had implants.

    • No she didn’t not that it would matter if she did, I see no point in people always trying to point out celebrities PS’s, but whatever. And the same person who said AJ, looked emaciated, I don’t know who they were looking at but it looks to me like AJ put on alot of weight, and for the good. Not to mention cameras can sometimes make bodies appear disproportional or bigger/smaller than in real life.

      My own post: Look at them, looking all sweet and big and healthy, just too cute for their own goods. And the twins, we haven’t seen them in so long, so of course it’s like they sprouted overnight!

  4. gorgeous family,angelina always has huge breast as real as her lips,she is healthy and happy.all the kiddies are beautiful as for haters they will always be mean and nasty , who cares about bunch of grumpy cyber trolls

  5. None of the kids are overweight its called baby fat and both Maddox & Zahara were chubby as babies and lost it that happens to all kids, some keep it longer than others. Knox and maybe Pax can use a hair cut but not Shiloh and Vivienne they look fine and Shiloh hair is growing back thicker then it was before.

  6. Awful clothes on Knox…he loks dreadful. Desperately needs a haircut. WHY would you grow a bots hair long if he has thin hair? I hate combing kids hair, and they hate it too, so why not cut it short? Anyway…chubbier kids like the bio kids (and they are not fat just chubbier than say Zahara and Maddox even when small) tend to grow tall. Apparently fat stores send a cue to growth hormones…so genetically tall offspring may carry some extra chub. Or so I was told. I’m a midget so I don’t know personally if its true….

  7. What a wonderful treat to see the entire Jolie-Pitt clan out and about. Beautiful, beautiful family. I’m especially happy to see the twins. We rarely get to see them in public. They look absolutely adorable. Can’t believe they’ll be turning 3 soon. Time does fly.

    It does look like Angelina has put on some weight. She looks great and perfectly proportioned in my opinion. And the only time I’ve noticed Angelina with so-called “ridiculously large” breasts (post Lara Croft) was when she was pregnant.

  8. Don’t Brangelina protect their kids from photographers? And isn’t New Orleans where locals stop the paps from taking photos?

  9. I think it’s the first time we see them take all their 6 kids together… I guess they’re more comfortable now that the twins are a bit older.
    such a gorgeous family, they’re all so beautiful. so happy to see photos of them, I guess it’s my guilty pleasure…

  10. What wonder FAMILY pictures! So what if some of them need haircuts! And, while I agree Maddox looks a bit scruffy, they are just kids dressed in kids style! Lovely! I keep wondering when the next baby will arrive! Adoption or natural? I bet they will go for 8 and then call a halt! :- )

  11. I can’t believe how tall all the kids are! Especially the twins, with their gorgeous long hair. All the Jolie-Pitt children are so beautiful 🙂

  12. Angelina does look a little busty in these photos. Women tend to gain weight in their breasts first when they are pregnant… Is it possible there is another wee Jolie-Pitt on the way?

  13. Loving the older kids unique style especially the girls . I dressed like Shiloh when I was little. Also love Zahara with her skinny jeans and dress. I saw the video they are very well behaved .My kids refuse to hold hands.

  14. Well about a week ago I had been wondering where they were bc they have been missing in action and now double dose of the gorgeous family in 2 days!!

    I think they’re all adorable but I must say Brad looks like he’s really unkept lol. And Knox isn’t the type of little boy who can really pull off the long hair look. I’d love to his face maybe with a slightly shorter cut but boy does he and Shiloh look like they are clones of each other! Vivi is so cute. And Pax and Maddox are so handsome. And that Zahara watch out I think she’s gonna be a knockout when she’s grown!

  15. Loving the older kids unique style especially the girls . I dressed like Shiloh when I was little. Also love Zahara with her skinny jeans and dress. I saw the video they are very well behaved .My kids refuse to hold hands.

  16. Man! Knox and Shiloh are IDENTICAL. Just look at their faces in the pictures were they are close to each other, it’s amazing. Zahara has grown so much, she’s already shaping into a very pretty teenager.

  17. I’ve heard that this family is so down to earth. What joy to see them all together in New Orleans where they really are helping the economy by keeping a home there.

    • Have 2 friends in NOLA and have nothing but great things about most celebs who choose to make it part of their lives. John Goodman, Lenny Kravitz, Sandra Bullock Spike Lee, Brad and Angelina all call it home at some time and I hear that all have been welcomed and “protected.” Pap’s seem to have a bit more respect for space there not because of some laws, but because the not so famous residents ain’t having it. They have been known to step in between a pap and the focus of their camera’s attention. One of my friends worked at a famous spot frequented by Brad and Angie. A paparazzi tried to come and take photos of them. Not only did the owner step in to say hell no, but he kicked the photog out on his ass. They do not play down there.

  18. You can all hate me for saying this but…I think the twins are weird looking. Not that cute at all. Shiloh was prettier at their age. Also I think Angelina should stop letting them eat junk. I feel that Shiloh will suffer from that. You can tell all ready that she is putting weight on. It’s my opinion that’s all.

    • First of all they have 2 parents, secondly I’ve seen these kids with chips maybe 6-7 times in 4 years and all those times were in NOLA visiting the corner store.None of them are overweight imo

  19. Can’t believe how big the twins are!
    Knox is a beautiful boy, and Vivi is so cute and sweet especially when she is smiling.

  20. Shiloh been the same she weight for a long time she does not look like she gained any, If you don’t look at her face you will see she not that chunky at all she has a fat cheeks like me I used to hate when people pinched them and if you look a childhood photos of Angelina she was a little chunky too until she hit 10 then her body thinned out sometimes it has nothing to do with eating junk it just the way some people are. I myself rather a child Shiloh’s size than a kid Suri size they are so much cute to dress and fit clothes better.

  21. So great to see pictures of all of them. Knox, Vivienne and Shiloh look so alike – adorable. Zahara is really looking beautiful and the boys Pax & Maddox are really growing up nicely.

    Beautiful family

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