Naomi Watts & Sons: Ready For Takeoff

Naomi Watts and her adorable sons Sasha, 3, and Kai, 2, were spotted as they arrived for a flight at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday (March 21).

Liev Schreiber wasn’t with them, but Naomi had help ferrying their boys through the terminal. Sasha is growing up fast and starting to look just like Naomi!

The busy mom has two projects currently in the works – the Clint Eastwood-directed J. Edgar where she stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, and The Impossible where she’ll share the screen with Ewan McGregor.

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  1. Sasha and Kai are the most adorable, beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, cutest, sweetest and blondest celeb kids I’ve ever seen.
    Btw Paparazzi should give them more privacy. I’m pretty sure Sasha doesn’t like them and Kai doesn’t really understand it but when Kai gets older he doesn’t like them either. Also Sasha doesn’t look like Naomi. I think he’s the blond version of Liev Schreiber but that is just my opinion. Kai is Naomi’s mini-me

  2. Felissa you said the same thing over and over about the schrebier family.its kind of much of an obsession you have with Sasha and Kai.

    • Why are you and Emily sooooo busy with someones obsession. I think that Felissa is right and I think Felissa doesn’t have an obsession. You 2 are both looking on the pictures as much as Felissa does. It’s none of your business what she has 2 say about Sasha and Kai. Just leave her alone!!

      • TOTALLY AGREE. I mean so now you are a pedophile if you are looking on pictures of sasha and kai. I mean why can’t you just stay about someones business. It’s just so anoying. Those comments are about what you think of the pictures and not about what someone else has to say about those pictures.
        Also agree with Felissa. Emily just shut the …. up.

  3. Curious so I looked back at the other pictures of this family and Felissa you do make the same remark. What would you do if the paps weren’t taking those pictures and you couldn’t see them.

    That said, they are very cute little boys.

    • Oooh you to. What is wrong with giving the same comment. You are so pathetic and Felissa doesn’t give comments all about the Schreiber boys and She is not obsessed with them and just leave her alone. You guys are so pathetic.

      • Actually if someone hadn’t pointed it out I probably wouldn’t have noticed so obviously I really don’t care. But nothing is as pathetic as hiding behind a a name like or let’s say “anonymous”.

        • Ooh oke. So let me see. If you think it’s pathetic as hiding behind a name like anonymous then I could guess you don’t care to give your full name, your adress, you phonenumber if you think I’m pathetic and another thing I am not the only one who is hiding behind a name like anonymous you geek.

          • Don’t you think its friendlier to be on a first name basis? If nothing else, it would certainly help know which Anonymous is talking at which time. If a geek someone on sites like this – since you actually don’t know anything else about me – than we must be quite a bit alike. : )

  4. every time you see these kids they have a different name. by the looks of them they should be called dumb and dumber.

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