Happy 2nd Birthday Satyana Denisof!

Names: Satyana Marie Denisof

Date of Birth: March 24, 2009

Parents: Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof

Siblings: None


  • Satyana was born at home with the help of a midwife and a doula
  • She shares a birthday with mom Alyson who turns 37 today!
  • In December 2010, Alyson tweeted about her daughter’s chicken pox: “She’s being a real trooper. When she gets itchy she wiggles a lot. Could not be cuter!”

“It was her due date. And actually, my mom was born on her mom’s birthday. On my dad’s side of the family, all of the women are born on the 24th of the month, not the same month, but always the 24th.” – Alyson, on her daughter’s serendipitous birth date.

“You pronounce it like Tatiana but with an “S.” The root of it means truth, and we added the “ana” to make it go better with my husband’s last name, which is Russian.” – Alyson, on her daughter’s unique name.

Happy birthday wishes to Satyana and her gorgeous mama! Check out the gallery for some more snapshots of these two lovely gals!

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  1. Aww! Happy birthday to Satyana and Aly! It seems like just yesterday Aly was pregnant with her.

    I hope they both have a great day!

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