Katie Holmes On Kids & The Kennedys

After months of media buzz, Katie Holmes‘ latest project The Kennedys had its world premiere last night at The Academy in Beverly Hills, California. The actress, who walked the red carpet with her husband Tom Cruise, chatted to Access Hollywood about both the miniseries and motherhood.

Though it was daunting to tackle the role of Jackie Kennedy, Katie says she soon found that she could identify with the former First Lady as a mom.

“What I found amazing was not only was she the youngest First Lady — she was 32 when she was in the White House — but she had such young children [while] having that role. Of course, I sympathize with those moments where she had to leave her kids,” says Katie, who is mom to 4-year-old daughter Suri. “In my life, I’m very fortunate because I am an actress and I can bring my daughter to the set and ever time there’s a break, we do arts and crafts or swing on the swings if we’re by a park. So, I feel very fortunate in that way.”

Though the History Channel unexpectedly axed plans to air The Kennedys, the project was later picked up by ReelzChannel. The eight-part series will debut on April 3.

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  1. Not sure why there is such vitriol towards this woman. She obviously adores her daughter and takes great care in giving her everything she can. Who cares if she still uses a bottle, a pacifier or a blankie. I would hate to think what people would say about my parenting skills. I am sure I would be ripped apart for being a tad overindulgent.

    If SURI ends up in a bell tower with an automatic rifle one day, perhaps then we can judge, but for now she seems a normal pre school age girl to me. I will admit I do not like her dad though, he has some extremely odd traits.

  2. Whew!! When I noticed there was a comment on this piece, I feared the worst — more animosity towards Katie Holmes. Thankfully, I was wrong (so far) and instead, I was pleased to see a mature, articulate comment for a change.

    • Haha…well, honestly, though….just having negative comments about Katie Holmes hardly means a person is immature and inarticulate.

      • Negative comments aren’t necessarily a sign of immaturity, I’m just basing this on what I observed on previous Katie Holmes posts. Nothing constructive, just a lot of vitriol.

  3. That poor little girl is being raised up to be a freakazoid. A wild child that is over indulged, pampered and basically abused by her weirdo parents. Ok, if you can get past the middle of the night outings, high heels, going out dressed like summer in near freezing temperatures, sucking on a bottle or a pacifier clutching her blankie, can they AT LEAST think about combing her hair? The only reason they’ve not been taken to task is because of their BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$’s. They are disgusting, the lot of them…

    • Ok anonymous@5:11, there goes any hope of keeping this thread mature and articulate. I like tara and angi as well as your post. Sadly the more vocal people on this board mirror ignorant rants such as this one above.

      • Meant to say I like angi and your post. Sounds a bit egotistical mentioning myself, oh well. The thought is still there.

  4. Took your comment with an open mind until that last part. Now all I can picture is you typing there with a shaved head wearing a purple triangle waiting for your leader to come get you.

    Give it up, all kids rule the home, anther you like it or not. It’s a fact until they Are at least 3, when they can begin to comprehend rules. Your are fooling yourself otherwise. I have raised 5 boys and they were easier then my sisters and I ever were, but STILL they did what they want until they reached about 4.

    • While I disagree with how your stated your first paragraph, there are strict parts of every religion that can become cult like- I completely agree with your claim that’s it’s impossible to expect that a child will not run the order in your house, until they can understand rules and right and wrong.

      I have a 2 1/2 year old son and despite my best efforts, ( I believe in the occasional pat on the bottom or the meaningless timeout At this age)he does what he wants, when he wants. I notice this same pattern with all my friends and their kids. It’s not until they reach about kindergarten age that they start to calm down. Now either we all were blessed with the most spirited group of kids ever, or it’s as I suspect pretty common across the board.

  5. Actually Anon 0144 – Nicole has never spoken out about Tom & what happened during their marriage. She has remained very quiet & refused to comment about him or scientology.
    While I do think many things they do with Suri seem rather odd and that she doesn’t appear to have a lot of structure in her life, I don’t see how it’s doing a lot of damage to her. I grew up in the 70s – there were a lot of parents that believed in giving their kids freedom & we turned out ok. Plus, we have to remember that her parents are in a creative field so it’s only natural they encourage her to be creative.
    And as far as the comments regarding combing her hair – seriously – have any of your ever dealt with an active young girl with long hair – you can comb or brush their hair and it will look messy almost immediately if it isn’t put in braids or a ponytail. I’m sure they comb or brush her hair before they go out.

  6. Did anyone else think he is trying to look like Brad Pity all grunge and sloppy. Since when have they ever dressed this way?

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