Pink’s “Clumsy” Pregnancy

It seems that pregnancy is throwing Pink off balance! The musical mom-to-be took to Twitter today to complain about her klutzy ways.

“i am the clumsiest i have ever been in my life. fell AGAIN today! i feel like my 92 yr old grammom in a shower with oil on my feet,” she wrote, adding, “i just feel that silly. i fell up the stairs. saved the cookie tho.”

The ‘Raise Your Glass’ singer, who is expecting her first child with her hubby Carey Hart, has been busy prepping for childbirth.

“for all of my pregnant mamas to be out there in America, please watch ‘The Business of Being Born,'” Pink Tweeted yesterday. “informative, inspiring, incredible.”

The 2008 documentary, created by actress Ricki Lake, takes a critical look at the way childbirth is viewed by the medical community in the US and encourages expectant moms to become informed about midwifery care and alternatives to hospital births.

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  1. LOL, I’m like that all the time (Hence the username) and I’ve never even been pregnant. Nearly ended up sliding down the stairs yesterday after getting out of one of my classes.

    Hope she stops being so clumsy soon!

  2. That documentary she references is amazing… any mom to be should watch it if you plan on giving birth!! (LOL)

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