Ryan Phillippe Is Proud Of His Kids’ Passion For Philanthropy

Ryan Phillippe is very proud of his two kids Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7. The actor recently told Britain’s OK! magazine that he and ex-wife Reese Witherspoon try to keep their children grounded and loves that they are passionate about philanthropy.

He says, “I grew up pretty humbly and my parents struggled to pay the bills. The life my children are living is completely different so I try to pass onto them that notion of how fortunate they are.”

He added, “But one of the most rewarding things is when they come up with something themselves – my son the other day wanted to donate his piggy bank, which was a couple of hundred dollars in coins, and my daughter had an assignment to do her version of the I Have A Dream speech (by Martin Luther King, Jr.).

She wrote this incredibly eloquent, well thought out speech about clean water for Africa and she gave it in front of the whole school. Reese and I showed up and we both had tears coming down. You realize that regardless of the fact that you live in the public eye or that the marriage didn’t work out, these kids are happy and good people.”

Meanwhile, Ryan has been going through an eventful month. He’s reportedly waiting to take a paternity test to see if he is the father of ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp’s unborn baby. He also has a new girlfriend, Amanda Seyfriend, whom he spent time with on Saturday while Reese was getting married.

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  1. Such a loser! Reese was his claim to fame. He’s only failed since he’s a cheater. Good luck to Amanda-your man already has another girl knocked up! The phillipe claim to fame? Sperm. Not saying much! LOL!

    • Wow… seems like you have a lot of hate for this guy… Article was not even about him it was about his pride in his children….
      Also, go to IMDB and see all the movies he has been in…. All I can judge him on is his film work since I DONT KNOW him and he was particularly great in STOP-LOSS, GOSFORD PARK, FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS and CRASH…..
      He may or may NOT have a woman knocked up….

    • I think you have your facts backward. Phillippe was already a star when Reese came along. If anything, he was Reese’s claim to fame. Why are you so bitter?

      • Your comment makes me laugh. “Phillips was already a star when Reese came along” and “he was Reese’s claim to fame” – hmmm, what planet are you living on?

  2. I would trade in Witherspoon for Amanda Seyfriend any day. Not to take anything away from Reese, but Amanda….WOW!!!

  3. He is not that bad. He acted selfishly because his wife, whom I adore, was getting much deserved credit.

    It takes two parents to raise decent children regardless of how they were as spouses. It appears they have both had a positive influence on their kids.

    Reese has moved on and he should be allowed to do the same without any more condemnation.

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