Elizabeth Banks Welcomes First Child: Felix!

30 Rock star Elizabeth Banks is a new mom!

The 37-year-old actress and husband Max Handelman have welcomed son Felix via gestational surrogate, Banks Tweeted today (March 30).

“I have been very fortunate in life both professionally and personally,” the proud mama wrote on her Web site.

“The one true hurdle I’ve faced in life is that I have a broken belly. After years of trying to get pregnant, exploring the range of fertility treatments, all unsuccessful, our journey led us to gestational surrogacy.”

She continued to share, “From that came two miracles. The first was meeting our carrier and her husband who were truly humbling in their decency and generosity. And the second miracle was the birth of our baby boy, Felix Handelman. Felix means ‘happy’ and ‘lucky’ in Latin. And true to his name, Felix is a very happy baby and a blessing on our life.”

Banks and Handelman – who met on her first day of college in 1992 – were married in July 2003.

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  1. I love Elizabeth Banks! I am so happy for her and her little family!
    I like that she didn’t announce that they were expecting, just announcing after his arrival is a nice change ! I know a few others are doing the same.

    I appreciate her honesty about being unable to conceive even with the help of fertility treatments, it’s always nice to know you’re not alone.

    Wishing them all the best.

  2. i love her and am happy for her…but i can’t help but think about a quote from sarah silverman that i heard this morning. when asked why she would adopt versus using a surrogate, sarah stated “get your dog from a rescue not a breeder.” hahah sarah is so funny…

    • You could say the same thing to anyone who gets pregnant and has a child – it’s the same general principle.

      But I’m sure you would never dare.

    • Sarah is mostly just annoying and offensive. Comparing dog adoption to child adoption is stupid and not funny. There should be another term for dog/cat/pet adoption altogether. P.S. Having a biological child vs. adopting a child are two very different things. I should know.

  3. A gestational surrogate is not a breeder. They carry your biological children.

    I am so happy for them and that they finally have what they always wanted!!

    • Sarcasm: “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt.”[1] Though irony is usually the immediate context,[2] most authorities sharply distinguish sarcasm from irony;[3] however, others argue that sarcasm may or often does involve irony[4] or employs ambivalence

  4. great response, brooke. the women on this website have absolutely no sense of humor. it’s as though some women lose their sense of humor once they turn 30

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