Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman Introduce Baby Skyler

What a cutie! Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman introduced their newborn son Skyler in the above picture she posted on her blog on Wednesday.

The celebrity stylist, 39, gave birth to baby Skyler last week. The adorable tot weighed in at 6 lbs., 12 oz. and was 20 inches in length.

Along with the family pic, Rachel called Rodger and Skyler “the two loves of my life.”

“My life is complete,” Rachel added.

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  1. Cute family picture! I can’t see the baby very well, but he looks like daddy with mommy’s eyes. So sweet!!

    • She never really smiles, she is in fashion and it’s against the law. Additionally how much were you smiling in the first few weeks of sleep deprivation without the help of drugs;)

      But I agree with th either outer, how can you tell he has moms eyes,they are closed.

  2. I am assuming since they are Jewish that this picture was taken during their son’s brisce(sp?).That is why they are dressed up. Mozel tov to the Berman family!

    • Like her or not, she created an empire all by herself. She did not have any help like many of tsty others in fashion and she obviously knows her stuff.

      What have you done to be so arrogant and judgmental?

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