Gavin & Kingston Rossdale’s Day Out

Gavin Rossdale and his 4-year-old son Kingston made a handsome pair as they spent the day together in Beverly Hills, California today (March 30). Love the matching duds!

Looks like little Kingston is becoming quite the ladies’ man – he mustered up the courage to chat with a girl during a stop at the local playground. On the way back to the car his proud papa reportedly remarked, “That was a big moment… It was like watching him tie his shoes for the first time…”

We last spotted Gavin and Kingston, along with mom Gwen Stefani and little brother Zuma, 2, enjoying a family trip to the Science Center in Los Angeles, California.


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  1. could he be any cuter?? what a charming!! i think he’s a little bit chary in the presence of a different girl… time flies, little King goes older. But maybe the time with relationships comes anyway soon, i think it’s too early to think about that!

  2. omg that’s so cute! That reminds me of my 5 year old nephew who is also becoming quite a ladies man. In fact he asked his bus driver out on a date lol!! Wherever we go he’s always finding little girls to talk to and if they have cell phones (like this girl apparently has) my nephew even loves them more!! Little boys are so funny!!!

  3. Who the hell would do that to a 4 year olds hair, plus dress him in a wife beater!

    Sorry disagree with all of you, I think Gwen stefani should be criticized for her parenting style.

    • I agree that the hair is pretty bad for any age, but you cannot blame him. You can fault his mom for bleaching his hair and the way it’s styled but he is just a baby.

      He is certainly cute but the hair takes away from it. Why is she trying to make him look older than he is. I thought he was at least 7 by the way he was dressed and his hairstyle.

  4. There is nothing cute or cool about a 4-year-old flirting with a girl. He’s a pre-schooler for goodness sake.

      • I can see where they are coming from. It’s staged to look like a pick up and even written that way. With all this Cr*p nowadays about kids dressing older etc, it can be too much.

        Tara and Tina. The hair is terrible – what mom does that to a 4 year old. He looks pathetic.

        • Can you imagine bleaching your kids hair, let alone a 4 yr old boy? The phone thing was innocent, it’s the idiots out there who try to make it a flirty thing that is just plain sick.

  5. Im the girl who was there. 😛 I was showing him my holographic-seashells iphone cover and he showed me his dad’s car keys. Thats it. Really. No number sharing. he is 5 YEARS OLD. We were talking about him going to KINDERGARDEN.

  6. I LOVE the post just above! PERSPECTIVE! :- ) Wonderful pictures! It is so nice to see kids just “hanging out” and being normal! Everyone needs to calm down about the hair! The point of these pictures is a little boy was out with dad and they were having a good time being together and talking to other folks! :- )

    • Sorry disagree as a former hairdresser you have no idea what chemicals do to anyone let alone a child. She should know better. But perhaps the bleach affected her brain too much already.

      Agree though. The number thing is rather innocent. Although I highly doubt the poster who says it was her. Nice try.

    • I actually agree with you about the phone thing, it probably is nothing after all. However my point is they have tried to make this kid look much older since he was a baby. Why the rush? It goes by so quickly. I am not saying he needs to be in Winnie the pooh or Disney clothes, my son at two would look ridiculous in anything like that. But why is it that moms and dads feel it appropriate to make you child look like mini me’s at such a young age. I mean come on abercrombie and fitch is selling padded bikini tops for 8 year olds. I saw a three year old wearing a “be my b*tch” tee shirt the other day.

      It goes so quickly and if we expect them to act age appropriate we need to send the message early on. Sorry if sound like a granny, perhaps at the age of 33 I already am.

      • Agree, I have a 3 year old boy and 5 year old girl. Trying to find age appropriate items for a little boy is tough, but for a girl almost a lost cause. I think Gwen tries too hard to be cool. Don’t get me started about her sons hair. My son has soft curly hair that is short and I refuse to cut it until he starts school. He is still a baby/toddler, this faux- hawk shaved stuff is just tacky.

      • Tara,
        I agree, let kids be kids – they grow up so fast. My older child is the same age as K. and he would probably run screaming in the opposite direction if I suggested dyeing his hair or wearing nailpolish. I wonder if the dad was serious about the shoelaces – if so, I am very impressed he can tie his own laces.

        Oh, BTW, you are far from a granny, but the maturity and intelligence I see in your posts make you seem older (I am 10 years older than you and you put me to shame sometimes).

        • That’s so nice of you to say. I think I was born old;) I lost both my parents before I was twelve ( mom to cancer, father to a drunk driver) so I guess you kind of grow up fast anyway. I spent many years abroad after college and you tend to learn that life is short and you have to appreciate everything as it comes. Despite some other bumps in the road I am very lucky and blessed with my beautiful son.

          I never mean to come off preachy- I hope I do not. Anyway- back to the post- my son barely let’s me change his diaper let alone brush his hair, so while it’s not my choice of parentage – I give her credit for getting her kids to stay still;)


          • I agree with the other poster (anonymous), you rock. We could use more like you. I also assumed you were older by your comments. You are younger than me!! My kids never sit still for ANYTHING- the hair is a bit much to say the least.

  7. I don’t think changing one’s hairstyle is meant to be assumed your tryin to make him older. Not that I agree at all with dying your childs hair it should never be done, and I don’t always agree with the clothing style or the fingernail painting, etc. But I think Kingston has always looked like a little boy and little boys flirtin with girls is not uncommon at all. It means nothing. They just find girls to be cute it’s nature. It’s not like he is acting on anything. And like I said above kids that age are obsessed with cell phones so they always gravitate towards them. Heck my 1 year old niece picks up my phone and starts scrolling her finger across the screen bc she knows that’s how you move it lol. Kids are just trying to keep up with us!!

  8. I work with kindergarteners, and I certainly wouldn’t presume that he didn’t see this hairdo on someone else (kid or not) and voice his desire to have it that way. Of course, you’re right to say the bleaching is stupid; but let’s not forget that his parents are rock stars, so weird hair and flashy clothes are hardly inordinate. Don’t get me wrong, I wish he would go back to his natural long curly locks look, but stanching his preferences now will only make him rebel even worse when he hits his teens! And personally, I don’t think anybody should wear a wifebeater! I hate hate hate ’em. At least I made screen caps of him back when he was nice-n-normal, like when they were at the pumpkin patch last year; so I have those to go back to while he’s in this phase.

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