Sara Evans Hopes For Another Baby Via A Surrogate

With seven children between them, singer Sara Evans and her husband Jay Barker already have a very full house. But the Stronger crooner reveals that she hopes to add at least one more baby to the mix in the near future.

“We want a baby together so bad,” Sara, 40, recently told Chicago radio station US 99.5.

Though she’d love another child, Sara admits she’d prefer not to go through another pregnancy: “I just have to figure out the right time because I despise pregnancy. I’m begging Jay to let us hire a surrogate, but he’s not comfortable with that.”

If they do go the surrogacy route, Sara she’d feel better going with someone close to them instead of hiring a stranger to carry the baby.

“If I did it, I would want it to be somebody I knew, like one of my sisters. I would want it to be a friend, or a sister, that I knew I could trust, and that they wouldn’t run off with my baby,” she says.

Her husband may not be on board just yet, but Sara already has a surrogate – or two – in mind! “I wanted one of my sisters to do it. They’re great. They’re wonderful, healthy, beautiful young women. They were both, when I mentioned it, like, ‘Oh, that’s so weird, no way, I would never …'” Sara says, but adds, “I said, ‘I’ll give you 20 grand,’ and they started fighting over who was going to get to do it! So then I said, ‘Why don’t you both do it and then Jay and I can have two children … that would be hysterical. And then I could continue to drink wine, stay skinny, have fun, and also have this beautiful baby.”

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  1. WOW. So many things I want to say…As someone who has suffered from infertility, making light of using a surrogate because you don’t like to be pregnant, you want to be able to drink wine and stay skinny…um, okay! Hope she has fun doing IVF, and she’s in for a rude awakening if she thinks surrogacy will only cost her 20k… I guess we’re just coming at this from completely different angles. And I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂

    • Im with you on this. People who don’t have these issues dont take things like this serious. I want to have children more then anything else. But I can not have children and it makes me feel like im not even a woman. I don’t agree with her having more children when she already has seven. But, if I did I would cherish the ability to have my own.

  2. I agree with you, i was violently sick during my pregnancy so hey next time i’ll have someone else carry my child, unbelievable! and how are you supposed to nurse a child that didnt come out you?(i know its possible but thats probably another road she will avoid)

  3. they have SEVEN children about greedy…why not just adopt and do something good since an adopted child, although not biological, would be a child that they had together… surrogacy seems to be in fashion with these narcisstic hollywood types…outsourcing pregnany…wow…

  4. ‘And then I could continue to drink wine, stay skinny, have fun, and also have this beautiful baby”–surrogacy is not as easy as hatching an egg. it takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice. Not sure why she would want her younger sisters to put their bodies through the stress of pregnancy so she can maintain her figure

  5. There’s nothing greedy about 7 kids, or 15. It’s their bodies and their choices To do what they want with them.

    God Bless Sara and her big family!!

    • Yeah there isn’t anything wrong with over population and poverty is there. I think people have the right to make their own choices as long as it doesn’t effect all our lives. What happens when everyone thinks the way you do. We triple the world population and cut the jobs down to a third and increase the cost of living three fold. More people only means more poverty to go around.

    • totally agree — I thought the same .. one thing to have a surrogate because you need it for health reasons, another to do it because you want to drink wine and stay skinny .. that is messed up and selfish !

    • How do you know she is kidding have you asked her. That’s the problem we assume we know people and what they really mean. If she was kidding she would not of asked her sister’s and made the comment about it.

  6. I was joking so calm the f down…jeez…you have an issue with what i said but no issue with the childish dribble that came out of her narcisstic and vapid mouthn…

  7. 20k is actually very shabby pay for a surrogate. If the sisters want to be surrogates for pay, they might look elsewhere. Of course in most if not all states surrogacy is full of legal difficulties, and the surrogates may not be “paid” at all, but only “reimbursed for medical/living expenses.” Because surrogates are supposed to do this out of the goodness of their hearts. If the sisters don’t really want to do this for that reason, it very likely won’t work out to pay them shabbily and expect the family relationship to be happy afterward.

  8. Does he get to make a direct deposit? I bet she couldn’t handle being cheated on like she did to her first husband many times!

  9. I could do deliveries but pregnancies whipped me – bad! Sickness 24/7 for the whole 9 months. I would have had to think really really hard to ever have done it again.

  10. I can’t believe someone would actually consider surrogacy for these reasons. She should be thankful that she is still fertile at 40 because lots of women can’t conceive at that age.

  11. Good luck in finding someone for she sounds nuts. I would be over carry a baby for this woman. I would carry for a woman who has the right reasons for doing so..the woman is selfish

  12. If you knew her personality…’d see that see was totally kidding about the skinny etc. comment. Actually, I can see her “winking” as she says these things.
    That just doesn’t translate well in a written article. I bet her sisters were not being completely serious either. I obviously don’t know them but have seen lots of interviews with her and she likes to “goof” and be “silly”. She says a lot of comments that are in jest and when you see her face…it is totally obvious. Just wanted to give my interpretation. : )

    • I believe she was kidding about some parts of what she said. But some jokes are not acceptable. Just because she is kidding doesn’t make what she said any less offensive.

  13. I don’t care what anyone says IMO 7 children in more than enough and it is greedy to keep going just because you want a baby together….then when they split up and get with new people she’ll want a baby with that person too. It’s like, think of the children you already have. Surely they need lots of attention already since competing with so many other kids in the house.

  14. Well this kind of aproach is a bit scary! In my opinion surogacy is a great thing helping those with health issuses to have a baby, but this is just too much / having someone else carry your baby becouse you are too lazy- too much. When hearing such stuff I’m starting to understand Catholic church

  15. I can’t believe that she said that! I have lost all respect for her. I know soooo many people who suffer from infertility and would die to carry a child. People like her don’t deserve to have children! 20 grand, be skinny and drink! Selfish woman!!!

  16. Ugh, why don’t you just all LYNCH her for her freaking honesty? She’s allowed to HATE being pregnant – MANY women do. Thank goodness for science, so that women who desire motherhood without being pregnant can do it. And the high-and-mighty attitude that if you’re not prepared for saggy breasts, stretch marks, squeezing a watermelon out of a hole barely big enough for a golf ball, the puking, the tenderness…just because you CHOOSE not to physically birth a baby does not mean you will be a terrible parent. Every one of you seems to think so, and THAT is unbelievably selfish of YOU!

    • Are you serious. Hating being pregnant and having someone else have your baby is not the issue here. She has seven children already. Why not adopt a child that is already here and needs her love instead of having more and adding to our already over populated world.

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