Katie Holmes Dishes On Suri’s Party Plans

With just a couple of weeks to go until her daughter Suri‘s 5th birthday, actress Katie Holmes is busy planning the perfect little party.

“She wants a piñata, and her girlfriends to come over, and some swimming, and we’re gonna make a cake together,” the Mad Money star told Ryan Seacrest today. “This is my favorite day of the year. So we’re gonna have a little tea party, and I like to girl it up.”

So what’s on the birthday girl’s wish list? It sounds like books are a safe bet!

Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious right now,” Katie said of Suri’s bedtime favorites. “She loves it. They’re great books. They’re fun.”

Tom and Katie’s daughter celebrates her 5th on April 18.

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  1. I guess this is something new for Suri compared to her you’ll thousand dollar birthday party’s with her $5000 cake.

  2. I sorry but this sounds kind of fake to make them look like they’re so down to earth, her 4 other birthday’s they’ve brought cakes with her second b-day cake coasting 5,000 now were supposed to believe that Katie is miss Suzy home backer; If they weren’t always about the money and being over the top with everything they do for Suri then it would be more believable and I would not question it.

    • How do you know how much they’ve spent on her parties before? You can’t believe everything you read in the tabs. Even if they had an expensive cake in the past, it doesn’t mean everything else was expensive. I’ve seen some photos of Suri’s past birthday parties, and they looked pretty simple and low key. But some people would prefer to simply believe what the press feeds them

      • They’re probably not baking anything guys. Katie’s going to buy 20$ cupcakes that the kids can decorate with a professional baker and then they’re going to swim in that NYC rooftop appartment pool with a view on Central Park that probably cost as much as the GDP of a small African country.
        Low key? Um…yeah, not so much.

        • Jealous much, Annie?

          Why do you make everything you said sound like a BAD thing? They’ve got the money. It’s their money. Why is it SO bad that they’d spend it on their kid?

  3. Well, I am just relieved to read Katie saying Suri has little gal pals! Friends and normal little girl “stuff” are so important to a child’s development and socialization! Having your pals over for your birthday IS a BIG DEAL! Who cares what a cake costs! That is not the point here! It is doing something normal for and with Suri! I hope to read next that Tom and Katie have enrolled Suri in kindegarten! THAT would really warm my heart for this child! :- )

    • Grandma of 4 — Instead of opining on the choices celebs make for their children, why not spend your time on people you actually know, like perhaps your own grandchildren?

    • My sentiments exactly glad to know she has friends and i cant wait for suri to go to school where she will be able to walk onher own and meet real world people. being 5yrs old means more then hollywood, high heels, lipstick and isolation.

  4. This actually sounds like what my 7 year old niece wanted for her 5th birthday. And if it is what they are doing than my guess is that it really is what Suri wanted. Katie looks so exhausted in the picture!

    While everyone is buy tearing into this piece of a child’s life, please also take the time to thank whatever G-d you believe in that you are here, so tell your kids that you love them AND that these celebrities are her to tell their kids they are loved. My sister passed away 3 months ago and end of this month is my niece’s birthday. She won’t have my sister there to tell her how much she is loved by mom. Also she does not have her mother to plan her party – something my brother-in-law and I are struggling to do. Everything is crazy expensive and apparently families do not do the home birthdays anymore! (American Girl charges $47 a kid for VERY little party!!).

    So with THAT in mind I say go for it Katie! And while you are doing whatever it is you and Suri choose just remember to tell her she is LOVED!

  5. pink@ I don’t know how you can call Suri birthday party’ low key when we never see any photos of Tom and Katie house in LA but on her birthday every year the paparazzi manage to have helicopters taking photos of it, I mean you would think if it was that easy for the paparazzi they would get picture of Suri, Tom Katie, Isabella and Connor all the time. Reese Witherspoon was married in her backyard and to prevent the paparazzi from getting pictures using helicopter they had big tent’s to block them, you can’t tell me that after 4 years Tom and Katie never thought of using tents.

    Pink @Suri second birthday cake did coast 5,000 there are pictures of the cake and the 5,000 price came from the bakery who made it.

    Grandma of Four @Why would Suri go to kindergarten when both Isabella and Connor are both home schooled by Tom’s sister.

    • Actually, I remember the bakery denied that the cake cost 5,000. It was still expensive, but not as expensive as the tabs claimed. According to a law that was passed in 2009, the paps aren’t allowed to take photos on celeb’s property w/out their permission. That’s why we didn’t see photos of Suri’s party last year, and I doubt we’ll see photos this year. But if they wanted publicity they could release the photos like many other celebs do.

  6. EB what in the heck are you talking about, it’s a party for little children, not a wedding for people who want are sitting around the majority of the time or dancing a bit. Children need space to run around, not sit under a tent in the spring at that. All helicopters prove is that it is low key because they had to fly overhead to get the pics. Professional, custom made cakes are always expensive, but besides the pricetag of 5,000 being denied by the bakery like pink said, do you understand how big a cake would have to be to cost that much money???

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