Camila Alves With Levi & Jeans

I’m not going to lie – I’ve been waiting forever to use this title, and then I saw this perfect photo of Camila Alves in her chic bell-bottom jeans and her adorable little Levi. Hey, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

The mother-son duo were spotted in their Malibu, Calif. neighborhood on Wednesday (April 6). Camila was taking Levi, 2, to daycare while his little sister Vida, 15-months, was probably at home with dad Matthew McConaughey.

Although Matthew and Camila aren’t married, the actor made it clear in a recent interview with Esquire that his future lies with his love of five years. “I found the woman…I wanna make a family with, hopefully live our life out together,” he said.

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    • It sure does! Ethnic hair is so very versatile. Camilla’s beautiful tresses could be worn as a flowing-afro, semi-straightend (as pictured), or stick straight, and curly of course. Caucasian hair is also beautiful, but no where near as versatile. Levi is so adorable in this photo.

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