Melissa Rivers On Baby No. 2: “Never Say Never”

She’s a celeb kid-turned celeb mom. We’ve watched Melissa Rivers, the only child of comedienne Joan Rivers, grow up to become a fashion expert and mom to 10-year-old son Cooper. Melissa and her famous mom star in the recently-renewed reality TV show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? The mom-of-one is also the Executive Producer on Fashion Police, a consultant on Access Hollywood Live and the Editor and Chief of the savvy new go-to website Shoparatti.

Melissa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about having the Fashion Police as her mother, her “hilarious” son ‘Coop’, and her thoughts on having another baby one day.

CBS: How old is Cooper and how’s he doing?

MR: “Coop is ten – he’s great! He’s really into surfing, flag football, lacrosse, and skiing.”

CBS: Is he funny like grandma & mom?

MR: “He’s hilarious. Kids are just hilarious in general – I learned that very early on. If you just sit there and watch them, they will make you laugh. He’s in fourth grade. He’s starting to really get into music. I had Cooper and two of his friends in the car the other night. We were coming home from a Kings game and they were singing along to the radio and it was just hilarious. They’re very into Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz, Greenday. They know the first six words to every song and then that’s it. I was recording some of it onto my phone to see if I could make it into my ringtone.”

CBS: Would you like to have another baby one day?

MR: “Who knows. Never say never. I would love to have another baby around, I just don’t know if I can buy into that whole pregnancy thing again.”

CBS: Would you go the surrogacy route?

MR: “Again, never say never. I had a very difficult pregnancy and I had a very hard time getting pregnant the first time and then I had a miscarriage and then another six months before I got pregnant with Cooper. Then I was on and off of bed rest for my entire pregnancy. So that is definitely something that I would consider, but it wouldn’t be out of vanity.”

CBS: Do you feel kids grow too fast?

MR: “Yes! At about age 7, you go to kiss your boy on the top of his head and he doesn’t smell like your baby anymore. He doesn’t smell like lavender and shampoo, he just smells like dirt! I used to say to Cooper, ‘You leave the house smelling so good, and you come home smelling like dirt.’ I used to ask him if he rubbed his head in the dirt all day. I don’t get it.

My best advice to parents is to enjoy it! It goes way too fast! Kids are the best – enjoy every minute!”

CBS: In one of the last episodes of Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, Cooper had a sleepover. What are your ground-rules for sleepovers?

MR: “Cooper had a sleepover with 5 boys from his football team the other week. So very early on I said: ‘no punching, no hitting, no kicking, no slapping, no gauging, no spitting, no touching, no pinching.’ I went through the whole list of unacceptables. And then I repeated: no punching, no hitting, no kicking, no slapping, no gauging, no spitting, no touching, no pinching.’ ”

CBS: What are we to expect in the next season of Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

MR: “We just found out we were renewed for ten more seasons! You’re definitely going to see a lot more off Coop. You’ll get to know Jason [her boyfriend] a bit better. God only knows what will happen between me and my mom at this point!

It’s always very family oriented. We’ll also be exploring my professional world a little more. I’m also the Executive Producer on Fashion Police. I also work for Access Hollywood Live – I’m on there every other Friday for their Fashion Fridays. I may have also just sold another show to a network.

We have a big launch of an exciting new website called Shoparatti. I’m the Editor in Chief and we are an aggregator of all the best shopping deals of the day. I pick the top 4 fashion deals of the day. We don’t email you – it goes up on your Facebook or your Twitter. We also have an app, or you can just go to the website. This will hopefully clear out all the clutter in your inbox. I’m really excited about it.”

CBS: Most moms are critical, but your mom is the Fashion Police! Tell us what it’s been like having Joan as mom.

MR: “It’s like any mother. Your mother always has something critical to say: ‘Are you really wearing that? Are you sure? It’s too short. It’s too long. It’s too sexy. Not sexy enough. Heels are too high. Heels are too low. You need to lose weight. You need to gain weight. Do you really like your hair color? Don’t you think you need a haircut. Your face is broken out.’ All of our moms are very à la carte when it comes to criticism. But we’re very, very close.”

CBS: Do you turn to your mom for parenting advice?

MR: “No! I figure I’m not quite sure how I got out unscathed. I’m trying to break the circle of insanity with my son and I know I’m swimming upstream on this one [laughs].

In all seriousness the best advice in life and in dealing with my son has been, ‘This too shall pass.’ From the day they put the baby in your arms, just remember, ‘This too shall pass.’ Whether it be not knowing how to do something, or not sleeping through the night, or what we’re dealing with now: the verbal eyeroll. The sound and the tone of the way things come out. If you can close your eyes and feel that it could be accompanied by an eyeroll, it is!

I’ve been getting lots of verbal eyeroll from Cooper these days. Just last night he was laying on our bed watching TV and I wanted him to get up and brush his teeth. He said, ‘I will in a minute.’ I said, ‘No, now.’ And he said, ‘Fine,’ and threw the blanket off himself and I had by back turned and I could just hear that verbal eyeroll.”

CBS: Do you think this could be payback?

MR: “I don’t know if I like to think of it as payback. But it sure is starting to feel that way. I wasn’t a bad teenager – I mean I was and I wasn’t. The biggest problem with me was trying to out-smart me. My parents got really creative and really crafty with me. The best example is I’d always try to break curfew. My parents said to me, ‘You don’t have a curfew. The deal is, you have to be home for 8 hours before you can leave again. If you need to be somewhere, do the math.’ So of course I ended up having a curfew! But they would say to me, ‘You don’t have a curfew – you’ve got nothing to rebel against.’ I have to admit, that 8-hour rule was genius!”

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