Charlie Sheen Seeks Custody Of Twins As Brooke Mueller Enters Rehab

Could Charlie Sheen end up “winning” custody of his 2-year-old twins Bob and Max?

RadarOnline reports that the former Two and a Half Men star is headed back to court this week to ask the judge to grant him temporary custody, now that their mother, Brooke Mueller, has re-entered rehab.

According to sources, Mueller, 33, refused to provide a urine sample for a court-ordered drug test on Friday (April 15), with some claiming that the actress spent the day frantically calling friends to provide her with drug-free urine.

That same week, Brooke was spotted at a pawnshop in Inglewood, California, and a drug dealer alleges that she purchased $150 worth of cocaine from him on Thursday, April 14.

Now, with Mueller reportedly back in rehab, those close to Sheen say that he will ask the judge to allow the twins to stay with him until their mother is released.

Those in Brooke’s camp say, “The last place the twins should be is in different hotel rooms every night,” as Sheen continues with his Torpedo of Truth tour, adding, “Toddlers need love, continuity, and stability. They have that with Brooke’s extended family in Los Angeles.”

Mueller’s attorney is expected to argue that the boys have been and should continue to be cared for with the help of Brooke’s mother, Moira Fiore, especially since they haven’t seen much of their father in the past few months.


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  1. This is the saddest story. I cannot believe what these two young, beautiful boys are being put through. It is tragic.

  2. I feel VERY sad when I think of how Brooke and Charlie’s actions are affecting Max and Bob. Poor little angels. God Bless them!

  3. my goodness! This is why people should be screened before having children…hope all this does not affect those boys as they get older.

    • Wow, if only they could. When you think of the rigorous screening process adoptive couples go through before they can adopt.

  4. This is why biology alone does not give you the automatic “rights ” to be a parent. It must be earned. Poor poor boys.

  5. Good lord, why are either of these people allowed to keep these babies? Somebody step in and save these children’s childhood. I’m wondering why Martin isn’t fighting for custody. I could not sit back and watch my grandchildren living like this. Disgusting.

  6. Neither seem fit to raise these babies! If this was some ordinary couple this child would be placed with relatives until they both got their act together!

  7. honestly – these poor boys – with the choices for parents they have….a loose cannon like charlie sheen, and a floozy like brooke mueller…poor babies. they don’t belong w/ either of their parents, they need a stable home w/ parents who can manage to keep themselves out of the limelight in such a bad way. many many hollywood parents manage to do a great job. marcia cross has twins, so does jlo, mark mcgrath, patrick dempsey, neil patrick harris, etc. etc….they all seem to be doing just fine…what’s YOUR excuse charlie???? brooke????

  8. honestly say what you want about denise richards but she does seem to be a good parent. i say give the kids to her frankly i wouldn’t want neither brooke nor charlies parents raising their kids considering the wonderful job they did on charlie and brooke…

  9. LOL…I pity the judge that has to make this decision. Who to give the child to…..the drug addicted mother or the clinically insane father. Such a sad downfall to people with everything at their fingertips. Just goes to show that money isn’t everything…and to much can be more devestating than to little!! We as humans are not made to be able to handle to much wealth…our human nature gets in the way and most people unless they devote their life to something that continues to give them purpose…end up on a huge downward spiral!!

  10. These kids should be sent to a relative that is not Charlie or Brooke they are one of the 2 worst parents ever.

  11. Imagine if this were a drug addicted couple living in squalor and living the same lifestyle. Would they still have custody and control of their children? I don’t think so. This scenario is demonstrating to me that, in America at least, money DOES make you above the law. These poor children should have been removed from their drug addicted, drunken, maladjusted, immature idiotic parents long ago. Children are a gift to be cherished, not used like this in a pathetic, ongoing custody battle to see who “wins”. Give them to a couple desperate to adopt who will treat them as they deserve. It makes me sick, actually.

  12. My heart breaks for those poor babies :”(
    I just cant believe how neither one of these “adults” seems fit to raise their children. They are absolutely selfish, putting themselves before their babies. SELFISH!!

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