Suri Cruise Celebrates Fifth Birthday In Bevery Hills

The fabulous life of Suri Cruise!

The mini fashionista celebrated her 5th birthday with a lavish tea party alongside her parents – movie stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – at their Beverly Hills Mansion on Sunday (April 17).

Wearing a pink dress and turquoise shades, Suri – famous for her fashionable duds, heels and makeup – sat at the head of the table, surrounded by siblings Bella, 18, and Connor, 16, and other guests.

Mama Katie talked about the party plans a few weeks ago. “This is my favorite day of the year,” the Dawson’s Creek alum said. “So we’re gonna have a little tea party, and I like to girl it up.”

Rumor has it that Tom splurged – big time – on his little girl.

“Tom decided to add $5 million — in honor of her milestone birthday — to Suri’s trust fund,” a family insider said. “She already has several million in the fund.”


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  1. I really think this little girl is so sweet. I think she is surrounded by a lot of love. I cannot see in these pictures but I do hope she had some other children there to celebrate with. That would be the only thing missing in her life.

    • You find it humorous to mock a 5 yr old!? You have put about 6 of the same anonymous posts about the lack of playmates present. You should be so proud.

      • Cowardly, immature and sick is what I’d call it. Every time there is a post about this child, out come the claws and vitriol.

        What I can’t understand is why she/they mock Suri (for her clothes, lifestyle, wealth, hair style, whatever) as opposed to those who make the decisions about her life — not that I’m accusing them of bad parenting. Tom and Katie bear their share of criticism too and I don’t want to add fuel to the fire and suggest they need more. On that note, there are certain celeb parents who are more deserving of criticism, yet escape unscathed. I won’t name names, but think of bleached hair, nail polish on young boys…..

        • You are so correct. It really is pathetic. What alarms me even more is that most of the readers of this site are moms or planning on becoming them. Just exactly what do they teach their children by example. This child has been scrutinized more in her 5 years than any one of us will be in our entire lifetime.

          And if you are hinting at Gwen Stefani, I agree 100%, what she does is much more harmful.

          • Well it’s not exactly a healthy thing to do with a little boy. That whole scenario of letting boys wear makeup and nail polish has gone too far. It’s not about being concerned if the kid turns out gay. My brother is homosexual and even he thinks it’s wrong..mothers today are screwing up their children. We could use more that think like this Tara and the other anonymous. Neither seems to go with “popular opinion” just to fit in.

          • If they are curious and want to experiment – fine, no problem. I do have a problem with someone (parent or other adult) who does this to a child without the child initiating it. It’s a normal part of creative play for a child to want to play “dress up” (usually girls more than boys though) and role play.

          • No I agree experimenting is fine. But if as was the case with the j crew president it is initiated by an adult it’s wrong. In the town I live in, there was a 7 year old boy who kept dressing in his sisters clothes. He would go to school like that and wear makeup. The parents went to the grade school and told them they did not want to ” crush” his self expression and would the school allow him to continue to pretend he was a girl. They bought him dolls and makeup and dresses. The school then had an assembly with the entire classes k-6 and told them that ”
            Joe” wants to be a girl and they should all treat him as such.
            THIS is wrong, why should other parents have to explain to their 5-10 year olds why this boy is doing this. Why impose your somewhat warped ideas for a CHILD ( who cannot possibly have an idea of what it means to be a boy or girl yet) on everyone else and expect them to comply. The parents needed to either home
            school or tell him he was a boy and if he wanted to that it had to be done at home.
            Experimentation as a TODDLER is fine, but to allow it to infringe on all other childrens rights is not exactly the democratic way.

            Back to Suri- how do you know she does not socialize? I was surrounded by kids at an early age, had lots of playmates but still was painfully shy and never wanted to leave my mothers side. It was only when she died when I was in grade school that I was forced to leave my shell. Leave her alone- she will be more than fine.

          • Agree, it’s not about worrying about the child turning gay it has to do with trying to explain to a 5 year old why this boy is acting like a girl. And let’s be honest here, it’s the parents agenda they are pushing by doing this. Seriously what kid under 10 knows they are gay or whatever. Play acting is one thing, my sons did it as babies. But when it gets to the point where the adults are enabling it, it is sick. The kid will be bullied. Too much let kids be kids these days. Similar situation happened at my kids school, but the school made him stay home.

          • So glad someone else had the balls to bring this up. It’s not acceptable to reinforce gender confusion. All little boys love their mommies and try to emulate them. It is up to us to draw the line, ESPECIALLY if there is no male role model in his life. Nail polish is not appropriate for a boy over the age of 2! And especially not under. But toddlers are curious by nature. There is way too much live and let live in today’s parenting. If my son ends up being gay, I will support that but I thoroughly believe no one under the age of 16 can understand sexuality.

          • OMG, I cannot believe you wrote this. It is such a coincidence because my daughter came home from school today with a letter from her teacher “inviting” all of the parents to come into a seminar on gender confusion and how to deal with it. My child is in kindergarten. We live in suburban New York and believe me I am outraged. Seemingly there is a 5 yr old in her class who thinks he is GAY? What the hell? I am sorry but I plan on getting a petition going that makes it illegal to talk about this to anyone under the age of 12. Jesus Christ what have we come to? Makes me rethink having more kids brought into this world until we have better leaders and our freedoms back. By the way I voted for Obama so no bashing on that issue. He has dissappointed me to no end.

          • A family in my neighborhood has a 3.5 yr old who will only dress in his sisters cast off dresses. The doctor, after a year+ of this, told them they NEEDED to start dressing him as a girl. They have not yet. He has a boys hair cut and wear dresses and tights EVERY day. It is their issue to be sure but he is heading for a world of hurt and teasing by his peers. They should have him dress in some ‘boy’ clothes (jeans and t-shirts are for both boys and girls) some of the time…

          • HA! The ultimate horror, I agree. Especially since it will surely make him turn gay and then send him forever into the flames of hell. People need to grow up. I’d larger prefer my kid to be sociable and wear nail polish than have no friends his own age.

          • I never even contemplated the idea that it would make him gay. What a ludicrous and ignorant comment. How many children have you raised anyway?

        • I’d rather see nail polish on boy than a 5 year-old with no friends her own age, that isn’t allowed to go to school and will probably lack social skills her entire life. It would be one thing if they were doing this for her own good, but this lifestyle is all about her parents and their need for privacy.

          And no, I’m the not the person who posted above.

      • I think that 95% of the readers on this site need to calm down. It was clearly a joke and I’m pretty sure Suri Cruise does not read CBS so WHO CARES!

        • Your kids must be so socially adept. Give me a break. The way people act on this site is incredibly immature and vicious.

          • I’m assuming you meant inept, but thanks for the compliment….unless it was just a failed attempt at sarcasm. My point was why does everyone take everything on here so seriously??

  2. Wow, what happened to having Suri’s girlfriends around and having tea, as Katie said? From the looks of it, those are Katie’s gf’s…

  3. ugh these photos look so intrusive!!! It’s one thing to have photos of her out and about but this appears someone is photographing on a high building or a tree or better yet a helicopter! Let the little girl enjoy her bday in peace!

    • WELL SAID! People are commenting on a child’s birthday, being held in her backyard, with the pictures taken VIA HELICOPTER! Talk about inappropriate behavior…

  4. I second Arianna`s sentiments. Looks like these pictures are taken by helicopter – now that is incredibly insane. Sickening.

  5. Im soooo jealous. Thats what I was missing from my childhood…helicopters hovering over my back garden as I opened presents.

  6. There are alot of empty seats around the table,it looks like a pretty boring party to me,their aren’t even any kids there!

  7. All of the photos that were ever taken of Suri B-day there has never been kids just adults , maybe these grown up are her friends Tom and Katie feel kids are adult trap in small bodies so maybe these people are her friends and family.

  8. where are her girlfriends?? Didn’t Katie say she was going to have a party with her girlfriends? I feel SO sorry for this little girl. Apprently all she has to play with (if she even knows what playing is) are adults! POOR GIRL.

    • Perhaps this wasn’t her actual party and just her parents and relatives having her open a few gifts before her friends had arrived.

  9. I know I clicked on the link but these pictures make me uncomfortable. Clearly they are a breach of privacy, if they wanted the public to share in their party, they would have taken it to the park. Any way, Happy birthday Suri Cruise, she is a beautiful child. I have never understood how any one can attack a child and then criticize ‘bad parenting.’ To me you had bad parents, that is why you think it is OK to attack and ridicule a 5 year old.

    • What’s your point? That’s the name of a pap agency and it’s pretty clear that the pictures were taken without the Cruise family’s consent.

  10. She’s so sweet this little girl! She is so precious
    But I absolutly don’t like all these photos :
    – Suri doesn’t smile and she doesn’t move when she’s opening her presents ; she reminds me of Marie-Antoinette when she was forbidden of moving, she’s like an unhappy queen
    – there are no children, no little friends of her own age
    – there are no fun in these picture, no colorful balloons, no joyful stuff : her party is an adult party, no a child party
    – how paparazzy could enter and disturb her privacy ?

    About her bad parents : yes, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are bad parents. They don’t neglect her, but they don’t give her a childhood.

  11. Guys, chill…she is clearly opening presents in the pictures…my guess is that she had her party and this was after–adults/friends of parents stayed to watch her open her presents. I am sure she had friends over, just that the INTRUSIVE helicopter managed to miss it all…I wish she had an opportunity for a more normal childhood, but she is certainly a cute little girl!

  12. Jenn R @ I would agree with you but if you look at the pictures one shot has the plate on the table clean with nothing on then another shot has food and people eating so this can be after un the kids didn’t eat.

  13. Maybe Suri had a party with her friends the day before, who knows? What I don’t get is why are Katie and Tom NOT in the pics while Suri is opening her gifts? Plus, I am not surprised the paps are hovering over her party her parents have created this strange preoccupation with this child by parading her out in public with heels, nightgowns, paci, makeup, late night events etc. People judge this (right or wrong) it’s human nature.

    • Katie is in these pics. She’s wearing a green sun dress and a wide brimmed hat and she’s sitting very close to Suri. You can see her in several of the photos, including the photo with Isabella looking up at the helicopter.

  14. These photos make me sad for this little girl. She lives a life of luxury and wealth, yet as other posters mentioned, is never seen with any little friends. I have a 3 year old daughter and can’t imagine her not having an opportunity to socialize and play with children her own age. Like the old saying goes…money can’t buy happiness. I really do hope that this was just a “family” party and they had or are going to have a kiddie party another day.

  15. and yes, I wrote both of the comments above, not to be repetitive but because I though they hadn’t registered. sorry.

  16. Borders on child abuse???

    That statement in itself is so outlandish and utterly baseless. How can you compare the blessed lifestyle that Suri lives with anything other than love and devotion. Who the hell made you God? How do you know she does not get dirty, if you listen to half the comments about this poor child it’s ” brush and wash her hair”. ” she looks like a homeless person”… Unless we are privy to 100% of her life you cannot make any blanket statement.

    • BLESSED lifestyle? you sound like a person that is jealous of her lifestyle. But this girl doesn’t even seem to have a LIFE. Noone that tells her what is right or wrong, noone that sets any kind of boundaries….not a lot of friends her age (maybe even none) what kind of life is that????? doesn’t seem blessed to me at all, not even all the money can make you have a blessed life….my opinion!

      • I don’t know where the other poster was going with “blessed”, but if I was to guess, I’d say she simply meant fortunate. Anyway, unless you are privy to what this family does 24/7, you really aren’t qualified to make all these assumptions based on a series of (mainly poor quality) pap photographs. How the hell do you know what goes on in their home and how they converse with their child.

        • Yes thank you for clarifying. Suri certainly has a blessed/fortunate life compared to hundreds of thousands of children. She never has to worry about a roof over head, never has to worry if she will get a meal, clothes on her back, good education, loving parents. In my eyes that is FAR FROM abuse. You must be one of those women who feels deprived if her car is domestic.

          This child has an amazing life, stop with the jealousy.

  17. You ALL have to sit and ask yourselves a question. Why is this family in the public eye more then any other family? The answer is because of people like all of you. Addicted to reading articles, looking a pictures, and commenting on this. Look through this site, this family has the most comments of all of them. You are feeding the photographers, no one else.

  18. to all who criticize people making comments about this situation ISN’T THAT WHAT THESE SITES ARE FOR???? so stop barading and ask yourself why you are here reading this right now. it’s simply entertainment dears!

  19. Ok so if someone photographed your children in a constant and intrusive manner we can be guaranteed they would be smiling all the time, dressed appropriately, never around a group of adults….?

    Do not make blanket statements that border on idiotic.

  20. It’s surprising, the judgement expressed in these postings. A handful of (carefully selected) photos, and somehow a lot of people are able to surmise that the little girl has ‘no friends’ and is being raised by bad parents. Goodness Gracious people, use your brains! If anything, compared to millions of undernourised children all over the world, or those neglected/beaten/abused by friends/family/others, Suri Cruise is a very lucky little girl. I can only imagine the horrible things being said about her, are due to jealousy.

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